PvZ: Garden Warfare 2 PS4 vs. XBO Beta Image Comparison: PS4 Leads In Resolution, Textures & Shadows

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 was developed in Frostbite Engine 3. This engine also powers EA DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield series so it is interesting to see how the performance differs in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 for PS4 and Xbox One.

The original game ran at 900p resolution on Xbox One and 1080p on the PS4. Both version of the game were running at solid 60 fps, which is great for a multiplayer shooter. The sequel seems to follow this trend as well with the same resolution and frame rate for both platforms.

For this comparison, we have taken direct-feed screenshots in uncompressed PNG format. You can click on each screenshot to open them in full resolution, or you can check out the slider comparison to see the difference between both versions of the game.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 looks fairly crisp on PS4 due to its native 1080p resolution, while the Xbox One version appears a little blurry when compared next to PS4. Both versions of the game however look equally as good.

[twentytwenty]garden-warfare-2-ps4-vs-xbox-one-comparison (5) garden-warfare-2-ps4-vs-xbox-one-comparison (5-2)[/twentytwenty]

[twentytwenty]garden-warfare-2-ps4-vs-xbox-one-comparison (11) garden-warfare-2-ps4-vs-xbox-one-comparison (11-2)[/twentytwenty]

In addition to the rendering resolution, the shadows render at more distance on the PS4 compared to the Xbox One. This difference is pretty clear in the comparison below. Notice how the car and the house have more detailed shadows on PS4 here.

[twentytwenty]garden-warfare-2-ps4-vs-xbox-one-comparison (15) garden-warfare-2-ps4-vs-xbox-one-comparison (15-2)[/twentytwenty]

[twentytwenty]garden-warfare-2-ps4-vs-xbox-one-comparison (8) garden-warfare-2-ps4-vs-xbox-one-comparison (8-2)[/twentytwenty]

As for the texture quality, there appears to be some lower quality textures being utilized for some of the vehicles on Xbox One, which might be a bug considering it doesn’t appear to be in effect in all the comparisons. Hopefully this is fixed in the final version of the game.

[twentytwenty]garden-warfare-2-ps4-vs-xbox-one-comparison (1) garden-warfare-2-ps4-vs-xbox-one-comparison (1-2)[/twentytwenty]

[twentytwenty]garden-warfare-2-ps4-vs-xbox-one-comparison (19) garden-warfare-2-ps4-vs-xbox-one-comparison (19-2)[/twentytwenty]

You can see more comparisons in the screenshots below.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 might have a cartoonish art style but it also sports some neat graphical effects and features. The game also has some pop-in that we can see during some of the cutscenes for both platforms. This pop-in is a lot more aggressive on the Xbox One compared to the PS4, atleast from what we have seen so far.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is set to launch next month on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. It is currently undergoing a closed beta on the PS4 and Xbox One which was used as a basis for this comparison. Since the game is very close to release, there shouldn’t be any major difference in term of graphics from the closed beta to the final game.

Let us know what you think about this comparison in the comments below.

  • Justin Bates

    Funny how the PS4 usually gets a higher score over XBO in resolution, framerate, etc… and it may indeed technically be better…. but generally it’s so minimal that you would never really notice it anyway. That’s why I just roll my eyes when PS4 fanboys start going on about their system being more powerful…. there is almost never any real noticeable difference.

  • junzo muto

    Still better on XB1 since PSN is garbage and gets hacked and goes down every other day.

  • TJ

    wasn’t blurry on my Xbox lol

  • VOR

    PS4 clearly superior

  • DLConspiracy//

    60 FPS or GTFO. Don’t care about anything else. I could barely focus with everything going on in the game as it was. Certainly not gonna care while playing. Frames however…

    • xjumper

      Play on PC then… fucking kids with their annoying 60fps

      • DLConspiracy//

        What? It’s 60fps on both those consoles. I was just saying it should stay that way. Let me guess you don’t like more frames? Why?

