PS Plus In May 2015 Lineup Possibly Leaked, Includes Knack, Rayman Legends And More

PS Plus games for the month of May might have been leaked based on this image from the German PlayStation Blog, which reveals the upcoming games for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita for PS+ in May 2015.

This is not really a confirmation of the official lineup but just a rumor, so take this with a grain of salt. That said, you can check out the PlayStation Plus lineup below for each of the particular system, in addition to the leaked image which revealed it.



  • Rayman Legends
  • Need for Speed: Rivals
  • Shovel Knight


  • Rayman Legends
  • Shovel Knight
  • Knack

PS Vita

  • Shovel Knight
  • Asphalt Injection
  • Fruit Ninja

If this list turns out to be true, then this is definitely a good month for PS Plus. Although it is a little hard to believe since Shovel Knight was just recently released and there is no way Sony can make it free for the PS Plus in such a short time, as it would really anger the fans who bought it at launch. If you want to take a look at the previous month’s lineup, you can find it from here.

Let us know what you think about this leaked lineup in the comments below.

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  • freddy_uk

    1) date on is is 4/2015
    2) german might have slightly different Ps plsu
    3) every time a ps plus is “leak” it always
    Rayman Legends

  • Sasuke Perfection

    Subsrcibe To My YouTube Channel
    It’s Sasuke Perfection

  • Obvious Townsend

    The blue links and black “non links” just happen to match from April, to May.

    Where as Rayman Legends and Shovel Knight WOULD be blue linked as they are not “unreleased” new games.

  • נתן אוריול

    fuck i bought shovel knight yesterday fuck

  • YoshiToyota

    Yes, please! I want Shovel Knight! And Rayman Legends!

  • Giovanni Magnus

    If Knack and Rayman Legends are among the titles, then it’ll still be a good month without Shovel Knight. If Shovel Knight does come out, then that’s even better. PlayStation might be trying to promote attention for the game, because it’s only a valid copy provided you have a PlayStation Plus membership.

  • PapiSlim

    Shovel Knight cant be plus, its a nonsence. Just got out last week.
    Sony doesnt work like this. Game would release in may then.

    Ultratron game is new and coming in may, it will be crossbuy for ps3/ps4/vita, its cheap, and coming from curve studio who make many plus games with Sony, so I call Ultratron to be new plus free game.
    Incase anyone didnt notice here, there is always atleast one new plus free game, usualy cheap indie.

    Another possible plus game might be Chariot, its out on PS4/Vita and coming to PS3 soon.

    There are always two indie games and one older retail/digital title (usualy AAA).

  • Ashley

    i wish sony would us Triple a games not indies every month psn plus is disgrace for the price they ask if i pay £40 a year i want Triple A games every month not indies worth 3pounds

  • Ashley

    more crapie indies 🙁

  • Yeah 😀 Thanks for informations 😉

  • Stefan Eckhardt

    Also Rayman never has been cross buy, why would it be for Plus? I call fake…

    • Bluellama1

      Dragon’s Crown was given a pseudo cross buy when it came on PS+ so it is possible. I’d rather have the vita version over both home console versions if that’s the case, though.

      • Stefan Eckhardt

        Dragon’s Crown never has been cross buy, and it didn’t change with Plus. What are you talking about? Cross save?

        Some titles even got their cross buy status stripped for Plus, like Oddworld.

        • Dragon’s Crown was not Cross-Buy but it was given in PS+ for both Vita and PS3.

          • Stefan Eckhardt

            Ah, ok, found it. That was US only, in Europe they didn’t include PS3, so I never noticed that exemption.

            I still don’t believe this leak story is legit, though.

  • Belakor

    Looks good, ironically enough, its the sole AAA game in this list I dont really care about. But Shovel Knight and Rayman look pretty good.

  • Daniel Bondar

    Fuck them!!! i just bought those game 2 month ago 10$ each..

  • Jeremy

    If this is true then May will be a very good month.

  • bomb

    ps plus is always shit for ps4 , even this isnt good

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