PS Plus September 2016 Will Feature The Same 2 Games Lineup For PS3, PS4 And Vita

Sony has recently increased the price of a PS Plus subscription from its regular yearly price of $49.99 to $59.99 per year. This price increase will be effective on September 22nd and it will be applicable to North America and Canada only.

If you were hoping for an improved or expanded PS Plus lineup after the price increase in August, you will be disappointed to know that it will remain the same for the most part.

Ps Plus

PS Plus EU Community Manager Frannifer has confirmed on twitter that there won’t be any changes to the regular 2 games per platform for PS Plus subscribers.

As explained by the community manager, the price increase already happened in Europe last year so it won’t take effect this time in Europe.

When asked to comment on the monthly games, the community manager politely declined to comment on them. Guess we will have to wait for the official announcement, that is due next Monday or Tuesday, before we can get a confirmation of the full PlayStation Plus lineup for September 2016.

PS+ is a monthly subscription service that offers free games for its subscribers each month. The games range from new indies to some old classics and usually average out as 2 games for each platform. Since this format will carry for the next month, don’t expect to see the lineup being expanded. But maybe we can now expect better PS Plus games in the coming month.

Let us know what are you expectations for the upcoming PS Plus lineup in the comments below.

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  • Fjorg Vanderplög

    Yeah… I’ve been thinking about going over to the enemy: Xbox!
    How much money do they rob you for to play online and get shitty monthly games?

  • bino ched

    PSN is turning into a crappy money grab. Getting near the end of my Sony relationship, I think

  • Marc Grierson

    SOLID LINEUP . . . . is what I could have said If the article actually contained the information.

  • Satan

    Games are trash. Service is shot not worth the price hike might as well go to xbox at least their service is good.

    • Marc Grierson

      Credit where credit is due, Xbox has been absolutely smashing it recently with their free monthly games!! I mean The Crew, Sunset OD, WWE 16, Beyond Good and Evil, A new Turn based RPG this month along with Forza!!! Killing it.
      Sony’s have been terrible of late, I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a PS plus free game, probably meat boy lol.

      • Shaide

        All a matter of taste really….I think Sunset Overdrive is the worst Xbox One game ever released. As for the rest, the only good one is WWE 16…For me, both are equally bad and plain rubbish.

        • Marc Grierson

          Thats fair in terms of quality, one man’s trash etc. In terms of AAA releases that millions of plus/live users are asking for it’s a fact Microsoft is smashing it compared to Sony. I personally think Sunset was a fantastic exclusive (it got me to buy a XB1 and I didn’t regret it lol)

  • MS

    Except nobody was expecting more games, but rather better games (read, triple AAA games rather than indies). That’s what people are hoping for if they are going to charge more. Otherwise, some visible improvement for the price hike.

  • Orionsangel

    Sony take all my money for Plus! Great choices at SONY. Now go F yourselves!

  • Eric J

    This asshole who wrote this needs to be taken out to the street and shot. No where in this Farticle does it say what games are coming for psplus. I really hope u get punched the fuck out

  • Tyler Watson

    I expected to see the September line up. I feel mislead now.

  • J.j. Barrington

    Were you expecting to see the changes days after the price increase was announced? Likely MONTHS after the deal was struck and these games were put into the rotation, you thought you’d see changes here?

    Gotta admit: this is clickbait. Fortunately for me, I’ve got a nice little adblock thing going.

  • TheSpanishInquisition

    If I had known WHO wrote this clickbait pOs beforehand, I would have been spared a pointless click.

    This idiot hasn’t written anything worth reading in his entire life.

  • Subzero

    khurram is a paki cunt

    • jonoil

      I assume subzero is your IQ.

  • Trinity

    “Price increase for US only”???
    It went up even more ($20) in Canada!!

    “For a 12-month subscription, the price will go from $49.99 USD/$49.99 CAD to $59.99 USD/$69.99 CAD”

    • Forever Negative

      $70 CAD equates to around $54 USD. You’re still paying less.

      • Still an increase.

      • super6646

        XBL didn’t see a price increase here in Canada. I wonder why?

        • HaCkEr_Fc

          Microsoft won’t increase the price. Xbox Games/DLCs and Subscriptions are region free unlike PlayStation

  • skeletor

    click bate at its worst

  • What a pointless, clickbait article.

  • Nick Hernandez

    Does one need PS+ for PS Vue? I don’t see myself using their services anymore if that’s the case.

  • ObsessedGeorge

    It increased in EU alright, but not for the yearly subscription thank God.