  • omarcominyo

    The beta is shit, there’s nothing to do!!

  • omarcominyo

    How can you say they look equally as good just after stating one is more blurry than the other?

  • wilMaster04

    looks the same to me


      Seriously need to get the specs checked…..

      • ralph richardson

        Looks the same to me as well and love good graphics (I’m running a gx 980sc in my PC)

        • John Ramone

          ….xaxaaaxaxxa….there is no beta on PC….you little liar…

          • ralph richardson

            I should have explained myself better. I downloaded the game on xbox (or it could have been the p4, we have both. However I haven’t played it, nor have my kids). When I mentioned the PC, I only meant to say that looking at the pictures, the game looks the same to me and I’m a big fan of graphics.

          • J.j. Barrington

            Not that big a fan of graphics, then.

          • ralph richardson

            Surely you must be joking. In the pictures above, the main difference between the two is that some pics are darker. This is coming from someone who took the time to run 2 r9 280s’s in crossfire just to get a higher frame rate in BF4 (I have a 144hz monitor). I eventually upgraded to a gtx 980 so that I can either run it in SLI or eventually upgrade to the 980ti. Without question. Ultra on PC blows away the same game on a console, but there have been a few games (such as God of war remastered on the PS4) that really look great. The main problem is nowadays, games cost so much money to make, that developers don’t take advantage of powerful GPUs since they want the game to come out on the game systems as well. Having grown up with the NES, its still amazing to see from where games like Mario started to how great they look today. I make a point to show my son originals on many games from the 80s.

  • atomicjuicer

    Which controller is faster? Ive a PS4 and an X1 but sometimes X1 controller seems more responsive…

    • William Orlando Figueroa

      For me, it was fine when I was using the DS4. Maybe it’s just me but eh.

      The game looks great though. Can’t wait for the release. Though I’m a bit worried since it’s published by EA.

      • for me, its pretty similar to GW1’s, expect the sensitivities is slightly increased by default.

    • John Ramone

      ….tested on PC and PS4 DS4 responses faster and It has best dead zone I ever had on a controller.


        So there is some good support for the ds4 on PC?


    Surprise…..surprise!! I think playing on my PC while pushing 4K DSR and 200+ FPS is where I’ll stay. Played part one on the PC for a bit and hitting the 200fps cap in game is truly an experience to be seen and felt…

    • Barry Harden

      You have to be an idiot to spend money on a gaming PC. It’s a constant money pit that never ends.


        Good to hear your opinion. And people who even talk about “how much money” a computer costs probably shouldn’t have one anyways.

        Some people have things called “hobbies” and most fun and or intricate hobbies (usually) cost some money. It is a good sense of pride to know that you have built something as intricate and that no one person in the world (without knowing exact specifics) can reproduce.

        Regardless I am so glad that the only thing taken from my comment was about money.

        • Barry Harden

          The end result of that hobby is gaming. Gamers can get the same end result through console. It’s only those that want to throw money at the extreme end of things to feel they’ve gotten something extra.

          It’s analogous to those who want to pay for a Lamborghini Aventador even though they would still get to point B like everyone else with a VW Jetta.

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            It’s more or less like that, but not really……. For people who want something now instead of waiting for it to be mainstream years down the road….things usually cost more money… Has nothing to do with a “feeling” of something extra….it is called getting what you’ve paid for….and that is exactly what consoles are getting what you paid for. Not like the early adopters who just got HOSED buying into shite like the xbone to only have it slashed in price and capabilities. But it is just about the money and buying that Lambo…..

            It’s called “early adoption…..” And there is usually a hefty premium for ones who want said things before they are usually available at a mainstream level.

          • Barry Harden

            Not sure about that when major releases of games come to both platforms. Then there are some releases that come out first on consoles.

            The REAL problem is the money you have to put in. At 3x the cost of a console the initial gaming PC purchase will last you for about 2 years. Then you have to pour money into upgrading the video card. Another 2 years later it’ll be the CPU & MB. Cycle repeats again in 2 more years for another GPU.

