PS4 ‘Share’ Feature Still Remains Broken Despite Latest Update; Here’s A Temporary Fix

PS4 received a new firmware update lately, which didn’t add much except contributing to ‘System Stability’. Sadly, this stability fix has still not fully resolved the issue with ‘Share’ button, which remains broken for some users to-date.

The ‘Share’ function received a major update with the introduction of 1.70 firmware update. It has now allowed us to record a specific time limit, and also gives us choice of saving the screenshot only, or the video. We can do this by opening the share menu during gameplay, and we will be given the choice of either saving the recorded video or just saving the screenshot. Previously, it saved both screenshot and video with the press of a single button, which could cause issues when we just wanted to share a single screenshot or upload a video. Sadly, this also broke the share function for some people.


The issue is that in some games, for example Watch Dogs, the video recording never starts by default. Thankfully, there is a workaround to it, which might not be the best solution but it ensures that the video is recorded. It requires the user to press the share button atleast one time to make sure the video recording is taking place. If you don’t see a “save video” option the first time you open the share menu, it will be definitely there the second time you open it. Alternatively, you can use the default video recording option to manually start recording video by double pressing the share button (unless you changed it). The video will stop recording once it passes the time limit set for it, which by default is 15 mins. You can also manually stop the recording by opening the share menu and then selecting “save video”.

This issue is only for video recording, screenshots still work as needed. So if you want to make sure that PS4 is recording the video, open the share menu atleast one time to ensure that the “save video” option is there. If it isn’t, it should be there the second time you open the menu and you can proceed to play the game while it is recorded automatically. If you take a screenshot or go back to XMB, chances are that it can get glitched again so you have to repeat this process to make sure the video recording is still working for you.

Have you encountered any issues with the share button? Got any solutions? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Jack

    Im having the issue where uploading a clip, which is a 2 mins max, it uploads to facebook fine but when it’s a 9 or 15 min clip the upload bar goes up but all of a sudden it can’t upload. It gives me an error, try again, nothing. But when I trim it for what i said before to a 2min clip. That works…so im left with saying what hell.

  • MoeGunz


    I had deleted some games off of my HDD (deleted apps they call it). However, I still had captures from those games. Every time I try to hit the share button to record my last 15 mins of gameplay it wouldn’t work. When I deleted the captures of games I didn’t have installed on my HDD anymore, it started working again perfectly.

  • Travis Morton

    Share button for watch dogs is definitely broken. I’ve missed several awesome moments because it didn’t start recording by default and sometimes even bringing the menu up first won’t fix it either. I had some moments on infamous where it worked the first few times then later on after playing it a while it glitched and stopped recording without manually doing it.

  • Alexander

    I make alot of clips using SHAREfactory and the recording feature on PS4, which seems to work fine for me, I hold the share button then press square to capture footage. To be honestly, I’m more then happy with it.

  • H Karlsson

    I do the work around with double pressing Share button (while in-game or right before a match/we).
    And that works just as advertised.
    Although its a feature that´ll need a lot of work from Sonys end.