PS4 AF Graphics Issues: Has Sony Finally Fixed It? Screenshot Comparison Inside

PS4 had a weird issue with Anisotropic Filtering which resulted in textures being blurred at an oblique viewing angle in the game. This issue mostly affected third party multiplatform releases and it was not until recently that we heard that Sony was looking into fixing it for the developers.

If the recent games and updates are any indication, this issue has finally been resolved as confirmed by updates to games like Devil May Cry and the release of some of the latest games like Mortal Kombat X and Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin.

First, we have a comparison of Devil May Cry with latest patch, which adds in AF for the PS4 version of the game. Cort Straton, who is ICE Team Programmer at Naughty Dog, tweeted about the DMC AF issue stating that he was glad that this issue is finally resolved.

You can check out a comparison between the pre-patch and post-patch version of the game below, courtesy of NeoGAF user RoboPlato.

Left = Pre-Patch, Right = Post-Patch

The difference is pretty clear from these screenshots. The pre-patch version with no AF results in extremely blurry textures at a distance compared to the post-patch version. If you still can’t see it, perhaps you need to take a closer look at the ground as seen in the comparison below.


The other two recent examples are Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin and Mortal Kombat X. Both of these run with some degree of AF enabled on the PS4, especially Mortal Kombat X is a good case here as it is another Unreal Engine 3 release. This issue usually plagued games that ran on Unreal Engine 3, so seeing that Mortal Kombat X runs with 8x AF on PS4 is a nice sign.


If we talk about exclusive games for the PlayStation 4, most of them managed to avoid having issues with AF and the same holds true for Bloodborne, which has AF enabled in the game.

Lastly, Project CARS developer Slightly Mad Studios confirmed that they have increased the AF on the PS4 and Xbox One version of the game from 4x to 8x, which should result in a better image quality for the game.

What do you have to say about this article? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • Cenk Algu

    Lol They cant fix it.It is a simple fact.The shitty low bandwith does not allow better AF levels.


      Yeah, OK. Nice bull crap right here. The issue was with the devs.

      • Cenk Algu

        No it is afact.No AF or low level AF=shitty bandwith.


          But it’s being patched in afterwards, it’s a dev error. Are you saying the two games that have been patched (Dying Light and DmC) have been downgraded after the AF patches?

          • Cenk Algu

            Yes exactly.They lowered some assets on the background that is not so visible when you play the games.AF does not require big hardware power but requires high bandwith rate which is the devs using that bandwith to be able to reach up to 1080p and LOD therefore if they added some AF that means they downgraded something.


            Stop talking out of your butt. They increased LoD and added AF in Dying Light, but don’t let that stop your obvious bias.

          • Cenk Algu

            Lol did you believe it? According to Ubisoft WD shown at E3 2012 would be the same on PS4 so what happened? What kind of idiot tell you hey we lowered the assets to put a bit this? lol!!!.Fact is fact believe what you want.


            Ubisoft? Who the hell trusts Ubisoft? Dying Light is not an Ubisoft game. Ubisoft are always full of it.

          • Cenk Algu

            LoL you did not even got the allusion.

          • elnino

            youtube. com/crapgamerreviews

            hey bro, destroy this xbot, he’s telling people not to buy the ps4 and spreading lies about Sony.


            CrapGamer is a racist little idiot, he talks more about PS4 than he does his precious Xbox One.

  • I feel silly. I don’t get it.

    • Maxcer Maxcer

      Anisotropic Filtering. some games on PS4 had issues with using this but now it seems like Sony has started to get a fix out to all the developers.

  • gordo100

    Like many others here I did not know there was a problem but looking at the screen shots the difference is night and day so nice fix Sony

  • SirAngry

    Woah, woah, woah… this problem was NOT down to lazy dev’s. The PS4 has two API’s, the first a low level API that gets you closer to the ‘metal’ so to speak. That’s the API that most new games will be using and developed on. However, Sony also have what they call a ‘wrapper API’ that is designed to resemble a Direct 3D environment. The idea being that you could get your Direct 3D code up and running with that hassle free.

    For the most part it works extremely well. But what we have seen time and time again is that this wrapper API has some serious issues with certain middleware. Not least UE3 and slightly older versions of the Cry Engine. UE4 and newer versions of the Cry Engine have been developed using the low level API to extract as much performance as possible, so the issue was with that wrapper API. AF was in those games codes, it just wasn’t executing the code properly. So it is good news that there appears to be a fix now.

    • Joshua Pirog

      Everyone blames every issue on “lazy dev’s” I’ve found it better to just let them troll teh webz lol

      • SirAngry

        Maybe you are right, no question sometimes issues are down to people not doing their obs properly, but when it’s clearly an issue out of coders hands it does annoy me that people get tarred with the lazy brush. Maybe I should just let it slide… but on this one I can’t for some reason. It wasn’t really anyones ‘fault’ not even Sony’s. It’s just one of those things that happens sometimes, it has been fixed now, why can’t people be happy with that? Why do we need to hang someone?

    • Asmodai

      Do you have a source for this? AF has been an issue on games that use multiple different engines since pretty much launch (Evolve, Thief, Dying Light, Strider, Unfinished Swan, etc.) and I haven’t seen any authoritative source say why that is, just a ton of speculation. I’ve seen nothing before your post that indicates its due to an issue in the GNMX API (the “wrapper API” you refer to). In fact Cort specifically said a while back “No hardware/SDK issues that I’m aware of. Sounds like a question for the developer.”

