PS Plus Lineup For November 2015 Won’t Be Announced Today, Confirms Sony [Update]

PS Plus games for November 2015 are still a mystery as Sony revealed last week that we will get an announcement at the end of the month. It appears that this announcement likely won’t come today as revealed by PlayStation EU Blog Manager, Fred Dutton on Twitter.

PS+ lineup is usually announced on each Wednesday at the end of the month so it is rather strange to not get any announcement this time around. While there are usually leaks about the lineup, we have next to no info about the upcoming lineup for November 2015.


PlayStation Plus subscribers usually get 2 free games each month for the Vita, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. For the month of October, Super Meat Boy and Broken Age highlighted the PlayStation Plus lineup.

Update: PlayStation Asia has revealed the PS Plus line for November 2015. You can check it out from here. While Asia usually gets slightly different games, it is possible that some of them will also be out for Europe and America.

Microsoft has already announced their Games with Gold lineup for November 2015 and it was exactly the same as the leaked lineup. Since Microsoft is now offering Backwards Compatibility for Xbox One, this means that Xbox One owners can now enjoy 4 new games each month. Sony has yet to comment on support for Backwards Compatibility but we do know from leaked ratings that some of the PS1 and PS2 classics are making their way to PS4. Hopefully we will get to know more about them at the upcoming PlayStation Experience.

Let us know what you think about this news in the comments below.

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  • Taylor Wallace

    Why ps1 and ps2 ? I wanna be able to play the 40 + ps3 games I have on my library. ……

  • lilmrgood

    Sony Asia released their PS+ Nov Line up: So maybe some games (like Thief) will be PS+ for other regions:
    PS4: Super Meat Boy
    PS4/PS3: Thief
    PS3: Mass Effect 2
    Vita: Shumioni
    Vita: Catsblock Vestifal

    • Xaftia

      We had super meat boy in October, and Thief has already been on it recently for EU, so I hope this isn’t going to be the lineup D:

      • lilmrgood

        ahh ok. Yeah Asia usually is far behind. We got Rocket League for PS+ in October (as opposed to June or July in the US and EU)

    • bobby

      yeah we got thief awhile ago, i pray to god mass effect 2 isnt one of the games mass effect 3 at least would be better cause it has multiplayer but ive owned all 3 since the collection was released and even then i bought it used for like 20 dollars , thief was awful most times i’ll play a game till i beat it but the awful controlls the senseless maps and the endless button mashing to “unlock” the same window you just clibed through for the 1 to 2 minute load times made me qiut 18 hrs in (9hrs of which were windows and load times) its no wonder it was offered free, and frankly im suprised vita is still even acknowledged didnt sony just announce they were cutting the cord last month

  • katep99

    Just hope all the talk about battlefield hardline is right

  • D Angel

    most of the indies are somewhat decent, personally i dont like them but some are fun, some are easy to platinum.. but some are downright impossible and should NEVER be opened on your main account lol

  • drguru

    Here’s my usual routine when the PS PLUS lineup is released on PS4
    1. Open PS Store
    2. Check PS PLUS
    3. Meh, add to library
    4. Wait another month to go “meh”

    • joeyjay

      Here’s my usual routine when the PS PLUS on PS4
      1. Signed up for PS PLUS
      2. Get free games every month
      3. Sony doesn’t owe me anything
      4. and yet I complain about free games

      What would be cool, is to have me pay them 60 dollars a year then they give me 20 dollars back to buy a game of my choice.

      • Josh

        1. When you pay for them, they aren’t free. You pay $60 a year, so…not free.
        2. Back when PS+ was optional, we got full free games. I remember Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, on and on. Now, when everyone pays to play, we get stupid indie games. To my recollection, the only AAA game released so far was Injustice, which I happen to ironically own anyways, so yeah.

        • drguru

          As more AAA games on the PS store get older and cheaper, I would think they would hit the PS PLUS lineup eventually.

          As of lately though, their PS PLUS discounts have been pretty damn good. Borderlands Handsome Jack Collection I got for $30!
          Battlefield 4 plus Premium , I got for $23!
          GTA V for $45 plus 1.25 mill online in game cash!
          There have been a lot ot others lately too.

          If they can shell these discounts out, they most certainly can up their PS PLUS lineup too.

        • Fersnake

          i bought Injustice in the wb sale last year and months later bam!!! free dfjas;dfkjasdl got rekt xD

      • drguru

        Wow, you sign up with PS PLUS every month?
        Bro, just buy a years worth.
        Turn that $60 a year into only $50 a year.
        You’re welcome. I just saved you $10.

