PS4 Leads The Sales For Almost Every EA Title; Peter Moore Gets Trolled Over TitanFall On Twitter

PlayStation 4 not only nearly outsold the Xbox One 2:1 in hardware sales, it was also strong on the software front, according to January NPD.

Electronic Arts have released games on a variety of platforms, among them, PS4 took the lead in term of units sold on the platform for games like Battlefield 4, FIFA 14 and Madden NFL 25.

As can be seen in the chart above, PS4 was the dominant platform for about 5 of the Top 10 best selling titles in January NPD. Among these,  3 of them are published by EA.

PS4 fans were of course excited over this news and this led to a couple of them trolling EA’s Peter Moore on Twitter over making TitanFall an exclusive to the Xbox platform on consoles.

Respawn Entertainment is developing TitanFall, set to launch exclusively on the Xbox 360, Xbox One and for PC. The game is also currently undergoing a “limited” Beta on PC and Xbox One. It will be released on March 11th, 2014 on the PC and Xbox One while Xbox 360 release will arrive a little later on March 25th, 2014.

TitanFall is a big upcoming exclusive in March, especially for the Xbox One. PlayStation 4 will also receive its own exclusive inFamous: Second Son, which Sony thinks will be “good to have” against TitanFall.

Are you looking forward to TitanFall? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Spartanking300x

    I played the beta on my xbox one the game is nothing short of amazing other than the graphics look we all hate Microsoft and their greedy ways but that’s business we shouldn’t be made at respawn or sony or Microsoft, we should all be mad at EA they know they are missing out on massive sales but EA doesn’t like Sony very much anymore and that’s exactly why they made this stupid deal with Microsoft in the first place. This game would be so much better on ps4 the ps4 is simply a more powerful system that’s a fact I hate EA and always have I already can’t stand their so called NHL game. With all that being said I hope titanfall sales fail to live up to expectations simply because I want garbage EA to fail

  • Jamar Moore

    Another troll who wants an exclusive to be multiplat. Either he sucks it and buys the console or plays one of the 100 games the PS4 is getting.

  • GeorgeAlbanis

    Screw Titanfall and EA.

  • Michael Clanton

    its stupid to say a game should be mutl plat for the sake of sells….you could say the same for almost any ps3 exclusive that never went xbox.

    • Hi54Geezus

      There is difference when the exclusives are from first part studios, which were pretty much majority of Sony’s exclusives as opposed to a hardware company purchasing rights from muti platform publishers because they can’t come up with anything worth a damn in their first party department.
      Nonetheless, this game could have been bigger were it sold multi plat because it is freaking awesome.

  • dirkradke

    Talk to me when the PS4 and XB1 have been out a year and then maybe I will become excited of hardware and/or software sales. This is still the honeymoon period and will be for the first 3-4 financial quarters of the launch. It certainly doesn’t hurt to be ahead, but it doesn’t mean as much as it would if it was 2-3 years along.

  • lester perdomo

    i have a feeling ms is going to lock full exsclusivity of this ip …or at least lock it for 2-3 yrs …once they see the demand upon its release.

    business is business.

  • Murda

    So.. some PS$ fanboy idiot is realizing the “biggest new IP this gen” is coming to the system he didn’t purchase. #idiot

    • Kate Briga

      Lol ,.. game is so overhyped ,.. Playing PC beta on max and still looks ugly,.. and Ai is a joke.

  • e-boy83

    InFamous all the way. Another run and gun shooter getting old!

    • lester perdomo

      people are saying the same about infamous …being just another 3rd person beat em up …

      everyone has different opinons

  • Roberto Lopez

    Peter Moore, you sound kind of arrogant right now. This is a missed opportunity to make even more Mula and win over more gamers. You won’t stay #1 if you keep that up.

  • Joseph Lan

    I have the Titanfall beta (on PC), but haven’t installed it yet. The game looks an awful lot like COD with mechs. Maybe my opinion will change once I eventually get around to playing it.


  • Russell Gorall

    He should be a little bit smarter with his remarks back at consumers, he sounds a bit angry and childish.

