PS2 Emulated Games On PS4 PSN Sale Includes GTA Trilogy And Arc The Lad

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Rockstar Games is currently offering the GTA Trilogy on PS4 featuring the cult classic games including GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas. All of these games are currently available in a sale for half the price meaning you can save some money if you buy them now. The full price for this trilogy is aroud $34.99 while you can get them for $17.49 now.

If you are interested in just one of the game, you can also get each of them individually instead of getting all three games in a bundle. Check out the store links below for each of the game that is currently available in the sale.

Grand Theft Auto III – $14.99 – $8.99

Grand Theft Auto Vice City – $14.99 – $8.99

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas – $14.99 – $8.99

If you were interested in grabbing Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits, which is the newest addition to the PS2 emulated games on PS4, you can get it for a special launch discount for a limited time. It is currently available for 25% off, which means can get it for $11.24 compared to the $14.99 standard price.


In addition to the GTA Trilogy, Rockstar Games is also offering the other GTA games in a sale for the PS3 and PS4. GTA IV can be bought for a meager $4 while GTA V on the PS4 is also available in a sale for $38.99.

Let us know what you think about this new sale in the comments below.

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  • Reesie Iamwhoiam Davis

    I already took advantage of the GTA trilogy…You know what, i don’t care what other Ps2 games they release in the future for the Ps4… as long as The Onimusha games (Or at least 2 of them) are on that list!!!

  • The “new” Vice City for 9 bucks? I’m in.

  • Mark Laforteza

    What really gets me is that I already purchased all those games on PS3 and I can’t crossplay them. I don’t think I should have to shell out extra cash for the exact same (they’re not even remastered) games. Ugh!!!

  • Soda Popinski


    That GTA Trilogy sale for $17.49 comes out to $5.83 per game that’s a FANTASTIC price/deal!!

    Been really wanting to play those again, just do NOT support and really disagree with the outrageous $14.99 digital PS2 game prices on PS4.

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