Quantum Break Will Have “Large Scale Destruction Events” And Dynamic Time Of Day For Some Levels

Quantum Break is an upcoming Xbox One exclusive from Remedy Entertainment. It is a unique third person shooter with time altering mechanics and a live action show is also tied to the game’s story. Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment recently gave a presentation on the multi-scale global illumination that they have developed for Quantum Break at SIGGRAPH 2015.

Remedy Entertainment began the presentation by giving an insight on the game and its engine. We learn that Quantum Break is being developed on a custom in-house engine which utilizes a physically based deferred renderer. Since the game’s concept revolves around time travel in present day, they wanted to have many clean, high-tech environments. This prompted them to look into adding specular reflections and volume lighting that is affected by global illumination.

As explained by Remedy Entertainment, the primary goal with this system was that they wanted consistency across the lighting.

We wanted to have the environments, dynamic objects, particles and volumetric lights all blend in together seamlessly.

Their second constraint with the system was that they wanted to support “large scale destruction events” and “dynamic time of day,” although the latter was only limited to some levels. Since the development team was small and wanted minimal artistic work, they required a fully automatic system for this process.

The solution to this all was multi-scale Global Illumination that they developed for Quantum Break. If you want to get a detailed look at the process, you can check out their technical presentation from here.

Some of their excellent work can be seen in the screenshots below.

Quantum Break is currently set for a release in April 2016 on the Xbox One.

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  • avi

    game’s coming along really well.

  • andy

    Looks amazing. Will probably pick it up on Steam in a couple of years for 2 quid like I did with Alan Wake.

  • JerkDaNERD7

    Just the beginning, innovation abound in next-gen games!

  • mark_parch

    absolutly amazing, can’t wait to play this

  • You Are Flat Out Jelly

    The realtime GI in QB puts baked GI in the Order to the hall of shame. 1.8TF my anus.

    Breathtaking QB FTW

    • andy

      But in Forza 6 baked effects are a-okay and makes it the most stunning looking cartoon racer yet though right?

      • SHEEKEN6969

        You must be blind fool! You need glasses. Forza 6 looks better than any racing game thus released. And the same can be said about Quantum Break, this game looks phenomenal and it gives the new Unsharted a run for its money.



      The PC hater guy who was raped by sony’s employee… Hilarious!!

      Now it changed his old profile “You Are Flat Out Wrong” to “You Flat Out Jelly” to anyone recognize their identity… LOL

      PS: He loves The Order graphics that are better and more photorealistic than his lovely games on PC!!!