  • Jessenia Lopez

    Dear Mr Moore you’re doing it wrong, less money more problems

  • Garrison Shields

    Destiny is going to roll Titanfalls sales up and smoke it.

    • Garrison Shields

      Evolve also seems to have better prospects.

      • lester perdomo

        titanfalls 6 month early jump might not be smokeable …

      • smiffsonian

        Really curious to see how that game pans out

  • john

    Titanfall will be a flop! It’s just another COD with no story mode and titans for kill streaks! Lobby full of AI players who are in short; crap and you can kill multiple AI’s without even getting touched! The hype surrounding this game is BEYOND me, I just can’t wait for it to come out so it can flop like all the other ‘so-called’ amazing games! Yeah I’m looking at you Forza and Ryse! Both game are pure ca ca!!

    • Roberto Lopez

      I’ll hold judgement until I play it but it looks cool to me, I definitely don’t think it’ll be a flop tho. Too much demand for new experiences and besides most COD players never even touched the campaign. Ryse was just filler (wasn’t exactly crap but just a nice demo, good to pick up around $30), Forza is addictive but feels unfinished (weather, night/day not implemented), didn’t like the micro transactions at first and the music in the game sucks…but still, it’s a good game IMO.

    • lester perdomo

      such an affirmative remark …..

      as if its doing good or bad effects your life in any way

  • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

    The King is back!

  • klarax

    I got to be honest, but i reckon a ps4 version is being developed as we speak. There are a few million people with ps4’s, so it would stand to make sense, even if it were released next year.

  • Marcus Roue

    Seeing all the multiplatform games with higher resolution & frame rates on the PS4 than the weak XBone, it’s no wonder Sony is doing well.

    Who in their right mind would pay $100 more for a weaker console like the XBone?????

    • klarax

      Agreed, i dont get it either, but there are ppl out there

      Its like here’s a porche for 20k, or you can have a fiesta for 25k 😛

      • nate

        But that fiesta has Microsoft Sync!!!!!!!

    • vo5alive

      Because for the extra $100 you get better exclusives, a much better controller and a vastly superior online service in addition to better media capabilities. Unfortunately, narrow minded sony fanboys are too blind to see it that way.

      • Neil Riley

        Wrong on every level. We are not narrow minded and neither are the droves of 360 owners who have jumped ship. Fact is that M$ developed a jack of all trades, master at none console this time around. Luckly for you, M$ has very very deep pockets and will buy exclusivity which is great for you but not great for gamers in general but M$ don’t care for gamers, just the bottom line.

      • Saurian Dash

        I couldn’t disagree more, and labelling people “fanboys” is nothing but a cop-out argument, it stunts the discussion before it can even begin.

        The Xbox One is not going to make any sort of impression in Japan which is where you need to look if you want truly new game mechanics and experimental game systems in big name titles. Western AAA game development has settled into a habit of “functional standardisation”, the budgets of these games are so huge that the developers will never take any risks with new game mechanics. The Xbox One is absolutely fine if you want western developed, western-centric games which adhere to a very rigid set of accepted norms. If you like that sort of thing that’s fine, but please don’t imply that the exclusives found within this narrow set of games are somehow “better”.

        With the Japanese development community only having to deal with the PS4 as the next-gen platform I feel that we will soon return to the joy of the PS1 and PS2 era where absolute gems could be found week after week, with Japanese developers going nuts with new and experimental game mechanics. I’ll take this option over the western gaming audience’s endless military FPS obsession any day and I’m really looking forward to it.

        • jakdripr

          The hell are you doing? This is the internet!! How dare you bring logic and respect to an internet argument? What’s the world seriously coming to?

          Seriously though, nice to see someone not resorting to name calling and labelling to prove their point. I fully expected this to devolve into your typical console argument after his reply(and neil rileys). I tip my hat to you sir.

