Rumor: You will be able to catch 650 Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon X and Y’s world wide release is just a few months away but the rumor mill never stops churning does it? This new rumor origins from a tweet distributed on various forums suggests that we’ll be able to catch 650 Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y which is a number never before seen in a previous game.

Currently there are 649 Pokemon in the Pokemon Black and White 2 dex, after Pokemon X and Y’s additions the number is supposed to be around 730. So being able to catch 650 out of those 730 Pokemon in one game is huge. Previously to complete the Pokedex players would have to trade over Pokemon from their previous generation games i.e Pokemon Diamond to Pokemon White and so on.

The tweet suggests that the claim is made by Pokemon X and Y director Junichi Masuda, the tweet roughly translates to: “It seems that Masuda-san has said ‘650 Pokemon live in Kalos,’ but it remains to be seen how true this is.” (Thanks Kyrael)


Take this with a grain of salt though folks as it does sound too good to be true, but on the other hand Game Freak are changing up so many things so why not this too? Guess only time will tell. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Pokemon X and Y hits stores exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS world wide on October 12th along with the recently announced Nintendo 2DS.

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  • Fen

    Where are you getting 80 new pokemon?

    Right now, including starter evo’s, there are 35 revealed pokemon, not to mention the evo’s of pokemon like Litleo, Flabebe, Honedge, Skrelp, Clauncher, Swilix, Spritzee, Bunnelby, Helioptile, ect. Are you saying about more than half of the pokemon lines have already been revealed? I highly doubt it.

    • There was a rumor suggested they would add 80 new Pokemon in X/Y. Just thought I would mention that in.

  • Matt

    The first 151 is all you need!

    1997-99 FTW!

    • Elchar

      Oh well, heloooooo there, genwunner

    • Elite Gen 1 Master Race?

    • daherp

      NO! >:C Gen 1 didn’t have Crobat!

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