      What is the source for this article in fact? Cort said “Well I’m glad that’s behind us now.” because Ninja Theory released a patch that fixed their game. How this article gets from that to Sony fixing something that isn’t broke in the first place is beyond me. In fact the article linked on the “Sony was looking into fixing it for the developers.” directly contradicts the whole premise:

      “FYI Sony released a tech note related with AF.

      Well basically (I don’t want to enter in any specifics) it reminds
      devs how to make it properly and a future update to make it “easier” (it
      is not that it is “difficult” now at all).

      No, it is not that complicated.

      I really don’t know where the issue comes from to be honest (since
      you can use AF) but I think Sony knows about the “problem” and maybe
      they reacted to show devs how to “fix it” or to clarify if it is some
      misunderstanding about the process.”

      So it’s not “difficult” now. “No, it is not that complicated”. “I really don’t know where the issue comes from to be honest (since you can use AF)”. That sure makes it look like it’s NOT Sony.

      • SirAngry

        As to the source of the article Asmodai, I couldn’t tell you. As to my own ‘opinions’ and knowledge on the issue? I have not personally used or worked with the PS4s GNMX API. What I have heard from many friends and colleagues who have is that 95% of the time getting D3D code up and running on it is as smooth as can be. But that it has kinks and foibles, which is to be expected. I’m more than aware Sony have sent out a number of circulars, starting last year around September I believe, about the implementation of a number of graphical affects (not just AF) within the GNMX API, proposing a number of fixes, or guidance if you prefer that terminology. I fo believe the issue is with taking code straight from D3D and it not executing commands properly.

        • Asmodai

          Well if the issue IS with developers just “taking code straight from D3D” and not properly adapting it to the similar but different GNMX API then that would indeed indicate the issue IS “Lazy devs”. That’s not the wording I’d use personally and I don’t KNOW that’s the cause but it seems odd to me that your original post objected to the “Lazy devs” explanation being tossed around yet your ‘opinion’ seems to support the theory.

          • SirAngry

            No, it really doesn’t Asmodai. You do know that the GNMX API was designed specifically so D3D code could just be dumped into it. So when it doesn’t work, in many cases it’s not just an easy fix, and can require all sorts of changes, that then cause other issues. My understanding is that dodgy / no AF for many teams was the lesser of two evils, and that solutions really ought to have been sought API side months ago.

          • Asmodai

            We know it IS an easy fix though… well as much as we KNOW anything here. Again from the article linked to in this one:

            “… (it is not that it is “difficult” now at all).

            No, it is not that complicated.

            I really don’t know where the issue comes from to be honest (since you can use AF)…”

            So in this particular case at least it would seem to be “just an easy fix” and NOT “require all sorts of changes.”

            Even if it were not though if the API exists and is working (no bugs) and the hardware is capable and the only reason it’s not being done is because it takes extra work on the part of the developer because it’s different from D3D then that’s EXACTLY what people mean when they say “lazy devs”. Again it’s not the wording I would choose but the point people saying that are trying to get across is that it’s not an incomplete or bugged API or a hardware issue. It’s a developer time/effort issue.

  • Lara Croft

    I hope some of the older PS4 titles get updates as well.

  • tplarkin7

    That’s a big fix. Makes a huge difference!

  • William Perdomo

    Wow didn’t even notice none of issues nice though for fixing it

  • John

    Didn’t even realize this was a problem, but it’s kind of cool that Sony went out of their way to help out PS4 devs like this.

    • Clate

      In a way, but the issue was an issue to begin with because Devs were lazy. But honestly when I turn AF on, on my PC I never really tell much of a difference. I leave it on because it does not use much on resources but I really never can tell the difference. It is no where near as important as resolution or AA. AA is under appreciated….. Some of the advanced AAs make some absolutely gorgeous images

      • Guest

        While I agree that the issue was due to lazy devs I certainly do not agree that AF doesn’t make a big difference and isn’t as important as res or AA.

      • Cenk Algu

        Devs were not lazy.It is the machine that has limited power.They did put some AF on this game but be sure that they lowered some assets on the background because the bandwith is extremely limited on PS4.That is a fact


          No it isn’t.

          • Cenk Algu

            Yes it is.

    • brusselsproty

      I knew about this and I couldn’t help but notice that neither the media or Xbox One owners make an issue of it, it’s a pity then that if the problem was the other way around and was an Xbox One issue instead that that same media and the Sony fanboys would be making out it is some sort of disaster.


        Ahahahaha, ahahahahahahhaa! You must be blind.

  • Guest

    I think this is great they are finally fixing the issue, but I also think it never should have happened in the first place. And im not so sure the problem is behind us yet. Only time will tell.

    And now we are stuck with a few games that will never get fixed because of companies going out of business or no longer supporting their games. And its damn shame regardless of the fact that the games aren’t that great to begin with like Thief, Strider, Murdered Soul and Saints Row. And some games that may get fixed but haven’t yet like Evolve, Dragonball Xenoverse and the Unfinished Swan, but honestly I don’t have the greatest hope for.