Rumor: Activision wanted to utilize the full Xbox One GPU power for Ghosts, Microsoft declined

According to Thuway, who has been pretty accurate with his prediction of Battlefield 4 resolution on Xbox One/PS4 along with Call of Duty: Ghosts resolution on Xbox One/PS4; Activision wanted to utilize extra 10% of GPU power that is allocated for Kinect use but Microsoft denied it saying “No it would result in the environment being too unstable.”

This latest revelation came from Thuway himself on twitter. This 10% GPU allocation for Kinect is pretty well known and Digital Foundry also talked about it recently in their article, written by Richard Leadbetter himself. In that article, Leadbetter talks about the 10% GPU allocation by default for Kinect, which means that Xbox One could theoretically only utilize about 90% of the GPU instead of full 100%. He also says that Microsoft is working on a method to utilize this 10% for games since it is reserved for Kinect and is used solely for it.

While it is not possible to utilize a GPU 100%, allocating a portion of it to Kinect use is definitely not a good thing. Even if it is just 10%, it matters a lot for consoles, who don’t have the option to get hardware upgrades every year.

Thuway talks about this in his latest set of tweets. First he says that the rumor came from a reliable source that he trusts 100% but there is no way to verify this claim

Then he talked about the actual subject matter that Activision wanted to utilize the full potential of Xbox One GPU but Microsoft denied this request saying “No it would result in the environment being too unstable.”

Thuway then talks about the on-going issues and says that things will get better after launch, which is expected since we know that Microsoft still isn’t ready with Xbox One yet but once they do, things can definitely improve and the console might have a much better parity for multiplatform titles.

What do you think of this rumor? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Nico

    Shame the PS4 has the red line of wait and that so many consoles have had hardware issues. What Awere Sonys QC testers doing?

  • Geoff900

    I get the feeling they are worried about over heating, thus making games use lesser GPU utilization, until they know for sure that the consoles have a modest modest failure rate.

  • Daniel Lawson

    the reason is probably stability issues

  • Jerry Hu

    MS, What have you done? You blow up everything.

  • Tony Melo

    I’m getting a ps4, that being said, Sony doesn’t innovate shit. The ps1 all the way to the ps4 are just power upgrades. Same controller even. Try and tell me I’m wrong.

    • Joseph Lan

      Touchpad, built-in motion sensor bar on the controller, and rubberized grips on the handles aren’t innovations? The controller isn’t even CLOSE to the PS3 controller. It’s completely overhauled. The only things that stayed the same were the parallel thumbstick layout, and the face buttons.

      More innovations on the hardware side include built-in streaming and gameplay recording, easily accessible through the dedicated “Share” button.

      • Tony Melo

        Touchpad, built-in motion sensor bar on the controller, and rubberized grips on the handles aren’t innovations? The controller isn’t even CLOSE to the PS3 controller. It’s completely overhauled.

        You keep telling yourself that. Sony hasn’t innovated shit. Since ’95, they haven’t done a damn thing. Motion sensor in the controller? Wiiu did that. Touch pad? Wiiu did that with a screen. Rubberized grips? Ok, that you got me there. That one is an amazing innovation. Spectacular. Again, I’m getting a ps4, but I sure as hell didn’t get it for its innovation, or lack there of.

        • Jason Mounce

          “They haven’t done a damn thing since 95” – Wut. No, like….Wut. You keep telling yourself that XD

          “Motion sensor in the controller? Wiiu did that” – And Dualshock 3 came Before the Wii U controller….

          PS Vita operates as a better quality screen than a Wii U screen.

          If you’re getting PS4, but not for innovation…….honestly. Why then are you BITCHING so much about the lack of innovation that you subjectively feel doesn’t exist?! Making no sense here. “I’ll buy the PS4, but not for innovation-perks/gimmicks” – “But holy shit sony isn’t innovation, but it doesn’t deter me from buying a PS4, but I’ll still complain about the lack of innovation in my eyes”.

