Respawn Dev: DX12 Not Necessary For Optimizing TitanFall On The Xbox One; Working On Performance Fixes

Respawn Entertainment have just released a brand new patch for TitanFall on the Xbox One. According to Jon Shiring, Progammer at Respawn Entertainment, this patch doesn’t have any performance fixes, although it is currently being worked on.

He also explained that while they haven’t really worked with DirectX 12, it is not necessary for optimizing the Xbox One version of the game.

TitanFall on the Xbox One currently runs at 792p resolution for 60 fps gameplay. Respawn has plans to increase this resolution to 900p, if possible. Along with the lower resolution, TitanFall also suffers from some poor optimization, resulting in screen tearing and frame rate dips throughout the game. All of this is currently being worked on, and will be hopefully fixed in an upcoming patch.

TitanFall on the Xbox 360 was a port done by Bluepoint Games, and it is a extremely well done port. Respawn’s Jon Shiring was also pleasantly surprised by Bluepoint’s effort, and he praised it on Twitter. He also explained that while Respawn had no part in the development of the port, they did help Bluepoint Games with “asset optimization.”

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  • Anba R

    No DX12 or even Vulcan? forget it. i’ll stick to doom and BF1, and look out for games that complies to dx12.

  • ZappyKins

    Nice, I see from Ryse that 900 is a great resolution and while I would prefer 1080, it seems silly to squabble about 180 lines. Good job guys!

    • Xtreme Derp

      “900 is a great resolution”

      Sad fanboy damage control.

  • k j

    If they get it up to 900p with no screen tearing that would be great.

    • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

      Don’t hold your breath.

  • Dennis Crosby

    Games that support DX12 will most likely be announced at the E3

    • Xtreme Derp

      “It just sad that these game journalists decide to report on fame rate
      and resolution. More then the actually game itself. If you care more
      about those thing you should of built a gaming rig. Console games have
      never been a out those kinds of thing and shouldn’t start now.”


  • MessiahBrown

    DirectX 12 and the Power of the Cloud, yeah right on, the Xbox One is crap

    • cozomel

      ssshh, they’ll hear you and theyre everywhere! Be afraid, be very afraid, as they are ravenous!

      • Xtreme Derp

        MS fanboys this gen are desperate, ignorant, stupid, and angry.

  • MessiahBrown

    Destiny is going to kill this EA crap

    • k j

      Totally different games. Stupid comment.

  • MessiahBrown

    Tincanfall Sucks big time.

  • Joseph Lan

    How on Planet Earth do people expect Respawn to fix the performance issues (major framedrops and frame tearing), and AT THE SAME TIME increase the resolution? There’s an inverse correlation between framerate and resolution. If you increase the resolution, framerate will drop further (barring any miraculous performance optimizations that far outstrip the framerate penalty of running at a higher resolution).

    Is this really so hard for people to understand?

    Titanfall is a competitive MP game first and foremost. Increasing resolution and/or visual fidelity should be secondary to stabilizing the already inconsistent framerate. Fix the framerate first, and then maybe take a look at whether a resolution increase would be possible without a massive hit to said framerate (doubtful).

    • Xtreme Derp

      Yup. The FACTS are Xbox has memory bottlenecks, weak GPU and GPGPU, only 16 ROPs, and OS Virtualization overhead that all degrade gaming performance.

  • Reason Freeman

    Keep in mind that Respawn recently said that Microsoft still hasn’t freed up the 8% of resources that the Kinect is using. Plenty of potential and power still unlocked with the Xbox. Especially when you include the cloud (which has a demo that proves that its real) and DX12. Microsoft was right when they said Xbox was built for the future. Excited for E3 to see what Sony & Microsoft bring

    • cozomel

      Damn, dude, you’re mad stupid. Do you really think that the 8% from Kinect is really going to make a big difference? what are we talking like 4-5 frames more at best (if even). You’re such a gullible fanboy that it makes you dumb dumb buying into this sh*t. I see you believing all the bullsh*t MS spews at you. The demo proves its real? really? what a fool! Also, he’s saying they dont need DX12 cuz DX12 doesnt do much for X1, it really helps PCs and what its gonna do is make these consoles look even weaker than they really are. Cuz even lower end PC will be able to perform better in comparison to the consoles cuz they’ll get back performance lost to the higher level DX11 API.

      • Xtreme Derp

        It should help PC users with low-mid end CPUs paired with pricier GPUs. If you already have a Core i7 it won’t do much.

    • datdude

      Hahahahahahahahaha!!! You have to laugh at these types. It’s all pixie dust and magic clouuddzzz inside dat bone. They talk about the future when it’s getting it’s arse kicked today. It is to laugh. It takes some real gullibility to ignore hardware limitations expecting software to improve the hardware twofold. Incredible buffoonery, incredible lack of mental acuity. Good luck with that.

      • k j

        I love how people just ignore the build conference facts. It just goes to show you how blind and stupid ps fanboys can be.

        • datdude

          “PS fanboys”, as you call them, are gaming in full hd 1080p, while you are presumably an xbox only clown who payed more to game in sub standard hd resolutions and lower framerates for more money. Methinks your definition of stupid needs tweaking. Truth hurts.

        • Xtreme Derp

          LOL. What “facts”? The FACTS are Xbox has Memory bottlenecks, weak GPU and GPGPU, only 16 ROPs, and OS Virtualization overhead that all degrade gaming performance.

        • jnemesh

          Really? What FACTS were revealed at Build? None. A lot of speculation, a LOT of hype…but no facts.

    • Don Karam

      I don’t understand why Xbox One fans keep talking about the cloud as if Sony can’t do the same thing.

      Also, if the cloud is used, do people realise that it will possibly require lots more processing power from servers and use lots more Internet bandwidth. The server owners and ISP companies might start charging more because of this sudden extra strain. I’ve not noticed anyone talking about this aspect.

      • k j

        First Sony can’t do the same thing because they can’t afford to spend tens of billions of dollars of server farms all around the world. They would actually go bankrupt if they did that. Second the build conference is a conference disclosing actual working products companies can use now so all those hissy fits about bandwidth can stop now.

        • Don Karam

          Sony acquired Gaikai (which is a rival to OnLive) to create Playstation Now. So, it seems Sony very much intends to have lots of servers distributed around the world to do something very similar to Microsoft’s cloud. So I don’t see why it would be too much of a stretch for them to do basically the same thing as Microsoft’s cloud.

        • Xtreme Derp

          LOL no. Fanboy delusions.

    • Kreshnik Halili

      forget the cloud for the moment. it will take years before the cloud can be used for things like the demo you are talking about. the cloud will give us a better and maybe a more interesting online experience, but thats it. at least for the next couple of years.
      grafic-improvements will come with DX12 and newer engines, optimized specifically for x1. the x1 is definitely capable of much more than it is currently showing of.

    • Xtreme Derp

      Keep dreaming.

    • jnemesh

      You realize, that under “best case” scenarios, they will get MAYBE 2 or 3 fps out of that, right?

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