Rumor: Next Pokemon game to be based in Hoenn (R/S/E Remake)?

Pokemon X and Y hits stores for the Nintendo 3DS in just two days all over the world, but hardcore Pokemon fans already want to know what’s next in the series. According to a recent rumor going around coupled with coherent teasing by developers Game Freak themselves, it seems that the next Pokemon games will be Gen III remakes.

The Gen III Pokemon games namely Ruby and Sapphire were releasing for the Game Boy Advance back in 2002 in Japan and a year later in the rest of the world, the games were followed by a third version called Pokemon Emerald releasing two years later. Together the Gen III Pokemon games are the highest selling games on the GBA.


Now the Gen I and Gen II games have already had remakes in the form of Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green on the Game Boy Advance and Heart Gold and Soul Silver on the Nintendo DS. Now it’s only logical that Gen III get a proper 3D remake on the 3DS. Check out the gallery below for some teases suggesting the Hoenn remakes in Pokemon Black and White and Pokemon X and Y.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Also make sure to check out our Pokemon X and Y review.

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  • Fennekin

    Several nods to Hoenn can be seen in the anime as well. Junior character, each character getting a starter, female character being a new trainer, all 3 bipedal starters final evolutions, etc. If they aren’t thinking about Hoenn remakes, that’s a huge set of coincidences.

  • Alexis Goitia

    It would make me happy, thus it will never happen.

    • A. O.

      It happened.

  • JoedRodriguez

    Sorry. Nintendo has no news about this, so i believe this is fake. By the way, by something said in the game about hoenn doesnt means there will be a remake! Its what nintendo says!

    • Guest

      Umm there is already Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire…

  • Zach

    It has to be the new game. There’s a very obvious cycle Nintendo goes through with Pokemon games. Two sets of three new games, (Pokemon Blue, Red, and Yellow and Gold, Silver, and Crystal) and then a remake. They’ve done this twice now so there’s no reason it won’t happen again.

  • Rayquaza

    Personally, Pokemon Emerald was my favorite game in the Pokemon series (Rayquaza is my favorite Pokemon), and I would love to see these games remade. It is a long shot, but it is possible that the Torchic given out as a mystery gift could be hinting at the new game.

  • PokemonCopper

    two words…………3D Swampert!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Greg

      That’s 3 words. “Three-Dimensional Swampert” or just one word as “3D” is an acronym.

  • victiny

    you will see in due time?! omg hoenn officialy comfirmed!!!!!

    • General-Morpice

      Actually if you talk to that same guy over a few days he’ll say that it’s not kamto, johto, hoenn, sinnoh, or unova…
      I’m convinced remakes are being made…but that traveler in particular is not a hint

      • Pyro

        I was just about to say this… thanks xD

      • Victiny

        still i think they will come someday and how longer the wait’s gonna be the better the game of pokemon becomes with gameplay only stop making more pokemon this is not the old catch all pokemon and defeat villians and beat the champion anymore this is a do everything you can in game without filling the pokedex 😛

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