PS4 Doubles Its Games Count At TGS 2015 Followed By Vita, Up YOY; More Than 100 PS4 Games Showcased

PS4 has proven its popularity at the currently on-going Tokyo Game Show 2015 by having more than 100 games being showcased at the tradeshow. This is up massively over last year’s TGS, where PS4 had less than 50 games showcased at the tradeshow.

Focusing entirely on the home consoles and dedicated handhelds, PS4 was easily the market leader with 103 games at TGS, this is more than double the count from TGS 2014, where PS4 had 42 games.

This is followed by the PlayStation Vita, which also is also up from last year by having 62 games at TGS 2015, compared to 34 last year.

Almost all of the current generation dedicated consoles and handheld had a slight increase in their game count, although the jump wasn’t as massive as for PS4 and Vita. Xbox One had 27 games at the tradeshow compared to 24 last year. Nintendo’s Wii U also had a healthy increase by having 23 games compared to 13 last year. Nintendo 3DS didn’t have the same luck though and faced a decline to 29 games compared to 41 for last year.

You can check out the full list for each of the platforms in the chart below, courtesy of NIKKEI.


As expected from Mobile/Smartphone, they had the majority of the games showcased at TGS followed by PC.

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  • JRPGMan

    The Vita number is misleading, that is not exclusives, that is ports. There is a reason why 3DS is dominating Japan. Nothing at tgs changes thst

    • Elli

      if you look at preorder charts in japan and on amazon japan, PSV has twice more games than 3DS and will always be. The only reason 3DS is more popular is because they have nintendo exclusive like mario, zelda,pokemon,fire emblem, animal crossing and third party exclusive like monster hunter and yokai watch. PSV dominated the niche market, and they have twice more games this holiday than then 3ds has. In japan.

      • JRPGMan

        False. Yokai Watch, Monster Hunter, DQ, and MORE. 3ds has the exclusives that actually matter and has much deeper third party support.

        3DS also gets the niche games.

        • Elli

          I was just giving example of some major 3ds 3rd party games, just how can that disprove my point ? -.-

          Well please tell me the niche games that 3ds is currently in works for the holidays cause if you see the COMG chart, there’s like 3 3ds compared to 12 psv games. As I said, psv has more niche games compared to 3DS. You just can’t get more niche when hatsune miku and hyperdimension neptunia is releasing on psv annually. The US just gets more 3ds games than psv because well 3ds sold better there.

          Tho there’s one thing for sure, 3DS has better 3rd party games development. Games like bravely default, MH and other trumps almost all those niche psv games.

          • JRPGMan

            3DS gets plenty of niche anime games just like vita gets.

  • datdude

    Hot damn, Sony is killing it!! And by it, I mean the xbone.

  • D. Smith

    Regardless of ones subjective outlook on what they think Sony showcased at TGS 2015, 103 games on display for a home console is a massive number. There is no denying the diverse list of exclusive titles already on the system and in the works as well. Looking at this years standout PS4 exclusives or console exclusives so far and the list is quite varied from large budget titles to indies;

    The Order 1886
    MLB 15 The Show
    God of War III Remastered
    Planetside 2
    Everyone’s Gone to the Rapture
    The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
    Until Dawn
    Rocket League
    Dead or Alive 5
    Tearaway Unfolded
    Axiom Verge
    Aaru’s Awakening

    Soon to be released PS4 exclusives or console exclusives games for the remainder of 2015 are;

    SOMA – Sept 22
    Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection – Oct 9
    Dragon Quest Heroes – Oct 13
    Disgaea 5 – Oct 6
    Hitman (Timed console exclusive arriving first on PS4/PC) – Dec 8

    Personal choice is what matters regardless of the playing field we choose to play on, however since we’re talking PS4, the system does in fact offer a great list of exclusives at the moment and in the very near future.

  • Bobo875

    Lol Pos4 doubles its games with 100 no name Japanese anime games and Indies. Mr idiot – 1,000 weak exclusive like the order and driveclub and 8 hour interactive movies or Indies not worth my time = 0 games which is exactly what pos4 has. I’ll take Xbox ones blockbuster exclusives over this trash all day everyday. Lordy lordy forza 6 is the best racing game ever released.

    • Juke

      Give me Driveclub anyday, and just about every third party game looks and plays better on ps4, maybe no games you like but ps4 has more games, fact

      • Bobo875

        Hmmm – most recently witcher 3 much better frame rate on Xbox one and Mad max better frame rate as well while both at 1080p. Think you are a bit brainwashed. Let me know when pos4 can handle 1080p locked 60fps like Forza 6 cause now it has 0 games that can handle it.

    • Tha-Truth

      The Xbox DONE is a trash, peasant console for morons like you who are bankrupt in both wallet and brain. All of it’s games are weak, pathetic, low – quality last – gen trash that aren’t worth playing and sales prove that.

      Gears, Halo, Forza, all nothing more than cheap shovelware trash which flop on Metacritic. It’s no wonder the PS4 is outselling the Poverty – Box by a ratio of 2 – 1 worldwide. All the educated consumers would rather play REAL games like Bloodborne and Rocket League instead of cheap trash like Galo and Flopza any day. It’s only the brainwashed, delusional, ignorant, non – gaming, Xboner licking morons like you who are still trying to defend the Poverty Box at this point and when you finally stop being such a retarded brand slave to Micro$oft and move on like everybody else has then you might find some happiness.

      Until that happens…keep enjoying your dead console which is flopping at retail, peasant. You’re the only person on the entire planet stupid enough to buy a last – gen piece of trash like that and sales prove it, but good luck.

    • Larry Wright

      What’s so hilarious is you come to an article about PS4 games defending your choice of console. I’ve seen many trolls and fanboys over the last 2 years but I honestly believe that garbage you just spewed could be the most ridiculous pile of s*it I’ve ever read! I won’t bother defending what I bought because because I’m extremely happy with my PS4(and no games lol) or trash the competition. People like what they like but you need to f****n grow up! People choose PS because of DIVERSITY, THAT MEANS AAA TO INDIES. Example, I played Mercenary Kings, an old school 2D side-scrolling shooter, for 125+ hours. Why? BECAUSE I ENJOYED IT! So do PS fans a service and STFU WITH THAT CHILDISH CRAP! IT’S DESPERATE INSECURITY AND IT MAKES YOU PATHETIC!!

    • datdude

      LOL…”blockbuster” xbone exclusives? Poor thing…no wonder his name is bobo. Rhymes with dodo. As in brainless. Sony is killing these poor things, at retail, in exclusives, in every category imaginable. Imagine this…this poor bobo is talking about exclusives, and yet there is not a single xbone exclusive rated above 90, while both ps4 and nintendo have several above that mark, and more games available for gamers to play to boot. Some of these types have a hard time with the harsh reality of the situation.

  • That’s a lot of games! Let’s hope most of them make it to the West

  • TristanPR77

    And some still dare to say PS4 has no games. What a bunch of losers.

  • James Fitzgerald

    Been nice if you told us what the hell the games were.