Remedy Explains The Reason Behind 720p Resolution Of Quantum Break

Quantum Break is an upcoming Xbox One exclusive that was recently confirmed to be running at 720p resolution for the Xbox One. This might seem like a strange resolution choice considering how the current generation is known for native 1080p games, but according to Remedy Entertainment, this was necessary in order to utilize their anti-aliasing solution.

In a detailed statement given to Inquistr, Remedy Entertainment has explained the resolution utilized by Quantum Break on the Xbox One.

Quantum Break’s 1080p output is a temporal reconstruction from four previous 720p 4xMSAA frames. This approach gets us high pixel quality in combination with complex shading and effects, allowing us to achieve a cinematic look. However, varying sample counts between passes and temporal upscaling makes talking about resolution, as it is traditionally understood, complicated in the case of Quantum Break. Since the start of “Quantum Break’s” development, the most important thing for Remedy and Microsoft has been delivering a compelling gaming experience with superior artistic quality. This is what Remedy is renowned for. We’re confident that we have achieved this, and can’t wait to hear what fans think on April 5 when they play the game.

quantum-break-e3-2014 (3)

This is pretty similar to the approach utilized in their previous release: Alan Wake for the Xbox 360. Alan Wake also rendered at sub-720p with 4xMSAA just like Quantum Break is rendering at native 720p with 4xMSAA, which is then upscaled to 1080p.

Quantum Break will be released on April 5th, 2016 exclusively for the Xbox One and Windows 10.

  • Joshua Pirog

    What a long, corporate way of saying “you caught us, it’s 720p”

    • Evil_Annie_2015

      I agree. They previously said that the game would be 1080p 30fps, but never updated the resolution status.

      It may sound ridiculous that while the game looks great people are talking about resolution. However, This generation has been about pixel count, and MS and Remedy should know that at this point. If the xbox one was not powerful enough to handle the QB effects at 1080p then thry should have said it from the beginning instead of just keeping it quiet.

      I will still play the game, but MS and remedy deserve the shit storm coming their way for this ‘720p’ scandal.