Rumor: Super Smash Bros. Wii U Character Select Screen Leaked?

We have what appears to be a character select screen for Super Smash Bros. on Wii U. Take it with a huge grain of salt though, as there is no legitimacy of this screen being official.

Recently, an image appeared on the internet and just like most of these leaks, it appears to be an off-screen shot of the character select screen of Super Smash Bros. on Wii U. Check it out below.


While the character select screen mostly includes the announced characters so far, there are also some new ones included like MewTwo and Yoshi. The Wii Fit Trainer hasn’t been officially announced yet but it has been confirmed to be included in the game.

The screenshot seems to show multiplayer with about 4 Wii U Pro controllers. Even if it is an elaborate hoax, it seems to be a well made one.

Super Smash Bros. will be released on the Wii U and 3DS this year. It was rumored that the game will launch on Spring 2014 but it was later confirmed by the director to be false. There is no official release date given as of yet.

What do you think of this character select screen? Do you think it is a fake? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Arturo

    It’s a fake no doubt, because of the names the Villager and Megaman are given.

  • its fake because mewtwo is the trophy and pikachu has mammoth ears

  • Jeffery Dallas

    it looks real but its probobly fake… butt with pokemon x/y there were leaked pics and they were ligit!

  • Scarylemon

    it is fake deal with it. Yoshi is wrong and anyway all the characters have been selected surely there should be a press to start or something on the screen. Also the use of only confirmed characters at the time is a large give away stop trying to believe a lie that it could be a “beta” it is a hoax.

  • EpicAO

    Even though I think that roster is fake, there could be a possibility that they’ve updated Yoshi’s icon. That could be why they delayed Yoshi’s release, they also said they updated him, so who knows?

  • Dave

    As fake as this obviously is, I’d really like to see Mewtwo make a return. He was my favourite character in melee, and I use him most in Project M.

  • AlphaPixel

    This seems like just a good hoax. Luigi, Captain Falcon, Jigglypuff and Ness have been in every game as the ‘secret four’, this meaning that they ALWAYS have to be unlocked. If this is just the starter character roster with no unlockables, Luigi shouldn’t be there. 🙂

  • Tyler

    I really would like a source for this image. If you can post the source, that’d be great!

  • fake

    well, everyone below did the talking for me, so yeah… fake.

  • Apple

    If yoshi’s image matches the one here when he gets released, ( march 15) Than its real if not then its fake.

  • Merrowench

    And it’s fake because Diddy Kong was released.

  • Ann

    I say fake. Why call Bowser Koopa? Or Megaman Rockman? That is completely unnecessary. Especially in Bowser’s case.

    • Enigma

      Those are their Japanese names since the 80’s. Same this with Rosalina/Rosetta. Japanese game, Japanese betas/alphas, Japanese names.

      Though I still think it’s a hoax.

    • Thomas Valenzuela

      The Japanese name for bowser is Koopa, and Megaman is Rockman

    • Brandon Peredo

      its Japanese roughly translated.
      If you see the little mac trailer, you’ll see in the gameplay screen that under megaman it says Rockman
      and that under Bowser, it says Koopa.
      Besides, Rockman is Megaman’s Japanese Name

  • LVentz

    definitely fake, there are characters on the official website that aren’t there: Little Mac and Diddy Kong.
    It’s still a well made hoax though.

  • Tony

    This picture is most likely fake. The backdrop is really boring but more importantly look at Pikachu. His ears are so long that if two people were playing as Pikachu, their ears would overlap on the selected character screen which has never happened before in smash bros. Also its a bit overly convenient that all the characters are their default colour.

  • Sinners’nSaints

    Yoshi better be in it

  • Thomas Valenzuela

    Here are more reasons why it’s fake.
    1.) This game is supposed to be from the Japanese version of the game (which is why Megaman and Bowser are named Rockman and Koopa), but Peach is named Peach and everyone knows that Peach is called Toadstool in Japan. Not to mention that their is no Japanese text anywhere in this screenshot.
    2.) The character slots are ripped right from the website and still have their colored backgrounds instead of the bright blue backgrounds. And if you notice, the slots are completely square, but in the other games, they are squares with round ends.

    • Nookling

      Her name is Peach in smash though look at Japanese site

  • Thomas Valenzuela

    There are some reasons why i think this is a faked screenshot.
    1.) The character slots aren’t aligned correctly.
    2.) The four selected characters are ones that were confirmed and have original art. ( since Yoshi and Mewtwo haven’t been confirmed, they don’t have official artwork yet which is why they can’t be on the Selected Character portrait in their full artwork.)
    3.)The background has a bland design and the Ready To Fight! Bar is absent. ( though, this may be just because the game Is in beta.)

