PS4 Free Game For PS Plus In April Revealed, Includes Dishonored For The PS3

PS Plus games in April haven’t been officially confirmed yet but we do know that Dishonored will be a part of the PS+ lineup in April after it was leaked due to a mistake in EU PS Blog.

It was later confirmed that Dishonored will be a part of the PlayStation Plus lineup in April and not March, like it was originally assumed. In addition to this, we have come to know that Whoa Dave! will be a part of the PS4 lineup for PS+ in April. While the game was originally cross-buy and also available for Vita in PS+, it is unclear whether it will be a standard free game or replace one of the free PS4 games in PS+.


This news was shared in the official PlayStation Blogcast. We should learn more about the PlayStation Plus lineup in April next week.

What do you think about the announced games for the PlayStation Plus lineup in April? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • daniel

    sony has not released any decent free games for the PS4 since ….. well since ever. i bought one on release day and in all the time since then all they have given us is crap.
    in their defence, its not like there are any really good games for the PS4 yet anyway. its an amazing system, and thats all because they spent all their time and money developing the system and not planning for games or working with developers

    • Rob Devitt

      waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, wwwaaaaaaaaaaaa. i don’t like the FREE!!!!!!!!! games waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Justin Carpenter

    I’m really not caring for the ps4 free games. I’m thinking of switching back to ps3

  • Sniper plane

    Plus good ps4

  • Sniper plane

    All bring bring transformation

  • Sniper plane

    Last month terrible sick of it had plus years

    • Solomon Crowe

      nice english, bruh.

  • Sniper plane

    Bring lego game marval Heros great

  • Sniper plane

    Bring lego marval superheroes

  • Sniper plane

    Fuck dishonour shit game no don’t bring plus

  • Ram Ramiro

    Woah Dave! again? now that would be stupid from Sony… I don’t think it’ll be there in the PS4 lineup, let’s just wait and see what happens…