No Real Xbox One In Some Stores Due To Overheating In Display Cases [Update]

The Xbox One is just weeks away from its launch into the wild and the arms of gamers. The Xbox 360 was initially plagued with overheating problems that led to a hardware failure, popularly known as RROD or Red Ring Of Death. This hardware failure led to the design of the Xbox One to be fully vented as we saw in a dissected Xbox One; it contains a huge cooler inside of it to prevent such overheating problems. Apparently, not all conditions can be tested now can they?

A NeoGAF user, LeeRoyBrown, commented that his store just got an Xbox One demo unit to be displayed to the masses. What’s more noteworthy and surprising here is that the Xbox One that is showcased in the store is a shell of the Xbox One which is running Windows Media Player showcasing Xbox One games. The Games Coordinator of the store was expecting a real demo unit for the Xbox One for the store to display but was told that the Xbox One overheats in display cases which is why they got the shells for the Xbox One. These display cases are cut in half, meaning you can’t see the whole console from the sides unlike some of the display cases which showcase the whole demo unit along with a controller for the input. xboxoneover However there is still no solid proof of overheating. This could be because they might have run out of demo units for the stores. Take all this with a grain of salt. Of course, any gadget running all day long in small casing may get overheating issues. These issues are unlikely to appear when the device is being used by the consumers.

What do you think about all these rumours of overheating issues? The PlayStation 4 suffered from the same kind of rumor that it was overheating in display cases and displayed a red line on the system to indicate hardware failure. Do you believe that from the current-generation, manufacturers might have understood the concept and environment of overheating of their consoles and might have or have indeed improved upon them? Let us know in the comments below.

UPDATE:ย One of the store’s employee on NeoGAF clarified that these are not the actual demo units and only display stands that are being provided to many stores at the moment. These display stands serve as a stand in for the time being until the stores officially receive the demo units to be showcased. He also mentions the reason for these display stands to go early without a proper demo is because many stores had to reset their gaming sections.

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  • Ben A


    • onlycodered

      Because caps lock is cruise control for cool!

  • xxtray90xx

    Lol and 9 days ago everybody was so pleased with sony

  • Jeremy Mattsen

    Wow way to try and start a fanboy war for clicks… these articles are getting ridiculous

    • spideynut71

      To be fair, that’s like blaming the U.S. for trying to start a religious war in the Middle East. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    • Tony McQueen

      I actually find these articles hilarious. Any little news concerning the X1 these buzzards run with it before getting all the facts. A year from now when both consoles have settled in all of this bs press will be a memory.

  • – _ – Foxcomn’s product’s aren’t what make it cheap, the working conditions/pay (or lack there of) is what makes them cheap.

    There’s a reason the compound has installed suicide nets.

  • spideynut71

    LOL. Yesterday, I had the very first response to this POS fanboy garbage, calling them out on using NeoFag as their source and the fact that BOTH of our local Gamestops have REAL demo units going up to replace the mock units….and the Sony c0cksuckers here deleted it.

  • Guy Brohski

    Pauperstation 4 fanboy dream article.

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      Quit upvoting yourself. Nobody likes you are understands you.

      • Guy Brohski

        Says the fuck-stick with absolutely no upvotes. Piss off lil’ kid.

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          Says the fuck stick who trolls 40 different sites with the Pauperstation and $ony bullshit. Eat me and quit upvoting yourself. It is just sad xbox troll

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            Hey loser, I just gave you the only upvote you will ever receive in your entire pitiful life. Enjoy it, it’s your Christmas present. I will upvote whatever the fuck I feel like even if it’s my comment or a butthurt comment like yours. You can’t do shit about it either, so stop whining like a little fag.

  • Orlษ›anลพ

    Oh boy, the Xboys are gonna be shiting their pants when they open their Xbones this Christmas. RROD 2.0 coming with style, and it’ll be amazing.

  • Guest

    The update clarifies a LOT, they’re just fake placeholder consoles.

  • PoopyMcgee

    Kind of like the sensationalist propaganda article that went out
    “showing” an overheating PS4 with a red light…ya know, until they said
    that you can change the light colors based on your preference…wierd

  • Ok….

  • sabretooth

    If the update is debunking the rumour then the article is a none issue. So take it down or completely rewrite it without the sensationalist headline. Of course you won’t; who am I kidding.

