Remedy Considers Quantum Break As The “Ultimate Remedy Game”

Quantum Break is an upcoming Xbox One exclusive from Remedy, the creators of Alan Wake and the original Max Payne. In a new interview to Edge Magazine, head of development at Remedy, Oskari Hakinnen assures that Quantum Break is not only going to be a Remedy game, it will be the ultimate Remedy game.

Quantum Break will have a mixture of gameplay and live-action cutscenes, that will expand on the story. The choice to replace pre-rendered cutscenes with live-action might seem strange but according to Remedy CEO Matias Myllyrinne, they decided to go this way because of how they want to improve on this artform.

“Life’s too short to do small increments, we want to do what we can to improve the artform.”

The live-action episodes will be unlocked at the end of each episodic segment of the game. We can either choose to watch it or go for the next segment in game. Remedy considers it best if we go by a chronological order, finish the episode, watch the live-action scene, continue with the next episode and so on, as explained by the head of development at Remedy, Oskari Hakinnen.

“The best experience would be to play the game, watch the live action, then play the game some more, but if you’ve chosen to dedicate your two-hour slot to gaming and you don’t want to watch live action straight away, you can continue on with the game and pick up on the live action from your iPad or phone at a later date.”

Hakinnen assures the users that this is not only a Remedy game, but the “ultimate Remedy game.”

“This is a Remedy game, and not only a Remedy game, but the ultimate Remedy game.”

Quantum Break is set to launch on Xbox One this year. There is no official release date or release window given yet, only the info that it will be released this year.

What do you think of Quantum Break? Are you impressed by this idea? Let us know in the comment below.

  • Funny

    I hate it when devs boast and over hype their games. Didn’t they say the same thing about Alan Wake? My excitement for this game had dropped a few notches….

    • Justin O’Brien

      Alan Wake was awesome.

      • Funny

        To each his own, I guess, I liked the concept, didn’t engage me though.

    • Cobac Razvan

      So you’d like to see devs dislike their own games ? That sounds s****d. Artists creators of any kind will always be optimistic about their own work, why wouldn’t they, after all the effort and time they put into making those dreams and ideas come to life, you’d prefer they just trash it ?
      Also they don’t express hate or disrespect against other developers… they only say that they consider this game to be one of their best yet, and honestly Remedy always delivered at least for me.
      Alan Wake was a blast to play and experience.

      • Funny

        It’s comments like this I don’t like:
        “This is a Remedy game, and not only a Remedy game, but the ultimate Remedy game.”

        The dev of NFS Shift 2 did the same thing, basically saying it would mop the floor with Gran Turismo. Hype your game, talk it up, but come on…the ultimate game? I doubt it!