Rumor: Sony Santa Monica’s Cancelled Project Might Be Their New IP

Sony Santa Monica was hit with a rather ‘huge’ set of layoffs earlier yesterday. About 50 people lost their job, among them, even veterans were not safe. Along with this news, we have also got a sort of confirmation that a project was cancelled as well. Now evidence suggests that this project might be a brand new IP, that was being worked on at Sony Santa Monica.


IGN reported that this also resulted in the cancellation of one project, that was in development at Sony Santa Monica. Now everyone might be wondering what this project actually was, but hints point to it being their long rumored new IP, which was supposedly a project under the direction of God of War 3 director Stig Asmussen.

The project cancellation was confirmed by one of the designer at Sony Santa Monica.


Rob Davis is senior designer at Sony Santa Monica, and he also changed his twitter profile and removed “Working on a new IP” from it. This all happened after the news of layoffs hit the web.


Other people that were affected with the layoffs include Adam Puhl (Design Director of GoW 2 and 3) and Jason De Heras (Senior Game Designer of GoW 3 and Ascension). Just like Rob Davis, Adam Puhl’s old twitter profile clearly mentioned him working on a new IP.


We don’t really expect Sony to explain the cancellation of any of their projects, that was never really shown to the public. We sure do hope that it doesn’t mean they don’t work on new ideas at all.

Our condolences goes to all the individuals who were affected by this recent set of layoffs. This was a rather grim news, especially after the same happened with Irrational Games, but on a much larger scale. Hopefully, they can find work soon enough.

  • this is completely messed up!
    i don’t like this kind of news in the gaming industry man:/

  • jb223

    “We sure do hope that it doesn’t mean they don’t work on new ideas at all.”

    Ummm…heard of The Order?
    While this is indeed bad news for all parties, I don’t see this as being indicative of Sony being unwilling to test new ip’s, they are the console who have done more in specifically that arena than any other in the last few years. What this does seem to indicate is that Sony’s financial problems are catching up to them and they are now affecting their most potentially profitable division. They also announced today that something to the tune of a couple dozen Sony retail stores will be closing, so it sounds like Sony are having to appease investors by making cutbacks. Hopefully this will be the end of those cutbacks, and its a shame that it had to affect a new ip that this industry so desperately needs, but apparently there is still yet at least one other new ip in the works if not 2 still at SSM, along w/ a potential GOW sequel so it should all work out as long as all of these employees land well. They have already said they aren’t scrapping any assets, so there is always a possibility of this title being resurrected for future development.

  • ariessiren

    Sony Santa Monica studios have some of the best talent in the world, these people will find jobs in no time. All companies restructure, happens all the time. Truly talented artists. Good luck guys and gals. Appreciate your games and talent

  • Stu

    Sony Santa Monica had a staff of over 220 at last count, and recently moved into new facilities.

    A few reports claim they were working on upto five projects, some most likely helping out other studios. Whatever the case, a current staff of over 150 suggests there are at least a couple of games being developed.

  • Steph

    That stinks 🙁 vets aren’t even safe these days. Hope it wasn’t a good game they canceled and if it was, don’t tell us so we are not mad about not getting it released. Hope these guys/gals find work soon.

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    Rumor has it Microsoft is swooping in to hire up these folks, so they shouldn’t go without jobs for long, and Microsoft could use all the help they can get right about now. Maybe having some former Sony talent they will actually finally get a decent game or two…….

    • Steph

      Yup cuz they have no decent games lol. Try harder to troll bud, ur not very good at it

      • datdude

        Microsoft needs better first party support Steph. They neither produce enough first party titles, and what they do produce is more of the same, gears and halo. Sony offers far greater variety, and late in the last console cycle, Sony’s first party titles were more numerous and simply the better games. Those developers and the stellar games they produced are a significant part of the reason the ps4 is selling so well and out of stock virtually everywhere. I’m looking forward to seeing more from Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break. Microsoft needs more of that, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with admitting that.

        • JerkDaNERD7

          This is a whole new generation buddy. It seems with Microsoft’s revamping of their studios they’re truly coming full force compared to last gen. Sony HAD to provide a reason to purchase the PS3 and why they produced more variety of games. Microsoft dominated most of last gen and unfortunately towards the end didn’t produce.

          If anything the obvious is very apparent now and shows what’s to come in the long run. Both have released around the same time and both companies will be competing and best time to be a gamer. Microsoft with deep pockets and a wealth of talent will produce and give the already announced titles, their lineup looks much better.

          • datdude

            Apparently your definition of domination is fuzzy to say the least, as the ps3 has sold more units worldwide than the 360 despite the 360 being
            available to consumers for more than one full year longer. If that spells domination to you, good luck sir. As far as Sony “having to provide a reason to purchase the ps3” as you stated…uhhh…not any more so than Microsoft. While I grant you I bought a 360 on the strength of games like Gears of War and Mass Effect…many people bought a ps3 because it was one of the best blu ray players available and the cheapest to boot, before the first parties started to hammer out phenomenal titles for the system. As far as what both have announced, here you go….


            That pretty much leaves no doubt. Foiled again sir. And you’re welcome.

          • JerkDaNERD7

            I stated MOST of last gen. It wasn’t until 2011 when PS3 sells stared rising until this point when it’s only a mill ahead of X360. So it seems your brain is a lil’ fuzzy and have difficulty conveying arguments.

