Skyrim: Special Edition PS4 Pro Supersampled Screenshots Match Photoshop Quality; Comparison With PC

PS4 Pro is able to supersample any game that will be played on a standard 1080p TV. Since it can manage to render games at 4K resolution, the users who will play it on a native 1080p TV can enjoy Supersampling with their PS4 Pro.

Recently, Titanfall 2 downscaled images were shared online through PS4 Pro. These screenshots turned out to be from PS4 Pro in 4K mode and they were then downscaled to 1080p. This in turn led others to believe that the clarity in visuals might be due to the use of Photoshop for downsampling, after all, there are different ways to downsample (or upscale) an image in Photoshop.

NeoGAF user Taker34, who has early access to PS4 Pro shared some native 4K screenshots of Skyrim: Special Edition first, which you can see below. (Click to open in full 4K resolution)

As the image above shows, the 4K resolutions results in crisper visuals for Skyrim: Special Edition. There is also some nice update to the visuals with an improved AF, Foliage Density and Shadows. These updates also apply to the 1080p mode with the added benefit of Supersampling that essentially removes jaggies and shimmering around edges.

So what about the Supersampled mode on PS4 Pro? You can see the result of Supersampling in the image comparisons shared by NeoGAF user Platina. (Top = 4K, Middle = 1080p Downscale, Bottom = 1080p PS4 Pro)

nearestneighbor4kresau1j2i pro1080psupersampleocjzt

Another comparison highlights the difference between a PS4 Pro, standard PS4 and PC. (Top = PS4 Pro 1080p, Middle = Standard PS4, Bottom = PC)

skyrim1080prbjoa ps4_007-bmp9ijvo pc_007-bmpv3kxy

PS4 Pro will be officially released on November 10th. It comes equipped with 1 TB hard disk and will retail for $399, just over $100 from the price of PS4 Slim.

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  • Paul

    I read up about this at Eurogamer, from what they said, it’s running at higher visual settings on PC, 60fps and with native 4k being much more demanding at 60fps, it’s not bad, what I’m interested in seeing is the PC version running at native 4k, 30fps with similar visuals settings to the PS4 Pro, I suspect it would be much easier on the hardware, likely in the range of the 470, 480 and 1060 gpus, native 4k is much easier to achieve at 30fps with careful graphical settings even for mid range PC’s.

  • Tamago1

    Differences are so tiny across all games that now I feel bad for buying a Pro instead of getting the Slim with Uncharted 4 and Infinite Warfare for free when I had the chance.

    • justerthought

      It’s good that they look similar because they are comparing different PS4 Pro images to a high end PC. The PS4 Pro is delivering extremely high quality for a cheap price.

      The crucial one is the odd one out. The middle picture in the last set. The bog standard PS4 version. That version is blurred compared to all the others.

      As we can see, Skyrim will look very sharp, even after the supersampling to remove the jaggies and shimmer, whether you’re playing it on a 4K screen or a 1080p screen.

      That’s great news.

      • gamer04

        Scorpio will be able to do much more than you see here, just in newer games, of course much older games don’t require much horsepower to get to 4k like skyrim. It will also have better mod support which i think leaves it in a great spot next year. PSpro will be left in somewhat of a middle ground with good visuals but lack of mods.

        • rudero

          The difference will be just like 900p vs 1080p.
          The muscle to get current AAA games to run at 4k 30fps will need every bit of that extra “power” that the Scorpio will be offering.
          There will not be more bells and whistles on the 4k version from Scorpio.
          The bell and whistles will come to the options that could be offered from games that use 1080p settings.
          It will be interesting to see if Scorpio goes for 60fps on all games or, better graphics.

    • angh

      Those screenshots are not taken in 4k so how possibly you can compare it?

    • Hans Wurst

      How stupid would one be to miss out on this huge upgrade intentionally?!

      • Thinkaboutit

        A normal person doesnt spend 400 on a console when they already have one.

        • DEVILTAZ35 .

          I dunno i bought mine a year ago , don’t mind upgrading to Pro now. I can still use the standard PS4 in another room anyway.

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      You can’t go off tiny screen shots of a section of the game to compare. The Pro is easily worth the money.

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