          So, honestly from what you’re saying is….you don’t care about innovation when making a Console-investment/purchase….but you thrive on complaining about the lack of innovation even though you still are buying it? Why complain about ‘features’ or ‘innovations’ that don’t sway you between the ‘Not buying’ and ‘Buying’ DUE to existent or non-existent ‘Innovations’?

          At that. Hardware innovations do not need to exist in my personal opinion, to make something worthy or worthwhile of being purchased, I don’t understand why you feel the need to complain as if a console ‘NEEDS’ to be innovative via Hardware or peripheral for it to stand out or reign supreme or to not be complained about. Where Sony isn’t doing much to strive for some super-crazy innovation, they excel in Software innovation and as we all know. Games sell the console. Not the other way around :/

          I type this, out of an unsureness as to what the purpose of your comment is, like, you claim to be buying a PS4, and that’s all well and good – but you seem to just be seeking to argue or complain for the sake of arguing or complaining. What is the point to complain about whether or not innovation exists or does not? It could be argued that Sony hasn’t innovated even DURING ’95. Many could argue how Sony just innovated or used old tech or old ideas and implimented it with new tech in order to achieve what they always have, just like with Move controllers where it wasn’t going to work in PS2’s era, but Move + Oculus Rift + PS4 could be a Dream combination above all else.

          • Tony Melo

            Haha, what a stupid clown you are. The dual shock 3 was out before the wiiu controller? Yeah? You don’t say…. The wii had it built in too! Wow! Everything Sony has done to innovate, was done first, by someone else. Sorry, butthurt fanboy. The ps4 is a supercharged ps1-2-3. Nothing more. Lol. Now write another giant, wall of text. I might read some of it this time! Lol. Damn, stupid fanboy!

          • Jason Mounce

            Yes, I do say. As your comment I replied to implied Wii U was ‘first’. Mr. ‘Stupid Clown’. Forgetting what you had typed, short attention span?

            The Wii primarily made use of a cheap Infrared sensor at the front. Woop.

            I wasn’t even boasting Sony….nor was I even bringing up ‘Sony innovations’. I half-agreed in saying they don’t need to innovate whilst you whined your ass off talking about how they need to or should. Yet Games sell the console and not console gimmicks. In no way did I defend Sony or even saying anything that could make me off as a Fanboy.

            Yet you come here saying I’m butthurt for speaking logically…?

            Sooooo what you’re trying to say is….you’re an ignorant little whiny baby who likes to argue for attention but really,Tony, how’s the extra chromosome coming along? Please don’t speak unless you think.

          • Tony Melo

            The move uses a ball of light instead of infrared. Exact same thing. Light is light! Poor fanboy, coming to the rescue of his favorite company! Lol. And yes, poor dick brained fool, the wiiu was the first one to put last generations tech into this generations controller. Sorry that you’re too stupid to read between the lines. You know, to spell it out for you a lil more, put the wii tech into the next gen controller. Like wiiu and ps4. Again, Sony doesn’t put anything into their system, without watching someone else do it first. Unless it’s a disc tech they want to push. Now, wipe that Sony jizz off your chin, it’s unbecoming, even for a staunch fanboy like yourself! Lol…. Poor im bass fanboy doesn’t even know he’s a fanboy. I’ll bet you’ve only owned Sony consoles too… Am I right? Lol, of course I am…

          • Jason Mounce

            Clearly you cannot grasp simple technology and know nothing about hardware or technology, I’m not even going to try to teach someone as hopeless as you.

            So I’ll stop it here, you’re not in this to gain any form of constructive discussion. You’re just a raging delinquent who’s here to waste everyone’s time with your blatant ignorance.

            Your entire comment degrades what little intelligence you have more than I ever could need to by how ridiculously idiotic you sound. It also has become clear this is likely one of your most active hobbies and I truly pity how much of a social outcast you are.

            Stay in school kids. I hope this poster-child will deter you from dropping out.

          • Tony Melo

            Damn, son! You should be the head of the Sony recur squad! Lol. Haha! Thanks for the laughs! And damn! Somehow you can respond to me faster than my phone can refresh! Congrats! Now, keep waving that Sony fanboy flag, son! Oh, and use some strides, no 14 year old boy should run around with zits on his face, son. Go to bed, skippy. You’re clearly up way passed your bedtime! Haha… Kids these days…..

