Rocket League Could Make Its Way To Xbox One; Devs Celebrate Successful Launch

Rocket League is an insanely fun little game that is also available free of cost to PlayStation Plus subscribers for this month. The game is getting a huge buzz lately and the developers have confirmed that their game has been downloaded more than 2 million times within a week of its launch.


Since Rocket League is currently available on PS4 and PC only, other platform owners are missing out on all the fun. As one Twitter user approached the developers asking about a possible Xbox One version, the developers replied that they can’t answer this question for now, but they didn’t deny it either.

If you were wondering if the game was funded by Sony, it isn’t the case here. The developers confirmed that they are fully independent with the game.

It is entirely possible that the game makes its way to other platforms after PS4 and PC. Despite being restricted to two platforms only, it is still immensely popular and creating new records for the developers, as they reported more than 150,000 concurrent users.

Rocket League is currently available on the PS4 and PC.

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  • Ben Perez

    You should revise this “Let us know what you think about this news in the comments below.”, to
    “Let us know what you think about this news in the comments below if you’re not based in reality”
    They have stated that it’s a ps4 console exclusive and N4G knows you’ve been censoring comments.

    • swipe1

      it’s not. calm down.

    • Harry-S

      Considering it is available on PC and not a platform exclusive I wouldn’t be surprised if they made the game available for more platforms considering the success.

  • Mike Jones

    i just dont see how this game is so popular now….the same studio made the exact same game like 7-8 years ago….power of streamers i guess : /

    • GotNews4Ya

      It is fun. I love it.. I had never heard of it before.. Playstation Plus is a big reason this game is a success.. IT is actually something I would have never touched, If I hadn’t of gotten it for free. I played the game in its Beta Stages.. and you know what? I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! IT is simply amazing! I was hoping it would be free with PS+ because if it wasn’t I was going to have to not eat for a few days this week, and save up money to get it! Then I found out it was 20$, I was like DANG! I wish I had that much money, but I decided that I probably could fit it in to my bills this week.. and BAM Sony hit me with the PS+ Freebie, and I was like.. Oh yeah! Wonderful! Plus you get a bunch of new people to fall in love with the game?? Win / Win.. I just need more people to play with.. I got a Mic, and I work well with the team.. listen.. communicate.. but my Hours are messed up.. If anyone wants to play with me, whenever they see me on.. let me know.. I will tell you my PSN, and we can play together!

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