PS3 Firmware Update 4.80 Released, Improves Stability

Sony has just released a brand new firmware update for the PS3. This firmware update reportedly improves the stability of the system although Sony hasn’t shared any details on the type of stability improvement for this new firmware update.

While there are no update notes available yet, some users have confirmed that it fixes the broken Facebook integration for some of the game on the PS3, including GTA V. This does fit in line with the stability comment as Facebook integration needs to be updated along with the changes introduced by Facebook.


PS3 is at the tail end of its life cycle so it is hardly unlikely that Sony will introduce any new feature with a firmware update. So far the updates it has received has only stripped features or improved stability for some of the functions.

Let us know if you have encountered any issues or noticed any improvements after installing this new firmware update in the comments below.

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  • Mobius125

    I may have just identified a problem with firmware 4.80, attempting to play star ocean on the ps3, i received error 80010514 error during start operation, i tried a number of other games, and they all worked without issue so the bluray lens is ok. so i tried to load star ocean on another ps3 of mine which runs firmware 4.50, and it loaded without an issue.

    I then updated that console from 4.50 to 4.80, and star ocean does not load on this console either now. i have e-mailed sony support with the details in full to see what they have to say.

  • Jeramy Weigand

    One thing is for certain, as of Firmware 4.80 the PlayStation 3 still DOES NOT support 2TB Hard Drives inside it. This is for all you out there that are hoping to update to a nice new 2TB HDD so you can install all your games on one drive without needing to just deal with a 1TB HDD which is certainly NOT enough space if you have well over 2,000 downloadable games, add-ons, themes, etc.. on your account like I do.

    Today, June 4th 2016, I just got a brand new 2TB Seagate (Backup Plus Slim/Portable HDD) (Model: STDR2000100) in the mail, just to try this out so we can kill all the rumors.

    I first installed the newest Firmware 4.80 on all of my PlayStation 3 consoles in the house. I own a few first gen CECH-A01 units, (which are my fav’s). I own a couple Slim units, and I have one Super Slim that I keep in the garage for streaming movies to when working on things.

    I then took the new HDD out of the box, I removed the hard drive from the plastic casing that surrounds it, and I placed it inside my PS3 FAT and instantly after turning it on the system told me to only use hard drives that are compatible with the system. (or something similar). I removed the hard drive, and I tried it out on the other systems, all the way down to the super slim, and they all say the same thing.

    I have also tried a different model 2TB Seagate Hard Drive that I first bought for my PS4 six months ago (STBX2000401), and also that hard drive DOES NOT WORK on the PlayStation 3 with the most current firmware 4.80. It doesn’t matter what model PS3 you own, they just don’t work, so don’t bother attempting to install one. Perhaps by the time Sony makes their last Firmware update 5.00, it might be the last thing that they fix with the console, but I would not bet on it.

    NOTE: I have since tried both of those 2TB HDD’s on the PS4 and the PC, and they work fine on both without a hitch, so the HDD’s are not faulty.

    NOTE 2: For those wondering about what HDD is inside the casing of the Seagate Backup Plus, it’s a Seagate drive. Some people say they get a different drive made by a different manufacturer, like a Samsung, but I didn’t.

    So, I hope this helps everyone out there that is wondering about the PS3 and 2TB HDD’s. They do NOT work yet. I will soon get myself a 1.5TB HDD and give those a try, and I hope for the best!

  • Luan Lopes

    Do you guys think they’ll ever allow us to play mkv files?

  • Chuck

    So far the updates it has received has only stripped features

    By this you mean Facebook or something else too? I haven’t noticed any other feature removed so I’m asking.

    • Anthony Jr Gonzalez

      They didmt remove the fb featire they disabled it when v4.78 came out, i dont really care about it anymore cause i already have a ps4