  • “A NeoGAF user…” Nope, I’m done. Anything that comes out of SonyGAF is a dismissible hate-inspired fallacy doing nothing but spreading deceit and misinformation, designed to further propel the Sony Hype-train and bash the Xbox One.

    On a good day, they’re about as credible as Fox News!

    • spideynut71

      Don’t you mean SonyFAG? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • > .> Belittling a sexuality by association? Yeah, I’ll stick to GAF. (Though the play on words did did make me giggle a little. ๐Ÿ˜› )

        • spideynut71

          You’re right…my bad. It wasn’t fair to associate all homosexuals with lowlife Sony fanboys. Hell, I don’t care if someone likes it up the ass from a horse, and blows goats….they can’t be as bad as the lowlife Sony fanboys at NeoGaf. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • cubs223425

    So after reading that update, it sounds like people just like to spread sensationalist garbage.

  • JinOntario

    Don’t you think that Microsoft, ESPECIALLY considering the massive defective 360 launch unit numbers, would do everything to make sure there’s not even a “sniff” of a suggestion that the XBoxOne overheats? For somebody like me who experienced two RRODs with minimal play time (which, MS DID replace both at their expense), even the chance of a repeat deters me from being an early adopter. In fact, I won’t be buying a ONE for at least 3 – 6 months after launch just to be safe. Once bitten, twice…

  • Guest

    So one desperate Neofaggot is such a low-life loser that he has to make about 350+ Guest votes (all himself very likely). THAT’s how pathetic the $0Nยฅ N4Gay NeoFAG Pauperfanboys are. Truly the lowest of low maladjusted paupers.

    • matt671

      you sound like a xbox fanboy for writing stuff like that, I think that called being a hypocrite.

      • spideynut71

        It’s 100% TRUTH….nothing wrong with what he said. Just look at some posts below with the suspicious 300+ guest votes, all in favor of Sony.

  • Zohak Diaz

    Sony trollls. Please do us all a favor and Stfu already. Ur tears are delicious, you get what u will pay for a powerful machine with no servers, no full features, no cam, no EXCLUSIVES, NO GAMES JUST INDIES. Lol. Its so sad.

  • Anon

    I don’t like NeoGaf.. but I won’t doubt their strange userbase.

  • TheMoil

    The gaffen have no reason to start a rumor like that….. No really

  • Slydog

    Sony Gaf in full force. The system update for X1’s UI is coming on the 8th according to a retail store. This is advertisement to get you in to play one soon. looks like its in the entry where do you suppose they would run the power cable so customers dont trip over it. Gaming media you are a joke.

    • Guy Brohski

      The NeoFAG is strong in this thread.

  • Jdrm03

    Sigh, if you are going to take news from gaf, at least don’t just take the OP. Look through the thread.

  • Megaman

    LMFAO SONY CONTROLS THE INTERNET AND IT SEEMS THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON THAT WE DO NOT KNOW ABOUT…..Sad because people are being brain washed and don’t even realize it….JUST SAD

    • neko working

      i don’t understand why people choose $400 console over $500 console, just sad.
      FYI i’m planning to buy cheaper console with more power than the more expensive One. LMAO

      • Rosendo Campos

        LMAO i couldn’t understand why people would pay for ps3 599 over xbox 360 399

        • Jason Mounce

          Other than better exclusives? Cause….by all means, Games don’t sell a console at all.

          That and Sony totally has a below-average amount of around two dozen internal gaming studios that always make bad games with the ICE Team, PS3 was known mostly in this generation for having worse exclusives than Wii U. Buying a PS3 was a horrible investment of anyone’s money and there was absolutely zero exclusives that weren’t found on any other console that could ever be considered console sellers.


          • Rosendo Campos

            at that time what games did they had dragon lair heavily sword. Exclusive dlc to spider man 3 they had nothing but there was still people that preferred to play on ps3 and spend there 600 dollars on it.

          • Jason Mounce

            I think, for the most part. Sony fans can buy Sony-Brand hardware and know that they’ll get exclusives on it that will make the investment worth it. Those who bought PS3 at launch, by all the games that did come out for it, do you think any of them would really stop and go “NAW, Totally not worth it..” out of the dozens upon dozens of great exclusives that PS3 had. Worth it. People will buy a PS4 with the same belief that Sony has yet to let them down.

            The only time Sony may, just may let them down, is the Vita, unless 1-3+ years from now, More exclusives and worthwhile games go on it. Console-wise? PS1/PS2/PS3 had GREAT exclusives no matter what.

