Here’s A List of Games That Are Rumored To Make An Appearance At E3

The Electronics Entertainment Expo, or commonly referred to as E3 is just a couple of months away and the rumor mill is already spinning at full speed. Here we take a look at some of the hottest rumors related to E3

Some of the games which are expected to be revealed next month are

Dishonored II

First of all, lets get the biggest rumor off our back which is bound to send some chills in our body. According to some sources and a leaked slide, the next installment of Dishonored, one of the best stealth/action games, will be revealed at E3.


There is a Hashtag of “Darkness of Tyvia” and Tyvia was an island in the original dishonored. Other than this, not much information is known at the moment but this is bound to be one of the most awaited games if this indeed turns out to be true. After all, the original version by Arkane Studios was truly a masterpiece, a class above the rest. Lets keep our fingers crossed for this one


According to some sources, Respawn Entertainment is set to announce some new features for their latest game Titanfall at the E3. Now you would be able to use ziplines and turrets to wreck havoc on your enemies in even more ways.


Besides that, there is also some chatter about a “Generations” mode which is similar to the “prestige” mode for all the COD fans out there. If you upgrade to “Generations”, you would lose all your unlocked perks and reset from level 1. In exchange, you would get additional XP and an icon besides your profile name which just gives you some extra bragging rights.

Far Cry 4

According to some leaks, the latest addition to the Far Cry series will be revealed at E3 this june. According to the leak, the game moves away from its typical beach environment and moves further north into the Himalayas.


Moreover, besides carrying forward some aspects of the previous version such as an emphasis on hunting and liberating outposts, the game will see a host of new additions including the fact that now you would be able to ride elephants. If Ubisoft can further improve upon Far Cry 3, this game is bound to raise some heads!

Resident Evil 7

According to a Japanese Paper, Capcom is planning to announce the newest Resident Evil at this years E3. The game is rumored to be a Xbox One time exclusive but as expected, nothing can be confirmed at this point.

Besides the reveals, more information about these games are expected

This is an interesting line-up of games and we would certainly see even more good stuff besides those mentioned above. So if you are a gamer then dont forget to mark your calenders for June 10-12. We’ll also update you on any more information as its made available

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  • Brett Kohli

    where is Mafia 3- Mafia 2 was one of my fav games with Red Dead and GTA 5

  • Hopwin

    Um….. regeneration already exists in Titanfall (and has since day 1)… So rumor confirmed I guess?

  • KevJumbaify .

    Weak ass list

  • Lacarious


  • jnemesh

    Not one of these games interests me in the slightest. I certainly hope they have more to offer than re-hashed sequels!

  • CCM

    What about the game that will be the BIGGEST game of the show – Zelda for Wii U? How about Smash Bros, possibly new Metroid or StarFox announcements? Love how you just leave off Wii U entirely even though it’s poised to have a HUGE 2014. Typical western-based gaming media.

    • jnemesh

      I am hoping for a strong Nintendo showing as well.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    I hope Nintendo shows up at E3 with Zelda Wii U and tops it off with other new game announcements like a new Metroid or Star Fox or new IP that will impress.

  • Henrique Copes

    Halo and uncharted <3

  • Dal Dudas

    Don’t forget about Fallout 4…..know there is a slimiest of slim chances…but I can hope

    • KeeseToast

      I just want 4 words at this years E3: War. War Never Changes. !!!!

    • randomguy9989

      and also sleeping dogs triad wars. i loved the previous sleeping dogs game

  • Young Gun

    Don’t forget Mortal Kombat 10. NRS is confirmed for being at E3 and they release a new MK game every 3 years.