PS4 Sales Fall Below PS3, Close To Wii U In Japan, As The Overall Hardware Sales Face Decline

Famitsu has released the weekly sales figures for last week in Japan and according to sales figures, the hardware sales continue to decline, resulting in some shockingly low figures for the PS3, PS4 and Wii U.

The PlayStation 4 launched on February 22nd in Japan. Sadly, despite a solid launch, it hasn’t fared well in term of its hardware sales. According to Famitsu, the struggling console sold a grand total of 6,887 units compared to 7,060 for PS3 and 6,836 for the Wii U. This is a shockingly low number for PS4. For the record, it took PS3 about 101 weeks to fall to this level of sales.


You can take a look at the full hardware chart below, courtesy of Famitsu.

1. Nintendo 3DS LL – 20,619
2. PS Vita – 12,844
3. PS3 – 7,060
4. PS4 – 6,887
5. Wii U – 6,836
6. Nintendo 3DS – 4,821
7. PSP – 1,320
8. PS Vita TV – 855
9. Xbox 360 – 132

The PS4 continues to create new sales record in the rest of the world but its declining popularity in Japan is unexpected, since Japan was one of the key territory for for the previous PlayStation platforms, including the PSP and Vita.

The lack of hardware sales can be attributed to the lack of software, which is pretty lackluster for the PS4 in term of games focused at Japanese audience. The PS3 went through similar software drought but still managed to hold well, particularly due to the promise of a much more interesting lineup in the future. Hopefully Sony can announce new games aimed at the Japanese market for this year, which can perhaps help the console sell a respectable number.

What do you think about the sales of PS4 in Japan. Let us know in the comments below.

  • NinoBr0wn

    Japan being Japan. I don’t think they even know what they want anymore.

  • Andrew

    It will be interesting if the declining sales number is a result of limited supply. As the rest of the world is facing shortages, Sony is shipping a lot of its PS4 consoles to the US and Europe.

  • Paul Garrison

    There aren’t any games that are tailored to the Japanese consumer.

    • Satori Satya

      The PS3 had that.

      And yet it sold but a fraction of what the PS2 sold in terms of hardware of software in Japan.

      Let’s face the facts. The market in Japan has effectively moved away from consoles since last gen.

      Its mobiles and handhelds now.

      Case in point: The 3DS sold more in 2 years than what the PS3 sold in 7. The PS3 barely has ONE game that ever sold 1 million units in Japan. While the 3DS had several million selling games during its first fiscal year.

      People need to keep their expectations in check when it comes to the PS4. It won’t “save” the Japanese console market. Even with games that target Japanese gamers (remember, the PS3 had those and the market STILL moved away from consoles).

      The PS4 will dominate the console scene in Japan, though. But that’s like saying that Star Wars Episode III is the least terrible of the prequels. Not much to brag about.

  • Guest

    It’s known as $0N¥ PauperStation Foul in Japan (and gradually everywhere else), that’s why.

  • plcn

    more vitas sold than ps4s. what is this place, the twilight zone?

  • wampdog29

    What…no “Sony is doomed” info????

    • ps4lol

      Probably because everyone knows Xbox One is going to be selling like this “9. Xbox 360 – 132”.

  • stealth20k

    Wii U should outsell it due to Mario Kart soon. I never thought Wii U would outsell PS4 in any region

    • No doubt about this now. But the bigger question is, how long will the Wii U maintain its sales after Mario Kart 8 release? If it can’t, it will fall below the PS4 sales again.

  • heavenshitman1

    3DS seems to be dominating there, though everyone still declares it a dying product for Nintendo..

  • extermin8or2

    Not being funny but no console on that list is selling loads atm…

    • Pretty much. That’s the depressing situation of the dedicated gaming market in Japan.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        all thanks to that stupid tax hike the Prime Minister decided was somehow necessary.

  • JimmyNice

    They’ve sold well over half a million units in 3 months. How long did it take PS3 to reach that level in Japan? How is 1 week, where there can be any anomaly be an accurate representation of overall sales. VGchartz shows every week since launch at well over 10K in sales. Feels like this article is more about trying to find a chink in the armor of the fastest selling console in history then to report actual news.

    • Like mentioned, it took the PS3 about 101 weeks before it started to sell as low as the PS4. How is that not alarming? The PS4 is much more cheaper than the PS3, which was expensive, and yet it is still struggling.

      • ps4lol

        Dat Vita though.

      • 101 weeks before its WEEKLY sales dipped this low, though. It might not be all doom and gloom. Although it is disturbing for a PS console to dip this low in weekly sales, lifetime to date is still pretty solid over in the Japanese market. I have a feeling it’ll rebound in the coming months. Japan is one place where hardware sales get a massive boost when a big software release occurs. “System sellers” aren’t really as big elsewhere in the world any more.

        • Yeh, but which upcoming software will do this for the PS4?

          • No clue…FFXV for sure but other than that, idunno. There will be SOMETHING though. I don’t follow Japanese releases anymore, like I used to. And anyways, they buy some weird shit in droves. :p Well…not so much weird as…different. Things I wouldn’t buy, personally.

          • Yes, FF XV will be the game for this task but it isn’t out until late 2015 at the earliest IMO.

          • dave

            Think there are some big Japanese PS4 exclusives in the pipework – expect this give the PS4 some big boosts in Japan. Expect PS4 to sell a few million in Japan over its lifetime.

            Feel sorry for Japanese gamers as all they seem to play is crappy shovelware mobile games on IOS and Android, really really sad for a once gaming giant of a country.

      • Jordan

        You too need to realized that as of late there isnt much games for Japanese users on PS4. Most games on the horizon for the system be it past few weeks to the next few weeks has nothing much to offer for the Japanese players. Or at least not to their cup of tea in terms of “general gamers” there. That is the only reason why the sales can drop to such number there while still doing well in every other region. A good system still need good software to support it is all it shows here so nothing to get paranoid over. Things will get better when actual games for them pops up.

      • neko working

        alarming ? no, PS4 just doing some warm ups, until Sony releasing Japan centric title like Deep Down, it won’t magically fly off the shelf.