  • Gamehead

    I just wanna know what game we’re getting. If they suck I’m out. PC for multiplayer.

    • Orion Pax

      that’s the most retarded comment i’ve seen in my life

      • Gamehead

        Well to a corporate slave maybe.

        • J.j. Barrington

          That’s a silly response.

        • Marc Grierson

          What a douche xD
          “Look at me I’m so edgy because I don’t abide by corporate rules and I game on a pc” absolute wasteman.

          • Gamehead

            I game on everything. I just dont like being screw over and am pro consumer.

          • Marc Grierson

            Screwed over? You clearly don’t know the definition. You pay 6 quid (or your countries equivalent) and get 6 games per month the games would have to be worth 99p to be screwed over.

          • Gamehead

            Games I dont care for and games I dont get to choose. PS Plus was great when it was optional on the PS3 and Vita. We got good games. You probably just subscribed this gen.

          • Marc Grierson

            You aren’t paying for the games though, you’re paying for the online service (which now includes things like share play which wasn’t on ps3) and lmao!! I’ve owned both ps3 and ps4 since launch, good try though.

          • Gamehead

            That online service should be free.

          • Marc Grierson

            I disagree. I’d pay for secure servers alone (sure they go down here and there but compared to the amount of hacked servers on pc games I think it is worth it) it costs them a fortune for infastructure and maintenance you’ve got to realise that. However, we will be here at loggerheads all day. You have your opinion and I have mine let’s call it deuces before any further unnecessary beef goes down lol (I apologise for my attitude in my initial response, that was a little harsh)

          • Gamehead

            They get a cut of every game I purchase, push hardware and accessory sales…but ok.

      • doctadrey

        really? the most? clearly you dont read enough comments..

        • MlND

          LMFAO XD!

  • Barry Harden

    The increase was bound to happen. It’s now the same price as Xbox Live Gold.

    Good thing about PS4 is that you don’t need PS Plus to enjoy Free-to-Play multiplayer games. On Xbox Live you need to pay for Silver or Gold to play online for Free-to-Play titles. How screwed up is that??

    • Dirt Dawgg

      You never needed to pay for xbox live silver, it was always free. In fact there is no xbox live silver anymore. You also don’t need to pay for free to play. It seems you’re misinformed, or maybe you just like spreading the wrong information.

      • Orion Pax

        you need gold to play free to play games in xbl, warframe, etc. you don’t on psn

    • wrestlefan01

      xbox live i get up to 4 free games because they actually do backwards capability

      • Orion Pax

        and on ps+ you get 6 free games, 2 ps4, 2 ps3, 2 psvita, + discounts, themes, avatar, special starter packs for f2p games, demos etc.

        • Aaron Bush

          yes, Having 3 PS Consoles gives you a much better deal on PSplus with $100+ of games a month which is a lot better then Xbox Live Gold. also on 360 the F2P games you needed a Xbox Live Gold sub to play them because i tryied to play WOT and it wouldnt let me because i need Xbox live Gold, so the guy above is wrong, you also cant keep the games anymore so really the subscription is alot worse then PSplus, even if you dont have PSvita or PS3 you can still add them to your library so if you get the console later you have a decent library for it. Xbox live pretty much sucks.

          also i might add, Sony is giving the newer devs a chance by giving the PS community the game for free to try it out. if that never happened all the indies wont be here and that is sad, just like rocket league which made a name for itself because it was free (well got alot of players because of that) Sony is helping them unlike Xbox which just give the money to devs that dont need it, like them selves or EA etc which make to much money anyway (ubisoft i dont care because i love there games)

      • Barry Harden

        You’re gonna need backward compatibility cuz there’s hardly any good exclusives on XBone. Plus with that console being so weak you might as well play last gen games.

        • Marc Grierson

          Hmm, QB, Sunset OD, DR3, Recore, Scalebound, Cuphead, Forza, Halo, Gears, Sea of Thieves, Below, Crackdown, Halo Wars, Phantom dust, State of Decay, Rare Replay, Ryse.
          I think they have and will continue to be doing well in that respect.
          Someone is trying to blow this waaaaayyy out of proportion 🙂

        • At least they don’t charge $60 for a year old repackaged game.

          • Barry Harden

            What game is that?

      • bigevilworldwide1 .

        And PS+ members get 6 when you have a PS3, PS4 and Vita

  • jakdripr

    I’m fine with it only being two, my issue has always been the quality of the games. Let’s see what Sony have for us in our first month post price hike.

  • Hvd


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