Respawn Overwhelmed by the Positive Reception of TitanFall Alpha, Extends Alpha Till Monday

TitanFall was constantly in the headlines recently due to its on-going limited Alpha on the Xbox One. The Alpha has received an overwhelming positive response and people on reddit, twitter and other gaming forums are praising it. Respawn seems to be enjoying all this positive reception and has extended the Alpha till Monday.

According to Abbie Heppe, Community Manager at Respawn, they are actively participating in the Alpha and seems to be focusing on tracking the bugs.

Respawn has also extended the Alpha version till Monday 9 PM PST, confirmed by Respawn. As expected in a limited Alpha, people are asked to sign an NDA so that they don’t share gameplay footage or screenshots to the public but as can be seen in the leaked videos, some users are simply not caring about it. Recently, a user even started to stream his gameplay on twitch, resulting in the closure of his twitch account. Respawn warns that if people still want to remain in the Alpha, they should avoid breaking their NDA. Regardless of the NDA, they seem to be enjoying the positive reception received by the TitanFall Alpha.

Are you currently playing and enjoying TitanFall Alpha? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Guest

    The Alpha is already running very well. Can’t wait for more of my friends to be able to play it though. We need an open beta!

  • Joe C

    Very good game play, no bugs or issues. Wish it would go on past Monday and hope that the full game can be more than 6vs6. Regardless I am buying and thanks for letting us enjoy the beta. Cuddos to your team. Great job!

  • HotRodASU

    I am in the Alpha but due to the NDA, I can’t speak about it. However, I will say I’m really enjoying myself. Very impressed!

  • ace-meza

    well…i need an open beta NOW