      • KeeseToast

        Better exclusives? Maybe, this is your opinion okay, but you can’t talk for everybody. I think Sony exclusives are much better. Better media capabilities? Only in the US but M$ are scumbags to european customers and on PS4 you also have Netflix&Co. Better Controller? Again only your opinion, I liked the Xbox 360 controller much more than the DS3 but I think the new Xbox controller is worse than the 360s except the new analog sticks but I think the Dualshock 4 is perfect not even its now really ergonomic there is the touchpad the build-in speaker and you can plug any headset in and get the full sound throught it. Perfect! Superios online service? Thats true, but I never had any troubles with the PSN and PS+ offers you way better games than Games for Gold especially if you have a PS3,PS4 and the Vita!

      • JasonRoseEh

        When the hell has MS ever had better exclusives than Sony? Sony exclusives are at least 4 to 1 over the XBOX and even out number Nintendo. MS has always been a distant third in the exclusive software race.

      • MARKSMAN716

        Unfortunately, narrow minded Xbot* fanboys are too blind to see it that way. There ya go kid.

      • DNUTS

        if i wanted to watch tv by saying xbox ——. your a stupid Fuch. Jim Jones is looking for new colt members

    • lester perdomo

      people who like playing video games …and dont side with one console purely due to hardware considering mid-budget pc’s run laps around both these consoles.

  • kevin

    Hopefully Peter remembers he needs to do one more thing and that is let MS publish the next Titanfall or see the publishing rights to MS . That would be awesome make it happen Peter / MS.

  • brianc6234

    EA always makes horrible decisions. So moronic for them to even make one exclusive. They’re a third party developer. Act like it. Make all of your games multiplatform EA. I don’t even care about Titanfall but I see no reason for it to only be on the Xbone.

  • otherZinc

    You SONY SuperFans, continue to disregard the Fact that M$ had 300+Thousand Servers to offer Respawn that SONY Doesn’t have, & Respawn couldn’t afford; being such a small team.

    Also, January & February sales are going to disappear with the March numbers. As The XBOX ONE has a system seller in TitanFall, while the PS4 has None.

    • Flare Demon

      Infamous Second Son says hi.

    • bigevilworldwide

      Oh jesus when are you morons going to get off that stupid 300k servers? THEY DO NOT HAVE 300,000 SERVERS….That is FOR ALL Microsoft products, most of those servers are also probably virtual servers which are not as good….Face it Xbot the cloud is NOTHING….It was NEVER going to do anything to games graphically, Azure is NOT I repeat NOT designed to function in anyway with the GPU, And so far has done NOTHING for any of your 720p games

    • Mikeherp Derp


    • Neil Riley

      Those servers are virtual servers!! I.e. perhaps a hundred or more on one large server.

  • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

    Funny, because ps4 owners all say it is just 6v6 with bots and that they wouldn’t buy it … now, they are upset? Which is it guys?

    • bigevilworldwide

      You forgot that it’s probably 720p and that there are ONLY 3 mechs PER MATCH….3 not 1 per person 3 for the entire team of 6….So yeah your right the more information that gets released about that NO campaign Online only, 6v6 w 48 bots, only 3 mechs per match yeah people are getting turned off….Not everyone loves the taste of Microrjizz, and while others maybe interested there is a legitimate group of PS4 owners who were going to buy it for PC and are losing interest

      • Mikeherp Derp

        Doesn’t the PC version allow everyone to have as many mechs as they can spawn + more AI? lol

      • Alfray Allton

        Each player has their OWN Titan so that is 12 Titans on the field at any one time, each player also has an UNLIMITED number of Titans in any one match, it just depends on how fast a player can get the timer down. Get your facts right first.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Different people have different opinions.

      It’s a hard concept to grasp but you’ll get there.

  • dapaintrain

    My gaming rig is capable of playing titanfall very comfortably but still it just looks boring ill pass unless all the reviews claim its amazing and a must play then maybe ill change my mind but we have to remember that this is the same creater that said recycling maps from cod 4 to mw2 was a good idea

  • datdude

    Titanfalls chances of being 2014’s biggest new ip are about as likely as the ouya being the top selling hardware of 2014. I don’t think it would have stood a chance even if it launched on Sony’s systems also. It’s multiplayer only, and that eliminates a significant number of gamers who have little to no interest in a multiplayer only title, myself included.