          • Tony Melo

            Please, don’t even mention the vita. Functions better than the wiiu? Lol, sure fanboy, sure. The only reason the vita has any function as a “second screen” for the ps 3-4, is due to the wiiu. And no, Sony didn’t do it first, Nintendo did it with the game boy advance, way before Sony even thought of trying to get into the portable space. I buy all consoles, I’ll get the x1 too. Just because you are a fanboy of Sony, doesn’t make them the great innovator that you think they are. Everything Sony has done, was derived from copying what Nintendo did first. Analog stick? Let’s put two! Rumble pack? Let’s build it into our new twin stick controller! The wii controller? Let’s make one so identical, but with a stupid ball at the end! The wiiu with its touch screen? Let’s copy part of that, and put a touch pad on ours! Seriously dude, please. If Sony didn’t have nintendo to watch, they would still be using the original digital pad, that was a redesigned super NES controller, to this day. Lol, fanboy, lol. Sony has never done anything first. Ever. And they never will. Now, I only bring up innovation, because the Sony fanboys, like you, think they are the great innovators. They are not. Simple. I am getting a ps4, because I like to play games. Not for their innovation. Now pull Sonys balls from your mouth, and just be a fan of games, not the name on the hardware. It’s not that hard. Well, not for me, anyway! Lol. And you bringing up the vita…. Wow man, wow. Now that’s seriously reaching for the stars! Lol

          • Jason Mounce

            Nice novels you got there bro. Two Posts? TWO novels? Damn bro.

            You’re clearly upset by how much you’re spamming me with your blogs over here in retaliation to my logic. Sorry that you’re struggling so hard over such a simple topic, you silly argumentative little boy.

            Again 🙂 I pity you, get a real hobby and grow up. Sincerely, myself and the entire internet.

          • Tony Melo

            Sure fanboy, sure. Your butthurt is showing! Lol. Again, your perspective is one of a kid who has only ever games on a Sony machine. You’re obviously too young to know there are and were other companies! Ahh, I’ll stop wasting my time with a zit faced 14 year old boy. Bed time for you skippy! Lol, night, son.

      • Tony Melo

        I saw your response to my post, I can’t seem to see it here when I touch the link tho… But, your response was, that the x1 is $100 more and no one wants kinect.. Etc.. Etc…

        Ummm, when did I even mention the x1? You were talking about how Sony is such an innovator, and I debunked that notion, and you came back at me with the x1 is more expensive yada yada yada…???

        Ok, cool. But Sony doesn’t, and hasn’t ever innovated anything in video games. And your, uhhh, off topic response just means you have nothing to add to your side of the argument. So, we’ll end it there. See you on the 15th, when I pick up my ps4. It’s a big month for game fans!

  • Minecraft Greek

    Pretty true facts I believe.

  • Jason Mounce

    Sounds like Damage Control to the fact that it’s 720p on X1 but native 1080p on PS4.

    This is a scapegoat…

    • Jason Mounce

      HOW DO I HAVE 337 UPVOTES?! 333 GUESTS?!….Wtf.

      • Matt

        333 Sony fans

        • Jason Mounce

          Still way more than PS Vita fans in North American.

          Still way more than Xbox fans in Japan.

          Still way more than Nintendo fans that aren’t still wearing diapers, literally and metaphorically. [/Nostalgia-joke]

          • Matt

            There’s more adult Pokemon fans than 3DS owners…

          • Jason Mounce

            I’d argue that you should switch Pokemon w/ Digimon or MLP.

            200% more on Digimon due to Renamon….whilst I think a lot of people only go crazy for, idunno, Blaziken or Lucario? rofl.

          • Matt

            The sad part is the Bronies exist in far larger numbers…

          • Jason Mounce

            in US/EU. I’d not even be sure how cancerous MLP is in Japan, Japan is ‘ALL’ about Pokemon no matter what though.

    • Tony Melo

      Spoken like a true fanboy. Well said.