            Of course, blu ray was also a main factor but still remains my point that Microsoft DID dominate most of last gen when you consider software sells which X360 clearly dominated….gamers game ;D

            So once again, you enjoying moot points and not considering facts.

          • datdude

            Yes, of course you’re right. Sony leads in hardware sales but somehow in your mind that equates to Microsoft domination. Sit down son, and get mommy to change out your diaper. You’re leaking.

          • JerkDaNERD7

            My diaper…leaking?!

            With that type of comeback I highly doubt I’m the ‘son’ here, LOL! I have just realize you’re truly lame.

            Enjoy playing with your diaper leakage detector…inspector ass sniffer. LMAO!

          • datdude

            Let me reiterate…sit down, get mommy, and stop the stinking.

          • JerkDaNERD7

            Ok, you lamo. LOL!

            I’ll go get my mommy to change my diaper.


            ….btw…….who the hell cancels a new IP early in a new gen??? Damn didn’t know the corporate spin-off reaches that far. The long run….don’t look to good.

          • datdude

            “….btw…….who the hell cancels a new IP early in a new gen???” Since you are clueless I’ll educate you, once again. Microsoft just canceled the Black Tusk new ip that was actually shown in 2013. It looked interesting. They cancelled that and moved Black Tusk to work on the next Gears game, despite the fact Black Tusk has never actually produced a single video game in their history. Sony Santa Monica never actually showed the game that was cancelled, so if you get worked up about that, you surely must be worked up over the cancellation of Black Tusks’ project? Wake up guy. Your running in circles and getting your a$$ beat every step along the way.

          • JerkDaNERD7

            Black Tusk DID NOT cancel the new IP. They’ve already stated so time and again that it has been put aside, NOT CANCELLED. Besides there wasn’t a true NEW IP in the works, they were in incubation of major development ideas and technology since their inception in early 2012. The Concept trailer in 2013 E3 was all in game showing off the capabilities of the company, and why it showed Black Tusk Studios and NOT a game title. It was pretty much introducing Black Tusk to the gaming industry.

            It was a bold and IMO great move by Microsoft to ease Black Tusk into the gaming industry with an already established IP. So they can focus more on their developing ideas than new concepts and content, because Gears is already established in that regard. The new IP will be in further development adapting to further new tools and technology as the new gen progresses. Which is very smart.

            Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break is more than enough to claim variety of games in Microsoft. So your intentions are clear you DON’T CARE about that and only emphasize on moot and negative points made…which is JUST LAME and SAD!

          • datdude

            You’re suffering in the five stages of grief. 1. Denial 2. Anger 3. Bargaining 4. Depression 5. Acceptance You’re still in the denial stage, but don’t worry, you’ll move on sooner or later and continue toward the inevitable acceptance of ps4 superiority. It’s only a matter of time. Until then, convince yourself of whatever you need to, you’ve apparently sold yourself a dream that has turned into a nightmare so your coping mechanism of deflection and denial is to be expected. That is what happens when a mind breaks. If it helps you sleep at night, so be it.

          • Mike C

            is domination to me when your sales from the previous console triple and your competitors half.

          • datdude

            Oh. I see. You’re one of those who make up the rules of the game as you go along. Well, good luck with that. If you made the argument that Microsoft “won” the last gen because they cut into the enormous lead in Sony had with the ps2, ok, that’s one thing. But domination implies another thing entirely. I think you need to google the word domination, as you don’t seem to truly grasp the meaning of the word.

          • Mike C

            oh sorry, I din’t realize you was only refereeing to the meaning of the word domination to have numerical superiority, my bad

        • jb223

          Very well said….as many people like to speak out otherwise, this trend is still continuing at Microsoft, albeit w/ some slow changes happening. Actions like scrapping Black Tusk’s new ip in favor of yet another Gears game is proof positive that MS are backing sure money bets first & foremost. Hopefully the games you mentioned like SO & QB will be successful enough to change their strategies a bit to start creating more quality first party studios and instead of forcing franchises & kinect games on them, allowing them to make the games they want. I personally hope all systems get great games going forward, I haven’t bought into next gen yet, but if I had to today, I would definitely back Sony based on the sheer variety of their exclusive franchises & the quality of those developers, but I’m staying open to either console off of what they introduce going forward.

      • JerkDaNERD7

        Was he trolling or stating facts?! More like the latter.

        Either way, I’m surprised this isn’t more prevalent given the fact that if it was Microsoft even on rumor ALONE, would be getting heavy flak for this from SonyGAF to SonyN4G.

      • ariessiren

        he’s actually right steph, not talking crap but Microsoft really does need variety. they stifle creativity. just look what happened with Rare. They really do need the talent. let’s just hope when they get it they actually allow these people to do what they do best creatively and artistically. If they can, then that’s fantastic.

  • DarthDiggler

    Millions have lost jobs over the Affordable Care Act, but we gamers are going to sh!t ourselves over a few dozen firings from 2 studios?

    • Steph

      Actually there was stories about their layoffs too, just an FYI. 😉

      • DarthDiggler

        I am not saying there wasn’t just not sure if the concern is to scale. Millions vs. several dozen (likely more) isn’t really a comparison and many people who were booted because of ACA didn’t get any severance or job relocation.

        I just think the tone of this article is laughable. I feel bad for those affected but they mostly living in California where you have many studios located. I don’t think it will be that tough for them to pick up and move on. Others affected by ACA have simply had their positions removed because they can’t afford to have people there anymore.