    • Dakan45

      From the looks of the beta, Titanfall is a really fun game. However, a lot of people are blowing the hype out of proportion. Some even claimed that it will be the game of the generation, which is a ludicrous conclusion. PS4 gamers aren’t really going to miss Titanfall that much considering that the platform is getting a plethora of diverse games this year.

  • luvthesnapper

    oh c’mon. do you like less money, rather than more? this is business. money is all that matters here. number one or not, a half million preorders would have been a cakewalk for tf on the ps4. that community is a rabid, game buying disease, that can’t be stopped. i mean that in the most positive way, of course.

    • kevin

      So that’s why most Sony exclusive barley break the million units sold ,cause it sure don’t like that community is a rabid game buying entity. Remember numbers don’t lie.

      • Gamez Rule

        “”So that’s why most Sony exclusive barley break the 3.5 million units sold””

        What’s the highest selling exclusive game series on the MS consoles? ( Maybe Halo? Oh and that’s on PC too )

        Does it beat Sony’s exclusive Gran Turismo game series of over 70 million? ( Nope, thought not )

        So Sony still holds the highest exclusive game sales ( Out the two ) while Nintendo out does them both. In your own words ( Remember numbers don’t lie )☺

  • SaintBlitz

    Too bad, it wasn’t EA decision to offer Titanfall on just XBox. It was actually respawns, go back to E3 when they announced the damn thing and Zampella even stated “Sony couldn’t offer us the tools we needed, and Microsoft stepped up…” Try to troll a little hard.

    • datdude

      Sure. That must be why Zampella was crestfallen and upset when the xbone exclusivity announcement was made and he hadn’t even been informed of the decision. That guy understands full well EA made a shortsighted decision that will affect that franchise’s future success for short term monetary gain. Anyway you try to slice it, you lose with that formula. By the time Titanfall 2 is ready, gamers will have long since moved on to other franchises, many of them by Sony’s unrivaled first party devs. Respawn had an opportunity to build some mindshare on Sony’s system, but EA destroyed that for them. Now, Titanfall will always be seen similar to Mass Effect by Sony gamers, who didn’t buy the ME franchise in anywhere near the similar numbers that it sold on the 360 because they weren’t included in it’s origin. Granted, Titanfall is multiplayer only and ME had a story to consider, but that doesn’t help Titanfall because there is a sizeable segment of the gaming community that would never be interested in a multiplayer only affair to begin with. EA cut Respawn’s hands off with this new franchise.

    • Reason

      More like “Microsoft is paying me to say Sony couldn’t offer us the tools.”

  • postedup0

    “Hard to be better than #1…” Destiny says hello. It’ll reach a much wider audience (more platforms), far more ambitious, it’s being created by veteran AAA developers, and backed by a huge publisher. Even Watch Dogs will be a bigger new IP. Must of cost MS a shit ton of money to keep this game off PS3/PS4. I got feeling they’ll still need to drop kinect to keep up with ps4. Their biggest game having no kinect support is more than enough proof…

    • jakdripr

      Can someone explain the hype behind destiny? I really don’t get it. I want to be excited for the game but I get a HEAVY feeling of deja vu. It looks very fallout 3 meets borderlands, and while that’s far from a bad thing it seems very boring to me. Maybe I’ve been watching the wrong gameplay videos though.

      Watch dogs on the other hand, that I am excited for.

      • PS4Fever .

        can u explain the hype for titanfall, i’m not convinced.

        • KeeseToast

          I think Titanfall sounds like a fun multiplayer title, but 60$? Imo not worth it for multiplayer only. There are other games offering a good MP too.

        • jakdripr

          I fail to see why you’re asking me this, I never said I was hype for titanfall, other than the fact that I was inquiring about the excitement behind destiny there’s nothing in my original post to even imply I was hype for titanfall.

        • heyimjustsayinthough

          I played the beta this morning and it was very fun. I was playing the game with low expectations and hating it from the beginning. I wasn’t ready to play a game that ex-cod developers created, thats pretty much it.