        By the way, the average game price of each free game they give us, is either $9.99 $14.99 or $19.99 originally. Nice try on being sarcastic, but you should have done more than a first rough draft.

      • drguru

        Wow, you sign up for PS Plus every month?
        You also spend $60 a year?
        Bro, do yourself a favor and buy the yearly membership which is $50.
        There I saved you $10. You’re welcome.

        Also, the 2 “Free” games that Sony provides each month were and are $9.99, $14.99 or $19.99 before and after the free month.
        So basically what I’m implying would be saving them money, not spending more.

        Shall we do the math?
        2 games at $19.99 each = $39.98
        Both games go free for the month.

        Now, my apparent rant is which? Oh yeah, have us select $20 game of our choice, per year or membership.



      • Fish61324

        So basically what the guy above you said, except you’re paying $10 more per year – __ –

  • Rob Barrows

    Who honestly cares what the line up is. Rather it’s indie games or a aaa game. Stop your crying you act like the world’s gonna end. And to add stop wondering and wanting ps1 and ps2 classics on the ps4. Just because Microsoft did it doesn’t mean you have to cry to sony about it. Microsoft only did it because sony stole a few deals from em. Ain’t non of you actually gamers just a bunch of cry babies who have to complain

  • michaelknight31

    Even if ps1 and ps2 classic comes to ps4 its not gonna be free thats the one good thing xbox360 games for xboxone its free i got both systems ps4(well soon as cod 1tb drops next week) and xbox one sony coulda did this as well they could at least strike back with a $60 for a year for ps now js

  • boychik0830

    hope some ps2 games become apart of ps plus like katamari and dragon quest.

  • SycoNoodles

    Over 70 games a year for less than 60p each, why do people moan about the games that you get on ps+,

    • Bishop

      Because over 67 of them are not needed even for free.

  • Jonathan Hernandez

    Plot twist no announcement no games lol

  • Dronewolf

    I switched from Microsoft to Sony cause it felt like Microsoft were screwing their customers. Now it’s the other way around and I’m considering wanting to swap my PS4 for an Xbox One.

    • NiggaWithoutAttitude

      You are very naive if you believe that not leaking information relating to a free monthly gift is screwing with their customers. Maybe you should carry on wasting your money, the only reason to get either console is for the exclusives. The online features are so similar it doesn’t matter, and console performance I’m sure you’re aware is so similar it’s irrelevant.

    • SycoNoodles

      How is sony screwing their customers when sony is offering over 70 games a year for less than 60p each

    • moopoo

      I have both. The XBL gold lineup seems better in general, plus you get both the 360 games and the XB1 games, so kind of double if you don’t mind some last-gen graphics. November is Pneuma, Knight Squad, Dirt 3 and Dungeon Siege. Caveat: not all of the games are available the whole month. I missed Tomb raider because it ended on 10/16. You also have to deal with all the weird technical issues and crashing that doesn’t happen nearly as much on the PS4.

      Either way it’s a good deal (not as good as Steam sales) but the grass will always be a little greener on the underdog’s side. Simple economics.

    • D Angel

      rofl… a delay in announcement is enough to turn you off playstation? then leave

      they both have seperate exclusives, seperate communities, seperate friends lists ETC

      sony has DOUBLE the #s for their online active players… they give like 60-150$ a month in freebies, the games are all tied to one main account so you can control a vita, ps3 and ps4 purchases together and crossbuy ETC..
      the fact that microsoft has been charging for xbox live since like 2004 is dumb… ps3-psvita is 100% free and ps4 is 50% free to play online… the games are just a bonus… you have been paying for a subscription for years with NO benefit until these freebies were released by xbox a SMALL WHILE back… so stop crying

      • D Angel

        theres a reason xbox lost the console wars…. its like bizzaro world where xbox is japan and sony is america… its like bizzaro 1945

  • William Thousand

    October wasn’t great forplus but brokenage alone made it worth the subscription fee

  • concept99

    Sony had a vote the game. What happened to that? I did not download any of last months and I let my subscription expire. If there is a game worth grabbing, I will most likely just subscribe for the month, beat it and move on.

    • NiggaWithoutAttitude

      I guess as an old PS3 + member I can see why you’d think that. I take it you don’t regularly game online? You might as well try the games out if you’ve subbed, the worst that’ll happen is you’ll waste 5 minutes trying it and deleting it.

      • concept99

        No, I don’t play multiplayer as much as I used to. I play more for campaign and indies. Although, Battlefront could change my stance and may subscribe for the year. But, right now, I beat the games and move on to next.

