Ryse’s Design Director: Xbox One Can Pull Off 10,000 AIs At The Same Time Because of Cloud Computing

Ryse: Son of Rome has been the center of attention from media and gamers alike ever since it was confirmed to be running natively at 900p resolution instead of a native 1080p on the Xbox One. In an interview with Eurogamer, Ryse’s Design Director, P J Esteves, said that if some of the best rendering programmers in the world would sit down and look at the difference between 900p and 1080p, they would point out that the difference is infinitesimal.

The difference between 900 and 1080 it’s like… when some of the best rendering programmers in the world, when we sit down and look at the difference and they’re like, no, 900 is fine, the difference is infinitesimal that you’re not going to really recognise it.

Esteves also stated that if one was to take a high-end PC running a game and compare it to Ryse: Son of Rome, he would go like wow, both look spectacular irrespective of their resolutions.

I guarantee you, if you take a high-end PC running a game and you look at the graphics comparison between that and Ryse, you’re going to go, wow, they both look really good! It’s about the art. It’s a lot less to do with the actual specs and more to do with what you do with those specs.


Esteves also commented on the power of cloud computing and what it can offer the Xbox One. Technically, the Xbox One can pull off 10,000 AIs on screen at the same time because of  “a bunch of really high-end PCs” available for cloud computing. He stated that this is their first game and if Crytek can pull off such spectacular stuff with their first game, you can only imagine what they can pull off with their next game when they start wrapping their heads around for the second generation.

I’ve been telling people, guys, this is just the first game. If we can do this on the first game, can you imagine the second generation, once we really start wrapping our head around what the cloud can do? I joke, dude, if I can do 10,000 AI, and I use the cloud to compute the processing power, then you bet your ass you’re going to have a battle with 10,000 AI in it, because that’s what we want to do.

Technically it’s possible. It is possible. You could do it. It makes total sense. You have a bunch of really high-end PCs on the cloud computing stuff. It’s just a matter of having the right engine and renderer to actually pull it off.

Looks like Crytek will be betting on Xbox One’s cloud computing soon for their next game to achieve more marvels.

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  • Aaronp2k

    maybe it can handle 1000 ai’s at once, but can the specs handle 1000 models and animations at once?

    I doubt it, and even if they could then the games graphics would have to be limited to the point it will look no better than last gen. What’s the point in that?

    • Aaronp2k

      apologies for the typos, 10,000 but the point still stands. Also who needs 10,000 ai’s on screen when you can have 3000 player servers in planetside 2 with actual real gamers controlling each of those characters. And as servers become more and more advanced, so will the capacities of the servers. In a decade we could be looking at millions of people in one server for both xbox one and ps4. Then this whole 10,000 ai’s thing will die out eventually and huge online gaming will be the next trend.

  • Bill E Weaver

    Everyone who says cloud is a “gimmick” is a butthurt ps4 fanboy. Just because your precious ps4 that your mom buys you can’t do it doesn’t mean MS can’t. Azure is the best server farm in the world, just ask google/amazon that sense they recently lost to them in terms of quality and reliability. Don’t believe me use google it’s your friend.

    • PlayBox1Wii

      It is a gimmick. 6 months later and the cloud has proved nothing but have games less than 1080i and have inferior capabilities compared to PS4 and PC. Its still a good console but they haven’t proved anything with the cloud about what they wanted to prove.. Yet anyway.

  • ragnathebloodedge

    The Cloud is as much of a Gimmick as when SONY was stating all that shit about the RSX chip in the PS3 during it’s launch. Regardless though PS3 has since 2008 obtained a fantastic library of Diverse games.

  • You are flat out wrong

    Cloud gimmickry. Who believes this crap?

    • Laza Amafirin

      Believes what crap? He said they have the potential to reach 10k AI and that this was just the beginning. Learn to read.

  • Bozo Sapien

    I guess Microsoft wasn’t joking when they said Xbox One was built for the future.

  • Matt

    Then the game is locked as an Online only title…

    • Abdullah

      So what? I don’t get the big deal. The vast majority of gamers who would buy this game have internet all the time. If I can have a much better game by requiring playing online, why prevent 95% of gamers who want to play it for the 5%? By the same logic, why not stop doing MMOs because the game requires a connection all the time?

      • Matt

        If it works for you then so be it but when you have nothing to play when you lose your internet connection either to ISP downtime or financial problems then it’s your own logic fighting against you. It should be no surprise this is the route their trying to sneak down considering the announcements of Microsofts plans to make an online only system which was met with extreme criticism.

        Microsoft wants you to be reliant on their subscription policies. It’s not about providing a better gaming experience… it’s about locking people into a pay to play mentality.

      • angh

        Why do I have to pay subscription for a single player game? And xbox live is required to get any network connection, so subscription is needed.
        There are a lot of people who blindly follows corporation’s BS, you can join them, I prefer to think for myself.

  • Yards

    If they would have a MASSIVE fucking battle in the sequel, I’d be so in.

    • JayD

      Yes, I would love something like this with massive battles in Halo.

    • Clarkkent113

      Bingo. I think that’s the holy grail for next-gen titles to start to feel truly “next-gen.” The ability to truly have massive first-person battles on screen with lots and lots of AIs. This article definitely has me excited for the possibilities.

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