      • Jason Mounce

        Lol. Confirming that you’re so butthurt that you had to become a stalker and locate other posts of mine so you could ventilate your frustrations.

        Sad little boy. 😛 Thanks for making it even more obvious of how upset you are.

        • Tony Melo

          Spoken like a true fanboy. I’ve gotten under your skin. Mission accomplished! Haha! Awwe! You so butthurt! I look forward to your next response, zitty! Lol.

          • Jason Mounce

            Spoken like a true fanboy. I’ve gotten under your skin. Mission accomplished! Haha! Awwe! You so butthurt! I look forward to your next response, zitty! Lol.

  • mmcglasson

    Sorry but ESRAM isn’t new technology. It’s been around for a while and devs already know how to use it. The cell processor was completely new technology. That’s why PS3 kept getting and continues to get better every year.

    • tbss

      360 got better with time too Halo 3 vs. Halo 4.

      • Geoff900

        Even Halo Reach was rendered at a lower resolution compared to Halo 4, both using the same engine.

      • Joseph Lan

        You’re right. Both the 360 and PS3 got better as developers became more familiar with their hardware.

    • Alan Sardon

      it may not be new but if its setup in a new configuration you still have to learn how to make everything work together

  • Dennis Crosby

    Not true even if Microsoft would allow the use of the 10% they still would get the full 100% of the gpu. The problem is that devs don’t know how to use the esram. Cap on had to have Microsoft come in to help out with smoothing out DR3. They need to deploy some guys out to other devs to show them how to use them and everything will be fine on top of that Microsoft had to redo everything after E3 so that could be a factor also

    • datdude

      Sure buddy. Keep making excuses. Much like with the 360 this gen with the red ring and lack of exclusives late in this cycle, you’ll be making them for years to come. You’re used to it.

      • Dennis Crosby

        really late in the cycle is when ps3 even got good exclusives and still none of the could out sell any of the xbox360 exclusives i don’t have to make any excuses for Microsoft ask any dev that worked on the xbox one they were getting new devkits evey other week that’s a fact.

      • Denis

        “lack of exclusives” sorry I can’t hear you, too busy playing halo 4

        • datdude

          Halo 4? I completed that game almost a year ago and haven’t returned to it since…too busy with Sony exclusives. Check…and mate.

    • Usman Khan

      If MS focusses more on exclusive this Gen they can still win. Ps2 was the weakest console in its generation but due to the games library people ignored power over games. MS got $. it’s better for them to make more exclusive this gen and provide some extra stuff for multiplatforms? which looks better on competitor’s system.

    • Geoff900

      It’s been pretty much confirmed they have the GPU locked, and developers can only use 90% of the GPU power.

      It’s most likely due to MS not wanting to repeat the same mistakes of the 360, once the console is in the wild they have more of an idea of any problems which may occur.

  • Phil Balliet

    Just proves more power is waiting to be utilized on XOne, good thing I’m all about the gameplay & feel over the looks alone.

    • datdude

      “good thing I’m all about the gameplay & feel over the looks alone.” What choice do you have? You’re buying the technically inferior console that uses a significant portion of it’s gpu on a damn camera!!!

      • gt1111

        head tracking is coming to battlefield 4.

        wait till u see the camera before u critize.

        dont be a dumbp fanboy.

        that camera has more innovation inside it than the entire ps4

        • Xxsamuraiblackxx

          Your joking right????

          The camera is tech that been out for years

          All Microsoft did was buy it

          Nintendo and Sony looked at it and knew it wasn’t good enough yet

          Now don’t get me wrong is it something cool

          Yeah it is when the linear 4 comes out and it actually does what it’s supposed too

          But let’s keep this real Xbox fans

          Playstation has had hands free playstation eye since the first or second playstation

          So please stop it with the linear is so innovative

          It’s a forced add on that people are swallowing cause u pre order the system

          • Geoff900

            Forced? If you don’t want an Xbox you don’t buy one…

          • Xxsamuraiblackxx

            The kine to is forced since you can’t get a xbox one without it

            I’m just saying I wish people would stop acting like this tech hasn’t been around for years

          • Henry

            it has but it’s getting better every few decades. kinect 2.0 is miles better than the original kinect. It’s like saying ps1 games are better looking than ps4 games. Innovations is what microsoft strives for and though most of their products initially get bad reception the reason I still can’t comprehend like check out the initial surface (the table version) that was years before it’s time, the kinect total different from sony or nintendo’s motion tech which requires another device like the move to work properly. Apple on the other hand like sony never makes huge tech innovations but yet everyone loves them. You aren’t forced to get the xbox one cause the kinect is part of the xbox one whether you like it or not. All you can do is not buy one. I’m getting and might grab the ps4 later too.

