PS Plus Lineup For November 2015 Announced For Asia, Includes Mass Effect 2 And Thief [Update]

PS Plus games for November 2015 have finally been revealed for Asia and Thief is the first blockbuster AAA PS4 game that is available for all the PlayStation Plus subscribers next month. Keep in mind that this lineup is for Asia only and we still have no idea if this applies to American and European PlayStation Plus, since Asia usually gets different games each month.

You can check out the full list of games below, courtesy of the official PlayStation Asia Blog.

  • Super Meat Boy (PS4/Vita)
  • Thief (PS3/PS4)
  • Mass Effect 2 (PS3)
  • Sumioni (Vita)
  • CatsBlock Vestival (Vita)

Update: Since the original link appears to be down, here is a screenshot of the lineup when it was posted on the official PlayStation Asia blog.


Sony is expected to announce their PlayStation Plus lineup for America and Europe today. If the Asian PS+ lineup is any indication, we might get Thief (PS4), Sumioni (Vita) and CatsBlock Vestival (Vita) in addition to other games. US and EU PlayStation Plus users already had Super Meat Boy last month so it is definitely not included in November’s lineup.


PS+ is a monthly subscription service that offers atleast 2 free games each month for Vita, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. For the month of October, Super Meat Boy and Broken Age were the highlights of the PS Plus lineup. It remains to be seen what we are getting for the upcoming month. Expect the full lineup to be announced at any time today.

Let us know what you think about these games in the comments below.

  • DaHitman

    Can’t see us getting Mass Effect 2 when we’ve already had Mass Effect 3

    • Azza

      We got batman arkham city before arkham asylum…

  • Raynuru

    Thief already WAS a PS+ Titel a few months back! I doubt they are giving out a title twice

    • Jame92

      Only for ps3

      • MissingNo.

        Well it says PS4/PS3 and I doubt the PS3 will get the same game free twice so hopefully this will change :s

  • Gregory M

    Asia psn rocks in terms of ps plus but sucks in terms or Game library and discounts.
    Japan psn on the other hand is seperate reality of gaming in itself.

    • Mk333

      JP PSN also sucks at discounts, been members for a year and my purchase was Magical Beat (500Yen) for PS3. Their PS+ is awesome though.

  • omarcominyo

    We’ve already had Mass effect 2, meat boy and thief

  • Helldriver Phoenix

    Of course Sony will only announce the terrible free lineup after the Paris gameshow.

  • BlondeChick2422

    another crap month give us horror games

    • Artorias the Abysswalker

      Do you have a subscription for, and live on the continent of, Asia? This is for the PS+ ASIAN marketplace…not the North American one.

  • TVippy

    Calling Thief the first blockbuster AAA game is so werid on so many levels.
    It’s not a blockbuster, it’s a bust alright. AAA? Aaarguable… looks like it wasn’t too expensive to make.
    The quality of the game is poor, reviews negative.
    Plus, it was given away on PS3 already long ago.

    It litterally costs nothing to give out this game for Square Enix, as it has zero sales nowadays.

  • ipot_04

    Out of the 3 regions (NA, EU, Asia), Asia has different offerings sometimes for PS+ IGC.

    • Mk333

      It’s a mix of US and Japan, PS4 games are usually same or 1~2months late than US/EU. But for Ps3 and Vita it is most likely following Japan. We got like 3 Ateliers game in 3 months… (one in Chinese, one in English and one in Japanese)

  • Anthony O’Hare

    Not really the first time there was a AAA game on PlayStation Plus in Asia, they had Killzone: SF a while back, plus we’ve had Thief on PS3 already with PS+ so maybe we won’t also get this.

    • Mk333

      Only Japan got Killzone, Asia also got Injustice back in Dec 2014. I live in one of the R3 region. However every 2 month I am subscribing to Japan PS+, so i also got Killzone on my PS4

      • john doe

        Asia also got the Guilty Gear Xrd on July earlier. I would consider GG Xrd as AAA game too. PS+ Asia is not too bad IMHO..
        just that the some free games are always released 1-2 months later than the EU/ US counterpart… And also fewer discount/flash sales….

        • Mk333

          Yep, you’re right abt that one. Discount and Sales are better on EU/US PSN, but for PS+ free games JP/Asia wins. And I need to say it, JP PS+ 30 days is world cheapest, while Asia PS+ for 1 year is the world cheapest. Lapsing JP PS+ once every 2 months like me and you can get the free games for the whole year at just 3000++ Yen instead paying the 1 year 5000++ Yen.

          • omarcominyo

            Sales in EU? Nah we barely get any, 2/3 a year tops, US on the other hand gets them almost monthly

          • Mk333

            Well at least it’s still better than asia right? We rarely got sales, a sale is happening like once in 3 months, and when we do get sales, even an old games will still be priced above $10. And normally there are zero games under $10.

            At least in UK PSN there are some cheap games (although a bit old). I got Ni No Kuni for 3 quid which is comparable to 5 bucks in US. That same game never on sale in Asia, and the price for its bluray are still crazy high.

          • Mk333

            EU got a routine biweekly sale, and at least there are many options for games under US$10. At this current time Asia PSN also got a halloween sale (a sale in Asian PSN itself is already rare, like once in 3 months i’d say) and guess what? Dead Nation for PS4 is $11.

          • omarcominyo

            When? I never saw any of them! We get the odd seasonal sale in EU, none of the flash sales US gets either

          • Mk333

            Indeed there are no such crazy price thing like flash sales, but isn’t the Digital Discount regular sale refreshed every two weeks? Asian PSN didn’t even get sale every month, let alone flash sale 🙁

          • omarcominyo

            And I thought we were badly done by! I stand corrected I forgot all about the digital discounts to be honest, probably because nothing ever interests me, it’s mostly 2D indies and I’ve had my fill of those this gen

          • Mk333

            No prob. And yeah, that is something Sony Europe must work on. Lately the discount is lacking variety. To be honest, after the new PSN scheme announced at E3 last year, everything goes downhill, not just in EU or Asian PSN, every region is.