        • NiggaWithoutAttitude

          Yeah I thought as much. There’s probably no point to get it unless you either really badly want the free game or want to play online. I just buy it yearly, to save me the hassle but I’m getting to the stage where I’m bored now. Hopefully the fluctuation of AAA titles coming out will resolve that, as I’m pretty much like you.

  • TheSaucySergal

    Hopefully it’s not another disappointing line up. Broken Age was fun though.

  • Egekilde

    Wait, what ps1 and ps2 classics are you referring to? I never heard about this.

  • Eric Kay

    Who cares if they announce it? It’s going to be yet another disappointing month. I let my Plus expire last month, and unless there’s an actual AAA game (even if it’s COD Ghosts) it’ll show that Sony actually reads their forums once in a while.

    • Aaron Bush

      cod ghosts would be good for me, i have the season pass on ps4/ps3 and want to play it on next gen

    • D Angel

      ANY game with multiple expensive expansions.. ESPECIALLY a game that is a best seller and has already sold to MANY of the ps+ users… it would be a good marketing gimmick… get people to buy 40-50 in dlc for a game they would of never bought.. and the best part is most of the users already own it so they arent giving away a free lisence to them lol (since they payed for their previous one)

  • Monte Raid

    I don’t know how we get such an awesome game like rocket league for free vis ps plus

    • disqus_yHvGW3Su8x

      Well it’s the second in the series and the only reason it’s popular (it deserves the popularity) is because it was on playstation plus.

  • Gerald

    I have been disappointed by PS+ since the launch of PS4 or so. After so many months of hoping to finally get something I will enjoy, I am just curious to know what kind of crap they will throw at our face.

    • Chae MacLachlan

      You guys are crazy, while yes there hasn’t been a ton of great PS+ free games there have been some gems. The Binding of Issac Rebirth is such a fantastic game that was free can’t forget Rocket League, this month’s Super Meat Boy is great as well. There’s been a few here and there. Its been much much better than Xbox’s offerings and I mean unless you only play single player games you need PS+ or Xbox Gold anyways so quit your bitching.

      I don’t look at the games as a deal breaker, but a bonus and I usually will try the games even if I think its something I wouldn’t like (like Issac and Race the Sun) its enabled me to discover games I wouldn’t normally try at all and I found out I like a few other genres.

      • NiggaWithoutAttitude

        Somebody has some sense! Finally, somebody else that understands. So many of the games I never thought I’d like but loved, especially Rocket League. There’s loads I haven’t even tried out yet. They can always be enjoyed later on.

      • disqus_yHvGW3Su8x

        Spoiler alert: do multiplayer on pc, it’s better and cheaper.
        Multiplayer isn’t the reason I have playstation plus, it’s not a bonus, it’s the only reason to have it. The deals are better for free than the paid for deals of playstation plus/gold, even flash deals.

        Sorry but even if they charge for online, it doesn’t mean it’s worth for online, the games are the only valuable part of the services.

      • Truth121989144171

        You mean 2010’s Super Meat Boy

      • Ew0k5AN0nomi5

        Binding of Isaac: Sucks
        Rocket League: Sucks
        Super Meat Boy: Sucks
        Your argument is invalid.

        • Joseph Sutton

          I bet you haven’t even played any of them

          • Ew0k5AN0nomi5

            Nice try, but wrong. Played all 3 enough to know that they were a waste of space on my hard drive.

          • Gabe Garcia

            You’re either trolling or you just don’t like games that are good and liked by many.

            Steam reviews for the above mentioned games:

            Rocket League — 93%
            User reviews: Very Positive (24,156 reviews)

            Binding of Isaac: Rebirth — 97%
            User reviews: Overwhelmingly Positive (24,603 reviews)

            Super Meat Boy — 95%
            User reviews: Overwhelmingly Positive (14,932 reviews)

          • Ew0k5AN0nomi5

            I dont like games that are shitty that are liked by many. Fuck what anyone else thinks, I know these games are shit. I am tired of fucking 8-bit games on XB1 and PS4. Cool for all those assholes that think its cool to play something that feels “retro” or what the fuck ever, but goddamn. Indie developers need to get with the times and make a game that is relevant. Im going to go put my NES back in the closet in the meantime.

          • Gabe Garcia

            I don’t think a single game you mentioned is actually styled as an 8-bit looking game. They’re all 16-bit style or above. Rocket League is nowhere near an 8/16-bit styled game. Nobody is gaming on a 16-bit microprocessor nowadays, so it’s kind of disingenuous to call these games “8 bit.” Retro, sure (except Rocket League).

            Anyway cool opinion man..have a nice day.

