Rumor: Square Enix Outsourcing Some Of Final Fantasy XV Development Overseas

Final Fantasy XV has been in development for a long time. The game, originally announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive title, made its reappearance at E3, 2013 as a Xbox One and PlayStation 4 title with a name change. Now a new listing on Linkedin profile suggests that some of Final Fantasy XV development might have been outsourced overseas.

Kaei Sou is currently working as a project manager at Square Enix. He lists his job description as “Technology and Outsourcing focused management for Final Fantasy XV and other 1st Production titles.”


While the development of a game being outsourced isn’t really a bad thing, it is worrying to know that despite several years in development, Square Enix is still stuck at a stage where they can’t even finish the game internally on time. The game was originally revealed to the public at E3, 2006 with a CGI trailer. Actual development didn’t start until a few years later.

Final Fantasy XV has, as of yet, received no official release date or release window. It is being directed by Tetsuya Nomura and co-directed by Hajime Tabata. It is the first Final Fantasy title that is going to use action-based combat instead of traditional turn-based combat.

Nomura recently gave update on the status of the game stating that he is looking for a public event to reveal more info on Final Fantasy XV.

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  • Victoria Dobbs

    Nomura ur a genius but please try and release the game this year

  • No more trailers Testuya, & STOP with the graphics already!. Gamers ARE NOT as concerned about graphics as they are about gameplay. I understand you all are trying to cater to the western audience. NO. One youtuber said it best (Event Status) “stick to your guns!”

    This appears to be the issue with Square Enix now days, you are relying to heavily on graphics. If you were focused on gameplay, not only would the game have been out by now it would have not skipped an entire generation to finish (AND WERE STILL WAITING) STOP It….NO…NO!..

    ~Allens Game Show