          • Rosendo Campos

            Thats true but i still held off on buying a ps3 untill God of war came out. and im hold off untill Infamous comes out

          • Jason Mounce

            Similarly, I generally had waited til a game came out on the console before getting the hardware except for PS3. I didn’t get PS2 until MGS3 came out (In which I was already missing MGS2 as well) and I knew MGS4 was going to be on PS3 so I got the PS3 60GB Fat original model just to joyously be ready for MGS4 and all that. Same with PSP that I didn’t care for it up until MGS Peacewalker came out. So you could say MGS games in canon are console-sellers to me XD

            PS4 wise? My reasoning for Pre-ordering rather than waiting was because of MGSV similarly to PS3. Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain, to play it on PS3 would be a CRIME….and no one was sure for the most part when Ground Zeroes was going to be released, many presumed Dec of this year, though it is now known to be Spring 2014. I was fearing that it’d come out soon-after PS4’s launch in which no new stock would arrive and getting a PS4 becoming an impossibility, in which MGSV GZ releases and I’d have zero ability to play it, being fearful of story spoilers in the process o_O….besides that, $400 for PS4 was a god damn steal unlike PS3’s launch price >_>…

          • spideynut71

            By the time either of the MGS games actually come out, there will likely be a PS4 pricedrop, and/or a bundle with the MGS game(s)…so your thinking is very flawed.

          • Jason Mounce

            So, you’re implying there will be a PS4 pricedrop in around Feb-April 2014?

            RITE, and you’re telling me MY thinking is flawed. rofl.

            spideynut, what is this name? Should I assume you’re a spider with a brain the size of a nut? Perhaps a flax seed in size.

          • spideynut71

            I’m implying that if you believe either of those games will actually release anywhere near next 1/4 , 2014….I’ve got a copy of ‘The Last Guardian’ I’ll sell you for $300. And I’m a Spider-man fanatic/nut, since I grew up watching the original 60s cartoon series and reading the comics for decades. And that little “71”…since you’re obviously too clueless to figure that out as well, calling me a “13 y.o.”….is my birth year. If you need help figuring out any other great mysteries, I’ll be glad to help.

          • Jason Mounce

            “Game publisher Konami has announced that the much-awaited Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes will be hitting stores in Spring 2014. The game will be hitting PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The release date for the second part of MGS 5, dubbed Phantom Pain, where the game’s plotline will play its hand, is currently unknown.”

            >>>When does spring officially ‘START’? March 20th.

            This means MGS Ground Zeroes ‘WILL’ release on March, April or May of 2014, varying if it goes as planned without delays or perhaps an early-release.

            So….I’ll believe that MGS5 GZ is launching early 2014, yes….for factual, logical and realistic reasons.

            There are no great mysteries or intrigue when the situation broadly remains as is, you imply to be 42 years old or around that? And yet….you act like a child. There is no excuse for your behaviour or antics. So it’s either you’re making a hilarious lie to cover up embarrassment that you are young and wish to have increased credibility via saying you’re older than you actually are….or you’re one of those cases of a child who’s yet to mature, grow up, or gain what I call, Tact. I expect people who talk, act, and behave like you to BE 13. Hence why I called you 13. So whether or not you ARE the #-Age of 13? Doesn’t matter. Age# does not matter, I called you that age because I feel you Act that age.

            So? In a nutshell with Age/maturity. I call them as I see em. Act mature and like a proper adult should, or not at all and discard the label and attachment you have for this Age# of yours, because if falls short of being realistic.

          • spideynut71

            You act as if no game has ever had a release date/window announced, only to be pushed back. I’ll leave it at that. Muffin.

            It’s infinitely humorous to me that you consider yourself to be “mature”. The walls of pointless text you continue to post, while simultaneously displaying a poor grasp of English grammar and punctuation โ‰  “maturity”. Attacking everyone who doesn’t agree with you โ‰  “maturity”.

          • Jason Mounce

            Oh hey look, a witty comeback that took 1.5 hours and the only thing you managed achieve by calling me ‘muffin’ was to show further immaturity, congrats on this ‘comeback’ that shows you’re upset. For logic-sake, I’d not recall a game that Hideo Kojima specifically gave a release-date window and not meet it. I don’t recall Hideo being a guy who delays games in any single way. Your argument is further invalid based by that AND how comical it is to see how bratty you’re acting instead of being calm and collective for a, what was that? 42 year old?

