PS4 SHAREfactory Latest Update Is Now Live, Here’s What Has Been Added

SHAREfactory is an application for the PS4 that allows us to edit our recorded game videos and just make them way more cooler. It was released along with 1.70 firmware update, and its latest update has just gone live.

The developer of SHAREfactory earlier shared the changelog with us, which detailed the additions and fixes to it. He also said that it will be released soon, and seems like it is out now.

Included in this latest update is plenty of new stuff, as can be read in the changelog below.


You can also take a look at all the latest additions and new features to the SHAREfactory.

share-factory-update-3 share-factory-update-2 share-factory-update-1

These new additions make SHAREfactory even better. The addition of football theme is particularly good for the footballs fans, especially those who love to share their FIFA videos with their friends.

Have you updated to this latest update. Do you like the new additions to SHAREfactory? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Benjamin

    Cool. Shame that my share function STILL doesn’t capture properly.

    • Kasual7

      It does that for ALL of US.

      • Benjamin

        No it doesn’t. Some people have no problems with it at all.

        • H Karlsson

          Exactly, but some people doesn´t realize that.
          +1 for pointing it out man =)

    • DarthDiggler

      If you having issues a work around is, make sure you hit your share button before you want to share a video. For some reason sometimes it isn’t recording in the background, hitting the share button will insure it is.

      • Benjamin

        Indeed, except that’s extremely impractical. For example, one have to record hours of Battlefield footage just in case they do something worthy of capture. Then trawl through that footage to find it.

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