See How DualShock 4 Can Be Used On PS Vita For Remote Play

Remote Play is one of the most amazing features of the PlayStation 4. PlayStation 4 was built from the ground up to have seamless integration with PS Vita and that they both share the same lead architect. Remote Play as the name suggests, allows you to play your PlayStation 4 games on your PS Vita, remotely. You can even take your games outside your house or wherever you have your PlayStation 4 and network setup, and play on your PS Vita.

Many also inquired if they can use their DualShock 4 to connect with PS Vita and play using the controller. One YouTube user, TheTrinityofwar, demonstrated that you can indeed use your DualShock 4 to play on the PS Vita but it requires a sub-account to do so. He clarified that he cannot use it when he used his main account but could use the DualShock 4 when he signed in using his daughter’s sub account.

Check out it in action in the video below:

The primary account being used on the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita would not allow for the DualShock 4 to be used with PS Vita. We hope that later on Sony would also allow the primary or main account to use their DualSHock 4 with the PS Vita to play.

What do you think about this feature? Will you use the DualShock 4 to play on the PS Vita? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Christopher Columbus

    UPDATE: unfortunately the only way to use your main account is to backup your save data on your Vita…then reset the vita and sign into a new account. Then connect to the PS4 via PS4 link. Problem is you’d have to restore the vita everytime you want to play your vita games with your save data.

    UNLESS someone knows how to transfer save data on your PS4 to a different account. It seems save data is tied to your main account…if you could somehow let a guest account access the save file… you could use the DS4 on the guest account and continue where you left off. Then just copy that save file back to your main account and overight it so you don’t lose the progress you made during remote play.

    Trying to figure this out now

  • Christopher Columbus

    I’m trying it now. You press the PS button on your PS4 controller while connected on your vita via remote play… it’ll ask you to sign in, you sign in with a 2nd account and you’ll be able to control the PS4 with the controller while watching it on the Vita.

    Problem is the 2nd account doesn’t have any of your save data. You also need to turn off the screen timeout on the vita cuz it’ll time out because you’re not touching any of the buttons.

    But what I’m thinking is… if you sign into your 2nd account on the PS4 before you even do remote play, so that the VITA is connected to your Guest account, then maybe you could use the controller to sign into your main account and it should work.

    But your 2nd account might also need PSN to work… I’m not sure. You could just sign up to a free PSN account with it. That would let you sign into both accounts. You can’t play multiplayer without PSN+ now… but you could play single player.

    I’m about to try it now so I’ll update with results

  • neko working

    it’s just me or DS4 control the PS4, not Vita ?

    • Wortho

      Guys, just sign out of psn on you’re vita in the settings menu and the dualshock will work perfect in remote play on you’re main ps4 account

  • Anders

    How did he do it?