    There are more reasons but i don’t feel like discussing them.

    • Jandkas

      There’s also no Little Mac

    • Ivansel

      This is Leaked that means that this is beta Screen so its not the Final Select Screen

  • Askylitpichu

    The different colored backgrounds for each character template and the lack of a Ready To Fight (press start/a) type of message, since characters for each player are selected, points to this being fake but a good fake nonetheless.

    • Nintendo Dragon

      True but the on the official site the characters have different colors I don’t believe the leak but we all know Mewtwo is coming back lol

  • Volcanix

    Lucario has been confirmed for the game, sooooo…
    Also the characters haven’t been organised by series, as they have been for every super smash. All characters from the same series have been placed next to each other.

    • dragon ogon

      Lucario could be unlockable.

    • Guest

      Ok lucario has been confirmed, so what? Ok first off, if you’re saying that there are to many pokemon reps then 1. Look at the Mario series, 5 reps, pokemon can reach that too. 2. If they want to stick with 4 reps they can easily get rid of the pokemon trainer and keep pichu out again. 3. Mewtwo has been planned for each smash bros to date: planned for the 64 version, but didn’t make the cut due to time, was in melee, planned for brawl, but all the vague complaints about mewtwo led them to believe that he wasn’t wanted, ergo the cut. However, if you are saying he won’t show up because lucario is a clone of him, I have to laugh at you! The only similar move they have is their sphere moves, which even work differently in both games! Plus the movesets they have are both diverse from one another. Play Project M and you’ll see what I mean. Last thing I have to say, if Sakurai went out of his way to burst into game freaks panel at e3 to say “we’re thinking about it,” in response to someone asking about Mewtwo in ssb4. It would only damage his credibility and tick people off if it turned out to be a no, so his chances of appearing are very high. Plus, Sakurai Is one of the few game developers that likes hearing the fans ideas (skull kid for example) and tries to make everybody happy, but not straying to far from his beliefs. Nuff said.

      • Scarylemon

        now that greninja and charizard is in only one potential space left if that and if it went to anyone it will go to jigglypuff. Nuff said.

  • Placement doesn’t make sense.
    Even in Melee and Brawl with starter characters, they are aligned depending the game they come from.
    The Mewtwo pic lacks the design quality shared with the other characters.
    No hands around, the background doesn’t have a design at all, which I’m sure they would put even as an alpha stage.

    Fake, good people.

    • dragon ogon

      Well, if this is true, it could still be in beta stages.

  • dan

    If you google ‘legend of zelda Link’ that image of link is one of the first things :/ unfortunately I don’t buy it because nintendo would draw new art specifically for the game

    • CiV

      …That’s because that’s Link’s Smash Bros Render…


    90% sure this is fake
    The yoshi picture is the top google image result if you search yoshi and the mewtwo one is also found.
    All the others are just taken from the ssb4 site. I would be happy with this as the character select though, looks nice.

  • Don Riegle

    the game is not finished maybe its still in demo version

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

    REALLL don’t say it’s fake

  • Oakland

    I call this fake, Ice Climbers were announced unintentionally when they said “combatants like the ice climbers were proving a technical challenge on the 3DS.” also why would they add a Warioware character as an assistant trophy to the game and not Wario himself?

    • Alex

      This is a leaked image of the BETA stage of the game, this means that it is NOT the final roaster

      • bob

        probably the characters u start with

        • dragon ogon


          • Raij

            But the director said he was thinking about it so it could be true.

    • dragon ogon

      Well, like many people have said before, the game is still in beta stages, and, well, they just used that as a place-holder. That is if Mewtwo is even in the game.

  • Prydster

    I call fake on this, simply because the placement of the Mario characters. Shouldn’t they be categorized together?

    • alex

      Not necessarily. This may only be the select screen on start up. as more characters are unlocked, the position of the characters will adjust itself so players from the same franchise are together. Not to mention there are now FIVE Mario characters, meaning if this select screen is anything like Brawl’s, then they wont be able to fit all of the Mario characters in one vertical row.

      • Prydster

        I figured this out shortly after thank you 🙂 . Where is the original source of this pic though? Does anyone know? Also nice observation on the Mewtwo thing! How bout Yoshi? Is that from official works just redone to fit the lighting?

  • Andrew

    Wait… the Wii Fit trainer was one of the first people to be announced?