          • Xxsamuraiblackxx

            Ok for starters
            I have no clue where your coming from with the ps1 games looking better than ps4 games comment.

            So let me break this down

            I’m not comparing the generations I’m not even comparing the cameras but now I will to a certain extent

            Let’s start with a definition
            Of innovation shall we

            1 : the introduction of something new
            2 : a new idea, method, or device

            Now the kinect is new but the technology is not
            My point is and had always been the hands free controls where on every sony system yes systems before the wii

            The playstation eye had launched beside every sony console since it was introduced on ps1 or ps2

            I had a ps eye on launch day for ps3

            The kinect came out well after the 360’s launch
            Which u say is better tech but at this moment in time its not as accurate as either the wii nor ps move
            No one has used kinect 2 in the real world so I can’t speak on that

            Sony introduced the move to compete with the wii
            But the eye was already out and was already able to provide hands free gaming I know this cause I’ve played the ps eye way before the move was out
            The move is a secondary device
            The move wasn’t made to make it work properly it’s so people could have something tangible to hold in their Hand to play

            That is my point so no it’s not new tech and no it’s not innovative cause they took something a simply improved upon it which I don’t hold against them

            But let’s say u don’t want the camera
            U can’t decide not to get it
            That’s forcing any one of your customers to get the camera

            And why do I say it’s forced???

            Because how many games will u actually use it for??

            And I’m not talking bout the voice control I’m talking bout the actually camera????

            I bet less than 25% of the time

            Btw people buy apple products cause they last
            I have a 2008 Apple MacBook that I still use every day

            That surface u talking bout
            How is it before it’s time
            Was it the first tablet???
            No it wasn’t
            But u think its before it’s time
            Why is that????

            And please don’t let your answer be
            “it’s more powerful”

          • Denis

            Apple doesn’t innovate? Tell that to iTunes, tell that to the iPod, the iPhone, tell that to the All-in-One computer, the list goes on/

          • Henry

            if you read what I wrote above I said huge tech innovations. Apple revamps things that already exist like all you listed had already been made in one way or the other but they make it simpler and every one praises them for doing. Not hating on any of these companies but they all how their ways of approach innovation cause at the end it’s all about them making a lot of money

          • Geoff900

            But you aren’t forced, it’s like a camera built into a laptop you either buy it or you don’t.

            MS aren’t putting a gun to your head and telling you to buy one.

        • Joseph Lan

          Just because it’s “innovative” doesn’t mean it’s good.

          By the way, Kinect came out several years ago. It’s not “innovative” anymore.

    • Joseph Lan

      Smoother framerate = better gameplay.

      Not to mention that full 1080p means you can see enemies and fine details from farther away, and that also affects gameplay.

  • dave

    Wow, this is the most stupid decision ever, the internet went nuclear yesterday with this whole XBox1 720p and PS4 1080p thing. Microsoft should have done everything possible to be the same as PS4.

    • Abba Okoro

      Yeah and burned up their console LOOOL

      • Daniel Lawson

        no… they could have jacked up the thing by a lot… they had a noise level limit they wanted to hit it’s one of the reasons for the giant fan and huge cooling unit… if this was a pc it would easily clock in the 2ghz plus range

        • Joseph Lan

          They already up-clocked it as much as they could without compromising stability or reliability, which was 6% for the GPU. This isn’t a gaming PC where PC gamers don’t worry too much about occasional crashes, or burning up their CPU. They have to worry about a stable console with low failure rates and higher manufacturing yields.