            ‘Walls of pointless text’ > [Something to do with maturity to spideynut71] Your insecurities are showing when a ‘wall of text’ can completely turn you from speaking calmly to speaking in child-tongue in the matter of an hour. My ‘walls of text’ is nothing but logic, which seems to be capable of transforming you into a Neanderthal, I don’t see it being pointless when Truth can effect you so harshly. ๐Ÿ™‚

            Hold on, let me school you some. Be patient.

      • Megaman

        Lol thanks for proving my point ๐Ÿ™‚ sad but I’m also buying the ps4 but not for the stupid reasons you are….I’m buying it for GAMES???sorry that your a broke ass and can’t afford both like me but who knows maybe you will win the lotto one day ๐Ÿ™‚ good luck

  • Well considering any machine, pc or console would overheat when kept in an almost airtight environment, I’m not at all surprised. Unless people are silly enough to put there own home console/pc in a similar condition, it shouldn’t effect the average user.

    What I don’t understand is why they don’t send out specially made display cases with air vents and possible extraction fans to keep them cool while on display.

    • NG666


      • Jason Mounce

        The desperateness that Xbox Drones go through just to show their insecurities over hunks of metal, plastic and circuitry just because PS4 is more popular, better priced, better hardware, stronger and likely infact runs cooler than X1. The Xbots have to go down slippery-slope criteria of arguments to stroke their wounded ego over such redundant choices of life…. Please, get a life.

        Sincerely, The internet.

        • Guest

          You poor paupers, no way out, but DEATH!

          • Jason Mounce

            Sad that you had to vote+ yourself after signing out from your account.

            Death Dealer, aka PauperKiller2013.

          • GremDude

            You are such a coward that you always log in as guest. Probably because you realize in your tiny brain that you don’t even know what a pauper is.

        • spideynut71

          Mounce, don’t EVEN pull the high-and-mighty “insecure fanboy” routine. You’re one of the most pathetic Sony fanboys on the entire internet.

          • Jason Mounce

            Coming from a nobody, that totally wounds my heart.

            Woe is me, a PC/PS gamer is wounded by a 13 year old over the internet who’s calling me a fanboy with no proof or reasoning as to why except that you’re butthurt by how much my truth seems to hurt your pride.

            Sorry, I don’t remember who you are, or what I ever said to you but I can easily tell you’re below the average level of intelligence. I never show signs of bias, thus, I know I can never be called a fanboy. I played on all consoles and always speak of the pros and cons of each system, your argument is invalid.

          • spideynut71

            As I’ve told you before, I too game on most all platforms, and currently own 2 360s and a PS3, a custom built gaming PC, and have PS4 and X1 pre-ordered and PAID-IN-FULL…and I’m likely twice YOUR age. You can pretend you don’t remember me if it makes you feel better, but it only serves to prove my point. You showed your true, defensive and immature fanboy colors..once again. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Jason Mounce

            I wouldn’t know what you told me before, your lack of intelligence and proper education makes you Very easy to forget due to how insignificant you are :/

            Owning whatever console you can grab because you have no life or your parents buy you them doesn’t make you ‘Not’ an idiot or Not a fanboy with any form of preference.

            Twice my age eh? So, you’re 50 years old? Interesting…..(this is where I inform you, that if you’re actually 50 years old….but act like a 15 year old delinquent? You should seek therapy)

            I’m honestly not pretending, your life in itself is so unimportant that I’ll likely forget who you are tomorrow. Remembering my dentist appointment and my university councillor appointment is more important than arguing with a cliched internet dimwit, obviously. It makes me feel indifferent because no matter how frustrating your retardation is, that sensation is temporary unlike the joys I have by being a gamer and playing what I wish without bias. Just as I own a 360, just as I own a Gamecube, a PS1/2/3 and soon to be 4. Just as I built my delicious PC rig up from scratch and just as many times you presume me to be a fanboy. I will forever acknowledge how hilarious uneducated, presumptuous and how deeply concaved and narrow-minded your perception is :>

            I’d rather buy a Retro NES/SNES system with oldschool games to relive my childhood than buy something as ridiculous as the X1. The way that console is right now? Waste of money. I’ll wait when it’s $199 and w/o Kinect and likely only if Lost Odyssey 2 arrives on it exclusively. Microsoft does not own Mistwalker studios so Lost Odyssey 1/2 does not have to remain exclusive at that.

          • Chris Marrow

            Well said!!!!

