Rumor: Quantum Break & Sunset Overdrive To Release Fall 2014, Fable Legends In Summer 2015

Verified Industry Insider confirms that Xbox One exclusive Fable Legends is not getting a release on the Xbox One until Summer 2015. He/She also drops the curtain on the Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break’s release date.

Fable Legends is the upcoming game from Lionhead Studios. It is supposed to be an online action RPG with focus on co-op gameplay. It was recently revealed at last year’s Gamescom and showcased a new style of graphics.

This news might not be shocking for many as the game wasn’t exactly shown in a playable state. The only footage that was shown was CGI animated footage. We have yet to see any gameplay footage of the game.

Along with these leaks the industry insider confirmed that Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive are aiming for a Fall 2014 release date. Quantum Break recently got a brief gameplay footage at Xbox One launch event. It showed a few seconds of real-time gameplay of the game. Both of these games have yet to receive any official release date.


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  • Scuffy P

    I bet a months wages Quantum Break won’t launch until 2015. I love Remedy…but they are dreadful deadline keepers. In fact I don’t think they’ve ever released a single game on time.

  • kevin

    I can wait on Fable Legends , just give me Halo5,QB,SO an I will be good.

  • bigshynepo

    I doubt sunset overdrive is going to be finished in 8 months, we’ve only seen one teaser for it. Insomniac puts a lot of polish into their games so hopefully Microsoft gives them the time they need to do it right. Quantum Break seems a little more likely for 2014 release but it’ll be Q4 for sure.