PS4 System Software 2.55 is now Live

A new system software update for the PS4 (version 2.55) has gone live, and is available for download. The update is mandatory, and needs to be installed in order to continue using PSN and its services.

As this is a minor update, it doesn’t come with a long list of features for the console’s operating system. Instead, the new system software brings better stability during the use of some features.

The official change log can be seen below.


Frequent stability updates have become the norm with the Playstation 4. System software version 3.00 is likely to be the feature-rich firmware update that players are usually looking forward to.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted in case any subtle additions to the operating system have been rolled out with this update. Until then, let us know what new features you’d like to see with the next big PS4 firmware update in the comments below.

  • Matt Rundle

    need an update to remove the need for PSN for the Internet browser it’s ridiculous that we need PSN just to use the browser they didn’t do this with PS3 so why should the PS4 be any different unless of course this is Sony’s way of forcing people to make PSN accounts which i’m pretty sure that every person that buys a PS4, that connects it to the Internet will make a PSN account anyway but the browser has nothing to do with PSN and there is no excuse as to why it’s required.

    2 years we’ve been waiting for this + the time they had making the PS4 they could have done it then, this is not acceptable!

  • Devin King

    I would like to address I have to delete games because I have no space its rediculess that y’all can’t make 1tb ps4 I have been playing games on the PS since the first PS now games are bigger and we have bairly any space

    • Matt Terrell

      There is a 1 tb coming out..or just buy a new hard drive for less then $100

  • Devin King

    Better video editing software and on and off voice command.

  • Mosiah Don

    Play audio cd’s

  • Mosiah Don

    Customized background

  • Darrell White

    Play and download audio cd’s????

  • Roy Kinnoo

    i want support to my beats powerbeats 2 wireless and video calls, is it too much asking??

  • enrique

    I would like to change the color of the light in the remite That could be really cool!;-)

    • Uncle Willie