          • Ew0k5AN0nomi5

            Guess you are one of the assholes. Anyway, cool of you to come in and flame an argument over someone expressing their opinion. O yeah, I forgot we shouldn’t do that these days. Might offend some dickbag piece of shit.

      • Liam Scott

        You only need PS+ to play on line on PS4

      • Gerald

        Happy for you you like PS+ and their indie games but I don’t. I did not buy the PS4 to play games that can technically run on PS3 or PS2 no matter how cool they are. I have no problem PS+ give some indies because some are neat but today it’s an overdose.

        Like you PS+ introduce some great indies on PS3, I gave it a try and love many of them. But guess what, I have PS3 for indies. I was expecting the PS+ to show me I was right to spend 400 bucks to get updated graphics so far they failed to do so.

        Now I need a way to put all the junk away from my game library because it’s cluttered.

  • BlondeChick2422

    i hope its not indies again i want something i can download and enjoy

    • NiggaWithoutAttitude

      I know I haven’t enjoyed many of late, have you actually downloaded any of the indies? Every now and again a good one’ll appear. Just because most other people don’t enjoy it, it doesn’t mean that you won’t. There’s so many of them that I thought looked awful from the pictures, but are actually really really fun.

      • ordinary man

        The one i have enjoy is the “Stealth inc 2 A game of clones” since August 2015..

        • BlondeChick2422

          only indie i enjoyed was rocket leauge the rest werent for me

          • Bishop

            How about 100500 indistinguishable 2d scroll platrormers? I haven’t even added a single one to the library, lol. They become offensive.

          • BlondeChick2422

            im just sick of indies every month it would be nice to get some good games instead of indies

          • Bishop

            I know right?… As if we spent $400 tp upgrade from PS3 to PS4 only to play the games which are too dated even for PS1 era ;(

          • BlondeChick2422

            im just hoping we get horror triple a games this month i want a break from indies indies are good games just you rarely see any that are wroth playing

          • ordinary man

            i just buy Rocket Leauge for 20 euros.

    • Gabe Garcia

      Injustice: Gods Among Us, Infamous: First Light, Transistor, Ground Zeroes, Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, PixelJunk Shooter: Ultimate, Outlast, Rocket League (as you mentioned)

      All games I got enjoyment from out of the PS+ subscription.. Took me a while but some of these smaller games are actually really enjoyable and I probably wouldn’t have gotten them otherwise. I will admit these last few months have been a little weak but I think Sony needs to stop worrying so much about what some customers think should be included as free games and instead go with what they (Sony) think would be best. If you look at the games they were making free earlier, around the first year of PS4 life cycle, they were picking better games.

      • Bishop

        Well… Let’s remember a pre-PS4 chain then: Dragon’s Dogma, Far Cry 3, Batman AA, Metro Last Light, Thief, Borderlands 2, Soul Sacrifice, Demon’s Souls, Uncharted 3, Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, Dragon Crown, Muramasa Rebirth… Can you really compare the modern line-up to that?
        Yep there are surely nice games recently. One in thirty. And too many indie indie indie 2d 2d 2d pixel pixel pixel indie indie pixel 2d pixel platromers. 🙁

        Even if we agree that indies-only is an acceptable policy, Sony must understand that not everyone loves platformers. They appeal to one part of audience time after time, and totally leave the other part frustrated and disappointed. Imagine if you absolutely hate golf and only get the Golf simulators month after month, nothing else… Well, would you be happy about the situation? Or, perhaps, not so much?

        • Gabe Garcia

          Let’s also remember that the PS3 has almost been out for almost a decade. It has more games, and the games it has aren’t new for the most part. The PS4 is only 2 years if I recall correctly. Expecting the same sort of games to be made free on PS4 is pretty unrealistic in my opinion.

          Overall I have been fairly satisfied with the games that sony has made free on PS4, but sure there have been some weaker months than others. However, I think I have pretty realistic expectations from them and in general they don’t disappoint me too much, with a few months being exceptions (for example September this year was not that good).

          The only thing I would really like to see Sony do is make the PS+ discounts better. Sometimes it’s only $1-2 dollars off a game, which to me is a pointless discount.

          • drguru

            To be honest, the PS Plus discounts as of lately have been pretty good.
            Handsome Jack Collection for $30
            Battlefield 4 plus Premium for $23
            Alien Isolation for $19.99
            GTA V with 1.25 mill in game cash $44
            How to Survive $5
            Diablo 3 $30
            Dead Nation $2

            Check every week and you are bound to see a good deal that you like.

  • Shadow

    I just wanna know!!!!