Remedy: No High Quality Download For Quantum Break Gameplay Teaser; Music Done By Alan Wake Composer

If you were hoping for a higher quality version of the recently released gameplay teaser of Quantum Break, you shouldn’t. Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that they won’t be releasing a high quality version of the gameplay teaser. The reason given was because of the size of the video file, which is close to 3 GB. This was confirmed by Remedy Entertainment’s Community Manager.

I’d say that Vimeo is less uncompressed, too. The original file is nearly 3 gigabytes, so it probably won’t be released as a download.

If you are curious about the music in Quantum Break gameplay teaser, it is done by Petri Alanko, who also composed the music for Alan Wake.

Music for the #QuantumBreak gameplay teaser was done by the music mastermind @Peppepappa. You’re never quite sure what he used as samples…

Quantum Break is an upcoming third person shooter from Remedy Entertainment, the developers of the original Max Payne and Alan Wake. The game employs a unique mechanic of controlling time, and will also have a live action TV show based on the game. The story will be in an episodic format just like with Alan Wake.

It was recently confirmed that the game is now delayed to 2015. It won’t have any presence at this E3 either, but new details and gameplay showcase is confirmed for Gamescom this year.

  • Bobby Griffin

    The best next gen game ever.

    • LGK

      We’ll see when it’s out.

    • Guest

      Biggest assumption ever! How do you know, we’ve barely even seen what the game looks like. And why no higher quality video? its cuz they dont want you to know its not the X1 version yet.

      • Bobby Griffin

        I know because it’s a great company that’s thinks outside the box unlike most gaming developers who kick out sequels every year.