PS4 Firmware Update 4.05 Released, Improves System Performance

Sony has released a brand new system software update for the PS4 today. This update adds a minor increment to the firmware and judging from the changelog, it improves the system performance.

The size of this new update is around 297 MB and it should be available in all regions. If you still haven’t received the firmware update, you can manually check it out by going into the settings menu.

Here is what is listed in the changelog for the latest PS4 firmware update.

Main features in version 4.05 update

  • This system software update improves the quality of the system performance.

The last major firmware update for PS4 was version 4.00 and it was released a few months ago. Since then, Sony has released incremental updates to the firmware that are focused on improving system stability.

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  • Nicholas Rowlett

    Yeah mine slowed down also, and actually was hanging when trying to update my subscription to PS VUE.

  • Kc_delta

    This update is making my system lag on UI and games are taking an extremely long time to boot up. I hope that this is just a fluke :/

    • ReturnoftheBrotha .

      It made mine faster!

  • disqus_1S1GyNUnq5

    is it a mandatory update? i am personally tired of all these updates all the time. the most annoying thing is that i get bothered with them. i once thought updates and waiting for updates to be downloaded would be a thing of the past on the ps4? but every two weeks it feels like i will have to perform a silly stunt of having to confirm stuff. please, just update and don’t bother me with your minor changes.

    • Lain

      Oh stop. My XboxOne has an update every 3 days since launch. The PS4 will update in the background and while in rest mode if you enable that in the settings. Not to mention you can have it do it at 4am if you chose to.

    • MS

      Talk about whiny, fw updates are nothing on the PS4 compared to the PS3 or even X1.

  • Farly Fakhrudi

    Well, I encountered some bugs and some performance decrease with 4.00 update, hopefully this patch those problems.

    • MS

      Like what? Because for me its been nothing but faster.

      • Farly Fakhrudi

        Well, i was trying the free themes they offered for this month. After I applied it and press PS button to go back to home screen, it’s stuck with only the default theme background showing. There’s no main menu, or anything, but I can long press the PS button to show quickmenu. Decided to restart the PS through that, and it works again.

  • Ray_Ovoxo

    Good Ps4 was acting crazy with 4.00 with error codes

    • MS

      Meanwhile, i havent seen a single one.

  • drguru

    Definitely noticing a difference with this patch. The new UI does look good(patch 4.0), but you can tell it’s taxing the system. They’ve cleaned it up a bit.

    • MS

      How can you tell its “taxing” the system, when its faster than it used to be and thats with one and a half cores now compared to the two cores it used to use.

      • kma99

        Dude give it a rest. Just because it didnt happen to you doesn’t negate the fact that it happens to others. You havr commented on 3 different post from 3 different people whi said they had issues. Enough with your crying.

        • MS

          Says the guy that is crying. The system is faster than it used to be, thats a fact not just some opinion. Deal with it. Now give us a rest.

          • kma99

            Guy who’s replying to every comment wants to accuse someone of crying lol. Yeah ok that makes sense.

          • MS

            Says the guy with more comments than me. You wanna talk about making no sense.

          • kma99

            From the guy who’s complaining and damage controlling for his lord and savior Sony Christ

      • drguru

        Unlocking cores or locking cores aren’t everything. Surely you know that, right? I’ve noticed a dramatic difference(for the better) since this patch today. Ever in game and you click the PS button on your controller for the menu and it lags? Yeah, from what I believe they’ve done, is eased up on the resources needed for this task I think. It seems they’ve freed up some memory to allow this process to be more fluent.
        Also, ever notice how scrolling through all of your games and such in your library lags? Yeah, for me atleast, this is much smoother for me. Thanks.

        Your processor can only do so much when you’re bottlenecked by your ram. If they free up some memory, you’ll see better performance. Come on Mr. TECHNICAL. THINK!

        • MS

          Everything you just said is obviously made up nonsense. So just becuase your system was acting slow, you assumed that everyone’s was too. And then you proceed to blab about some made up theory of yours that they freed up memory when the truth is, you dont know. But then you try and ridicule me for not understanding when its you who obviously knows nothing. Try again. MR. TECHNICAL, THNK!

          And p.s. the lagging of the tiles for the games as you scroll through them quickly when you have alot of games is due to the HDD not being able to cache them in fast enough.

          • drguru

            So based off of your assumptions, you really don’t know if Sony has or hasn’t done something with the memory usage? It’s okay you can say it. I know you don’t.

            So the rest is just a wash.

            Of course it’s not my hard drive. I run my PS4 off a Samsung Evo III 1TB SSD. So no, it was purely software issues on my end.

          • drguru

            And please, please give me a descriptive answer on why I’m wrong. School me mother fucked. I want you to fucking put some damn effort into this if you’re going to waste my time.
            So come back with an intelligent reply or I’m going to dip out of here.

            You want to argue? You want to stomp your feet at people and show your character of being a weak ass troll,? Cool. But you’ve gotta earn it.

            Fucking school me.

          • MS

            It didnt take me “a week to come up with that” you moron, i just didnt see it till a week later, but if you weren’t so dumb, you was have figured that out. And the game’s “quick page” as you call them loading is based on your internet speed not your SSDs speed. But since you’re obviously so ignorant, we didnt even know that. Now run along and buzz off and come back when you actually know something. And i highly doubt you have a 1TB SSD on your PS4, goon!

          • drguru

            You’re absolutely adorable when you get mad. Sweety go back to the kitchen and bring daddy a sandwich.