PS4 Exclusive inFamous: Second Son Has A Knack For Easter Egg

Sucker Punch have put a lot of effort in making inFamous: Second Son for the PS4, and we can see their hard work pay off with the success of the game, which also resulted in a boost for the PS4 sales in the UK. While there might be many cool Easter Eggs in the game, from referencing their own games(inFamous PS3, Sly series), to referencing other classics like Zelda. Now it seems like a reddit user has managed to uncover the iconic Knack from the PS4 launch exclusive game of the same name.

This easter egg can be seen in the screenshot below.

Knack was a PS4 launch exclusive from PS4 architect Mark Cenry and was developed by Sony’s Japan Studio. It didn’t fare well with the critics but apparently did quite well on its own in term of sales. It was also bundled with the early PS4 consoles in Japan.


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  • XDrone (is the new name)-lol

    I love Infamous Second Son, there is so much small detail. I also love Knack. Me and my girlfriend play it almost everyday. The game got slammed buy critics for no reason. They judge the game based on as if it was a grand theft auto type of game and have it low scores because of this. When clearly its not that type of game. I highly recommend both hames.