PS Plus October 2016 Games Lineup Rumored, Possibly Horror Games?

Sony has yet to announce the games lineup for PS Plus users in October 2016. While we haven’t seen a blockbuster release as a PS Plus game for a while now, there is always the chance that Sony will try to improve the PlayStation Plus games lineup after they increased the cost of PS+ subscription in North America.

Starting September 22nd, PlayStation Plus subscription will be increased from its standard $49.99 price to $59.99 per year. While this is a tiny increase in the grand scheme of things, it will make the PS+ price equal to its competitor, Xbox Live Gold. Unlike PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold has offered many solid titles in its games lineup, including exclusives like Sunset Overdrive.

October is generally considered the perfect month to release horror games or movies. The Evil Within was an October release for the PS4 and Xbox One and there have been rumors in the past that the game might end up on PS Plus. If that is the case, October seems like a good month for it to be added to the PS+ subscription. Not to mention the fact that this game has already been available to PS Plus subscribers in Japan.


In addition to The Evil Within, Gravity Rush Remastered was confirmed to be free for PlayStation Plus users in Japan. Since the sequel will be released in December, Sony could potentially make it free in October to prepare users for the sequel, just like Microsoft released Forza Horizon 1 for free on the Xbox One for Games with Gold.

The last potential candidate is Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, which might coincide with the release of Rise of the Tomb Raider for the PS4 in October. There is also a 20th Anniversary event for Tomb Raider which might points towards a Games with Gold or PS Plus release in October 2016.

Let us know what games you are expecting for PlayStation Plus subscribers for October 2016 in the comments below.

  • S. Ó Fionnalaigh

    Last of Us won’t be on it, Sony confirmed on the EU PS blog that there’s going to be an Outbreak Day sale which means LoU will be on the sale rather than free with PS Plus. Tomb Raider is being given away free with pre-orders of the new game on the PS Store so it won’t be that either.

    • DonEmu

      Outbreak Day sale already happened/happening.

  • Aaron Bush

    I posted on an other post for predictions 10 hours ago. About Gravity Rush free because of the Sequel. Tomb raider Def because of the 20th anniversary. And Last of Us because of Outbreak Day. If these 3 or closes to these 3 ill be happy.