PS4 Firmware Update 1.61 Now Live, Enhances Overall System Stability

PlayStation 4 gets a new firmware update today, which seems to be mandatory and improves overall system stability.

This news was revealed on twitter by Chris Owen, Community Manager at PlayStation Europe. According to him, this new update “provides general enhancements to the PS4 system’s stability”. He also added that this is “mainly back end stuff to improve stability”, so don’t expect new features in this firmware update.

You can download the update through your PS4 and since it is mandatory, you would have to do so. This PS4 Firmware Update 1.61 is about 320-330 MB in size. If you have a Region 2 PS4, you can go to the site here and download it from there. If you live in NA and have Region 1 PS4, download it from here.

Have you updated to this latest firmware update? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • mr jackson

    My ps3 went out so I thought hey let’s get a ps4. Shoulda jus burned 428.64 I hate Sony so much for this terrible 8 game playin machine. Oh they updated the operat….. update these nuts and give me back my dlna, flash player, media storage, mp3 playback, usb usage. Thanks THE REAL MANAGEMENT CONSUMERS!!!!!!!!

  • Erik

    No USB support! Bull fucking shit! No good games! It sits and collects dust! Love the PS3! Get on the ball Sony! Wireless fucking headphone update?! I have not noticed any performance improvement! PS4 still lags!

  • Erik

    Another shit update! No MP3 support, no dlna support!? When is Sony gonna realize that the ps3 is way better! Please don’t make me update for stuff I don’t need or use! I’m stuck with the ps4! I bought this for my son and we have used it 5 times in the last 2 months! We keep using the ps3! Thank you Sony! I hope you loose money on the plastic shit ass machine! Unhappy fucking customer!

  • BooTyWarrIoR

    I only had my Ps4 a week and returned it. Wish I had kept my Ps3!!

  • John Smith

    Crap! I was really hoping for MP3/MP4 support this time around. And while they’re at it:

    Dim the lightbar

  • Cus Payne

    You cannot watch the same videos online with the ps4 as you can with the ps3 just says you need to upgrade flash player then continues to say flash player cannot be installed on this device. luckily i kept my ps3.

  • Chuck Green

    This system should have been able to do everything at launch that the ps3 can already do! The same goes for the xbone! No dlna???? No external hard drive support??? No mp3 support??? Come the f**k on people!

  • Ash

    I’m not being funny or anything but if you wanted an entertainment console then why didn’t you buy an Xbox one?
    Surely you realised that a PS4 is for the gamers and how games play rather than how films run? See what you mean about some features thou like the fact you can’t play 3D blu-rays when the ps3 can.

  • i’m downloading the update alongside the need for speed and killzone updates right now. thanks @ighostiv1:disqus for ruining all the joy i had a few minutes ago. but you’re right though, external storage through usb is something we need ASAP

    • ultrasam

      Hey Lauren I also have need for speed on the PS4, haven’t played it a lot though. How is this killzone? is it worth it? If you want we can do some races. my gamertag is Destrozates

  • IGhostI-v1

    I just got the update and nothing improved on my end. I have been having connection issues since 1.60. I am getting very poor connection speeds on PSN while I am still getting great connections through my laptop. No word from Sony why this is going on though. Kinda sucks.

    • k_less

      Wish I wasn’t an early buyer. Ps4 was a waste of money. No usb video makes it worthless as a entertainment machine. They basically took any free means to use media files away. Ps3 may not be a better computer but it is the superior machine.

      • disqus_Fcm6GrJVlf

        Aw, poor baby. *tear*

        I’ll take it off your hands if you don’t want it.

      • Liam

        Download plex media server on your PC and it streams files directly to ps4 via the browser, works perfectly!

    • P’S Fanboy

      Call your Internet provider. You can ask the to put the PS4 behind the firewall since it can’t get a virus. I did it to mine and I’ve had a better connection ever since.

      • the man

        this makes no sense at all

        • liam

          He’s talking about DMZ I believe

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