            Add in the headaches of system maintenance and game settings. Then dealing with the HUGE amount of hacker tools and cheats that plague PC multiplayer games.

            It’s just a big money headache to game on PC. I’m glad it’s become a niche.

      • ralph richardson

        I wouldn’t call it a waste since you can do way more with it than a console. I have PC’s and all three next generation game systems, and honestly I mainly play on the PC and my kids the consoles. While it is true you can easily upgrade the PC every 6th months or so, if you build something powerful, it will last awhile easily. Its the people paying top dollar for a premade computer that have to constantly upgrade if they don’t spend a decent amount in the beginning. (You know, those people who buy $400 PC’s and think they will be able to max out games like Battlefield 4…….)

        • Barry Harden

          You can do plenty of productive work on a $500 PC. Of course I don’t expect a PC gamer would be satisfied with that. What a terrible argument.
          Spending over $1000 just to get a decent PC gaming rig is ridiculous. Even if you build it to last you’re likely have to upgrade in the next two years to keep up with new game releases.

    • omarcominyo

      Do u think people care as much as you do how much money you might have?


        Is that what my comment was about…..?!

        • omarcominyo

          Err…Yes, why else would you tell everyone that in a console article?

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            Err okay…?

    • Hailey

      Well, what do ya know? Another PC fanboy chiming in about how much better his PC is vs consoles…when the article was strictly PS4 vs Xbox One. SMH


        I’m just pointing out that the idea of performance is king if playing any game online. The idea that these companies both lied to us as they did with last gen and their failed 1080p performance promises.

        I have a ps4 and will most likely only purchase exclusives from here on out because multi-plats I will enjoy on a better and more diverse playing field. Most games I play on there anyways are due to my PS Plus and or promotions.

        Maybe I’ll buy an Xbone one of these days……if microlo$t ever delivers on their promises of the clouds wonders.

    • Spencer

      What hardware is giving you 200+ FPS at 4K? Even for a relatively undemanding game like this that seems unlikely


        Mainly referring to PvZGW the first one. It’s amazing to actually play it like that….it truly is.

        • Spencer

          I bet it is! I’m just wondering what kind of GPU hardware is going to give 200fps at 4K on anything

          • ralph richardson

            As of now, there’s nothing that would do that, though Nvidia just made a GPU setup for scientific computing that would easily be able to achieve that if you’re willing to spend over 50K for it………….

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            It’s possible with Quad TITANs in PvZ GW….

          • Spencer

            Quad Titan X’s? Not really interested in a rig that costs over $5000 lol

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            Just original TITAN’s. Bought day one years ago though.

            What most people need to realize is that to be an early adopter of anything one is going to pay a premium. I remember putting two 120gb SSD’s in raid 0 (that wasn’t even supported by the OS properly at the time) and those drives were over $500 a piece.

            It’s obvious things cost money, but they do not always have to be astronomical if one stays within their limits.

    • John Ramone

      …what did you play 200 fps….do you remember???Maybe your pacman???Because there is no beta release on PC….you are a LIAR….

      • ralph richardson

        I wouldn’t say High/Ultra compared to the PC in many games. I’m running a High in GPU in my computer and I can honestly say while the games on PS4/XBOX don’t look Ultra or High, they do look good. Maybe I’d see a improvement if I was running the consoles with my gaming monitor instead of my 1080p tv bought back in 2011.


        Right on….., but I’m still always going to point out the lies that both companies have built their entire infrastructure upon.

        I purchased my PS4 day one. Have I been happy with it….of course, but have I been upset with it……of course. If you can honestly say that there is nothing wrong with next gen then I guess you the one in 30+ million that have it perfect.

        I wanted exactly what they did not deliver on last gen……even though they lied, but got had again this go around. I do not agree with the online part of what you have said. Way more capabilities on PC than any console with dedicated servers and much faster everything in general on PC.