          Pros: To my surprise it didn’t feel like i was playing cod, didn’t control like cod, mechanics were different, animations felt much more fluid, i was pleased. It was easy to pick up and play, the titans were easy to maneuver and easy to take down. They were not OP in anyway to reason i say this is because every soldier has Invisibility, Incredible agility, and Lots of cover.

          Cons: I feel like the graphics could’ve been a lot better, A LOT, beta or not. It was lacking. The price point is absurd imo, for only multiplayer it should be at most $40-50. The bots are in a way a very smart and easy way to keep game play smooth, fast paced, and exciting. However it gives the player (veteran shooters) literally no challenge, they either need to be more aggressive or taken out of the game. The Evac need to be more resistant to damage, they’re blown up too easily.

          Ill pass on this game though. I’m not going back to a microsoft console, they screwed up, they know it, and sadly not doing anything about it.

      • KeeseToast

        I was excited for Watch_Dogs too, but now I have the feeling its only becoming a mediocre GTA-clone with a nice gimmick.
        We havent seen much from Destiny now, but come on it’s Bungie!!

        • jakdripr

          I do worry it won’t be able to deliver on everything promised, but ubisoft have a nice track record so ill give em the benefit of the doubt. Plus everything I have seen looks exquisite so far.

          Yeah I guess, they haven’t shown much of the vehicle customization and such so maybe when it’s all said and done it’ll be more than another FPS, but atm I’m not feeling it unfortunately. I’ll go rewatch some videos again, maybe I wasn’t in the right frame of mind when I watched the gameplay.

      • Russell Gorall

        It is made by Bungie, and has a ton of money and talent backing it. There is a ten minute demo from last E3, check that out.

        It isn’t going to try and reinvent the wheel, like some riskier games as new IP’s, but it looks pretty damn sharp.

  • Catoracks

    This was too good.

  • Sunnycyde

    If ps4 fans weren’t worried about titanfall or xbox one they wouldn’t have to keep trying to troll Microsoft to try and prove themselves. By them acting so mad and defensive and always trying to put xbox one down, it actually shows how worried they are about the xbox one and how insecure they are about the ps4 and it’s exclusives.

    Let them try to troll, it just proves the point lol. I own both consoles now and couldn’t be happier. It’s too funny watching ps fanboys get so antsy about their console that they supposedly believe so much in haha so much that search out every xbox one article and try to knock it, yep that’s faith in the ps4 alright hehe.

    • datdude

      PS4’s roster of acclaimed developers making goty contenders year in year out think you’re extremely confused, and more than a little bit sad.

    • brianc6234

      You sound like an Xbot.

    • Marcus Roue

      That’s if people really cared about TitanFall. We’re talking about a game that’s not much different from other FPS’. For fcuk’s sake it’s using the same source engine from the CoD series!!!

      No one is jealous of that here. Especially when TitanFall is running on 720p on the XBone. Talk about weak!

    • bigevilworldwide

      Prove themselves with what? The PS4 outsold the Xbox one 2:1 in January even with extremely limited supply….Which come the Japan launch will easily sell 1-3 million more in 24hrs….Sony also has the BEST exclusives, the BEST first party developers….MS hasn’t even won a GOTY award since Halo 3….Besides the FACT that PS4 has been proven to be more powerful by quite a bit now…Yep so much to prove, but you enjoy your 1080p Kinect sports and severely downgraded 1080p Forza, 720p couldn’t even manage to run tomb raider at 1080p

    • Mikeherp Derp

      You don’t own both consoles and your butthurt delusional textwalls are a testament to your stupidity and mental illness.


    No Titanfall. But yes to InFamous!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tim

      The sales numbers for the PS4 worldwide so far are absolutely incredible, with Japan yet to launch. Titanfall looks fantastic, but I would not swap it for Naughty Dog’s, Media Molecules’s or Santa Monica’s next game.

    • BobFour

      if it aint on ps i dont even look at it plenty of gungames to be had also division and othes i will be looking into.