          • Daniel Lawson

            no stability isn’t the issue… the issue is noise level not heat level

    • Joseph Lan

      Sorry to break it to you, but Microsoft can’t do anything. Xbone is much weaker than the PS4; the hardware is set in stone. Even a 10% bump in GPU performance won’t change much. It won’t even help Call of Duty: Ghosts reach 900p. So what’s the point?

      I think Infinity Ward just wanted that 10% extra GPU performance to help stabilize the framerates. Not to increase the resolution.

  • EX+

    This makes no sense.

  • Giddy

    Your joking right! M$ create the most bloated piece of shit operating systems out there!

    • gt1111

      donnt be a dumbass. u use windows

      • neko working


  • HalfBlackCanadian

    I really hop this is true. If anyone knows software optimization its Microsoft. Seems like they’re have PS3 launch syndrome (devs probably understand ESRAM the same way they did the Cell processor). As someone looking forward to Xbox One I hope this gets ironed out… at this point the pre-launch PS4 event has my interest piqued if only because the launch line up is kind of lacking.

    • mmcglasson

      ESRAM isn’t new technology. The Cell processor was completely new tech.

      • spideynut71

        ESRAM isn’t new, but it’s trusted and well-known tech within the industry. The same can NEVER be said about the Cell…which is why Sony dropped it.

        • HalfBlackCanadian

          If it’s so trusted then why are un-named devs passing all over it as a terrible idea?

          • spideynut71

            Who are these “un-named devs”, and why should we trust them? If someone bashes something behind anonymity, you have to be smart enough to question their motivation and identity. There are tons of hackers, gamers, fanboys, etc. who make crap up and pretend to be someone important when they post it. Neofag and N4G are havens for such miscreants.

          • HalfBlackCanadian

            That’s my question exactly. I have heard multiple times that ESRAM is worthless and MS made a huge mistake going w/GDDR3 and yet you say (correctly) that its a long trusted method. I’m curious as to why its being drummed up as some terrible architecture design.

        • Guest

          The entire industry dropped it way before $0N¥ ever could. They were stuck with their stupid mistake.

      • HalfBlackCanadian

        Absolutely, but with the allegedly longer-in-hands PS4 dev kits there may have been a move to code primarily to GDDR5 and not 3 + ESRAM. The tools don’t seem to be there yet (MS’s fault) to properly bring optimized-for-GDDR5 code to their architecture.
        That said, Xbox 360 had an offshoot of Cell tech. Not the full-fledged thing (obviously) but there’s a whole book on how MS swept in and grabbed what would become the Cell processor to use in their own machine. The coding to it issues has more to do with the software on the dev kits.

        • mmcglasson

          Actually that entire thing about MS sweeping in there and grabbing what would become the Cell processor is kind of true. However, that was what they did with Xbox 360 not the the Xbox 1. They went to IBM and paid IBM some additional money and didn’t use the cell processor at all but some of the tech that IBM/Sony came up with to do some customizations with the X360.

          As far as companies getting dev kits and stuff on time. Sony may have had theirs delivered first (I’m not sure) but they were both around the same time. However, recent changes in system specs by MS (software updates to increase GPU/CPU speeds) may have been a slight factor. That increase in the GPU speeds is irrelevant really as the GPU in the PS4 is still much better. Also, all the people saying that MS highly customized their X1… Sony also customized their system as well. They didn’t just build some box like you would a PC. Sony and Microsoft both have customized machines.

          • HalfBlackCanadian

            I would argue that ultimately MS is better than Sony at optimization. The gap will lessen a lot, then open up a bit again once 1sr party Sony devs get their second titles out.

      • danno19

        the cell was and still is a piece of shit…it’s purpose was to be as difficult to program for as possible, so devs wouldn’t bother porting their games to other consoles since sony were the top dog at the time anyway.

      • Geoff900

        Cell processor isn’t new… the Xbox 360 used a ‘Cell’ processor although a cut down version.

        Oh and the ESRAM is new, as it’s not the same as the 360’s.

  • Jason Andrew Hahn

    Lol, COD needing extra anything? Have fun breaking fire hydrants -_-