Rise of the Tomb Raider gets more details during E3 2015 Square Enix Conference

Only yesterday, E3 footage showing the hostile environment surrounding Lara Croft was revealed on now, Brian Horton, who is the Game Director of the upcoming title, revealed additional details concerning the about of effort it took to bring both the playable character and the environment to life.

Kam Yu, who is the lead game designer stationed at Crystal Dynamics, stated that fine, granular details were added in order to display the transition of how Lara Croft phases through the unforgiving environment, ranging from the snowy peaks, to the catacombs of the prophet’s tomb.

Horton had stated that due to the survival genre, players will be required to improvise enemy engagement tactics, as well as use make shift weapons and explosions in order to proceed forward. Rise of the Tomb Raider comes out this fall on November 10 as a timed exclusive for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. PS4 and PC versions are slated to release some time later next year.

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