          • Jason Mounce

            So, perhaps in summary I can say this:

            Realize the retardation within your petty, flawed and presumptuous attitude of me and others.

            Don’t accuse people of being anything without concrete evidence and reasons to back up Why.

            And lastly, the only thing I can bluntly be a ‘Fanboy’ to, is game SERIES. I’ll blatantly admit to being an MGS fan, annnd Berserk/One Piece for anime. Beyond that? Nothing else tickles my fancy. hard to be a ‘PS Fanboy’ especially when most games in my possession are on Steam, yet I am not a PC fanboy nor act like one.

        • guest

          It doesn’t run cooler idiot, you read that chart wrong, and every single media outlet misinterpreted it.

          • Jason Mounce

            Prove it <3

            guest: "Every single media outet misinterpreted it except me cuz I'm a genius, I'm right everyone is wrong" hurr hurr.

            Hahaha….Aw man, insecure wittle fanboys we got here gotta warp the truth to make them feel better. Logically show me how/why and argue your point with intellect and I might believe you, if you can infact give me stats/facts that are grounded with reason and evidence ๐Ÿ™‚ Fail to give evidence and you'll remain a sad, in-denial little kid who just wants to manipulate truths because you're struggling to realize Truth from fiction.

          • guest

            You don’t know how to read the chart, how could i possibly prove it? Learn how to read, then learn how to read that chart, then read the chart. Simple. Better idea, think about it’s operating temperature while running games, not sitting do Jack and shit. My computer doesn’t get hot when it’s doing nothing too. You Sony fanboys are unbelievable. Completely devoid of all logic.

          • Jason Mounce

            This invisible chart you keep bringing up intrigues me, do tell me more about this chart that I cannot see.

            You [/WhateverCompany’sBootYouLick] fanboys are unbelievable. Completely devoid of all logic.



            Reality: You really think, that ANY COMPANY from Sony and Nintendo especially, would throw in hundreds of millions of dollars to construct and architect a platform in which is meant to last 10 years, meant to withstand temperatures and stresses caused by prolonged play during the worldly seasons…..and you HONESTLY THINK….that they haven’t done proper temperature tests before making the hardware GOLD and ready for mass manufacturing?!

            No no no, I don’t even have to be a fanboy to understand how completely void you are in any signs of intelligence. Your emotional, crybaby little whiny tears of pessimism and retardation does not invalidate the logic in which a company doesn’t just spend years of investment, money, manpower and product testing only to release a console that simply ‘OVERHEATS’ day one. You are a complete failure of human life in itself for actually believing what others say or have told you in such extremes where you can’t think for yourself.

            I’ll pamper your ignorance just this once if links don’t get blocked upon being provided.

          • Jason Mounce

            “The FCC also revealed that the gaming device has a significant less heat generation compared to PlayStation 3. The previous generation PlayStation has an average temperature between 45 to 55 degrees Celsius while PlayStation generates an average between 5 to 35 degrees Celsius. Owners of PlayStation 4 can play several hours of gaming without worrying of overheating issues or drawback from the console.”


          • neko working

            hurr hurr chicken guest, haha

          • Jason Mounce

            Here you go, here’s the FCC image again, muffin.

            Please tell me how a likely Xbot-fanboy-created chart somehow debunks OFFICIAL FCC RECORDS, Mmmmmmmmm? (This chart of which, I have yet to see)

            Cmon, how does it not run cooler when FCC shows it runs cooler than PS3 even. ALL THE WHILE still having the power supply inside of the PS4. While X1 has the power supply OUTSIDE, and the X1 is fatter and a mobile cooler to prevent heat problems liiiiike…Idunno…the 360 RROD?… 40%+ Failure rate?

            PS3 Ylod? 15-20%? And most of it wasn’t caused by heat but by improper reboots from crashes/freezes with the emergency-shutdown button.

      • neko working

        lol, xbots are being beyond pitiful.

      • adlez

        i rather buy from than then buy your inferior “american machine”… make something that is good than comeback.

    • Rastaman


      • Chris Adamson

        come with a portion of edd fried rice

      • Guest

        lol, you are an idiot for including Kim Jong Un.

      • Hokuto

        Another american idiot trying to defend the inferior machine that is Xbox one… sad…just sad.

  • spideynut71

    Define “stores”. BOTH of our local Gamestops have real demo units. And using a “NeoGaf user” as a source = hackish and unprofessional. FAIL.