Quantum Break Windows 10 Store Page Is Live With Price, Smaller Download Size Than Xbox One

Quantum Break’s Windows 10 page is live on the store and the game is also listed with a placeholder price. In addition to the price of the game, the install size is also listed and it appears to be smaller than the Xbox One version.

Quantum Break is currently available for pre-order and pre-load on the Xbox One. The game requires around 44 GB of data to be downloaded for the pre-load on the Xbox One while the Windows 10 store lists the install size as just 36.18 GB.


In addition to the install size, the store listing also confirms multiple languages including English, Français, Deutsch, Español, Italiano and more.

Quantum Break will have the following features for the Windows 10 version.

  • XBOX LIVE: Stay connected to the Xbox Live community, view achievements, watch game clips, chat with friends and more. Record, narrate, and share your most epic gaming moments with built-in Game DVR.
  • XBOX LIVE: Store saved games in the cloud and continue playing on a different PC right from where you left off. Play with your Xbox One Controller for Windows using the wired or wireless adapter.

Quantum Break features cross-save with PC so you can play the game on the Xbox One and save to the cloud and then resume the game on PC. The game is currently being offered as a pre-order bonus for the digital Xbox One version. If you pre-order Quantum Break digitally through the Xbox Live store on the Xbox One, you will also get the Windows 10 version free of cost, although it is only limited to pre-order and won’t work after launch.

Quantum Break will be released on April 5th, 2016 for the Xbox One and Windows 10.

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  • William Fenton

    Why would it be smaller on PC? That is ominous.

  • lac61087

    Already got the Windows10 version, i will be playing this game on X1 first, then the Windoes 10 version

    • Why would anyone in the right mind play a console version first lol

      • Greenwald

        Right?!?! Silly peasants will never learn…

        • Like I said in the right mind. He is what you call an Xbot. A silly breed, and beyond help.

          • Narune

            And you are a sad little human being who feels the need to generalize other gamers and elevate yourself above them, likely due to various self-esteem issues. Yeah, judgment works both ways, buddy.

      • lac61087

        because MS are taking their sweet ass time sending me the redeem code for the windows 10 version….besides the X1 version is pretty brilliant so i am in no rush to play the PC version