Sony Apologizes To User For 4 Months Account Ban Due To An Error, Gifts $300 Store Credit And Free Game

Sony has been known for their good will toward users, and this is another case where one such user gets his account banned automatically due to an error, which leads to Sony issuing a personal apology to the user and reimbursing him with $300 store credit, and even mails him a free game with a hand written apology.

User Fizjig decided to use Sony’s “Boku” program to purchase a PSN game using his smartphone. According to him, his account was banned shortly after purchasing and downloading the game. This led to him calling Sony to ask for the reason of his account ban, and he was told that he was auto banned by the system because no payment was made for the game he purchased. As it turned out, the phone company didn’t pay for the game because it apparently got detected as fraud in their system due to machine error, resulting in them not making any payment. The user was stuck without any help, and after two months of arguing with Sony over his account ban, he was told that the original account would not be available even if it got unbanned, which resorted him to sell his PS3 and move on.

In December, once the PS4 was released, a Sony rep contacted him saying he was “looking into” his case. He was asked to show them the payment proof again, which he did before as well. Since he already had that email, he just sent it again. Finally in January, he was told “Good news! We are going to fix your account!”


A Sony PR rep later contacted him offering an apology over the issues he faced and wanted to make up for that error. After these events, he decided to purchase a PS4 and make a new account on it, since he wouldn’t be able to get his old one back anyways. While he might have lost his old account, and his PSN purchases, he received about $300 in store credit along with a Assassin’s Creed IV for free on the PS4.

People might be thinking that account ban was bad but it is good for Sony to at least contact the affected user and offer him an apology, even gift a free game.


What do you think of this move made by Sony? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • NeonPriest

    I’d have wanted more for 4 months of banning. :/

    • StayPositive

      It’s 4 months though 🙂 I would be happy to take that over nothing

      • 111AlaN111

        You could sue Sony and finish with $1 000 000

  • Mstrbrown

    They asked him to go buy a PS4?

    • That was a mistake in the article, it is fixed now. He wasn’t asked to get PS4, he decided to get one once he heard that they will make it up to him.

  • Hates bad writers.

    Good on you for getting out of that situation so easily, Sony, that guy could have smacked your wallet around for fun in a court room. Lucky, really lucky. Hell I think he could still go back and do it.

    • Goodgrief

      yeah, you would like that won’t you?

      • Hates bad writers.

        Yeah I totally get off on assumed court battles with man children over a banned gaming account, that’s me thing, you caught me. Retard.

        • Goodgrief

          I’m no more retarded than the ASSHOLE who would even mention taking a company to court over a bloody psn account. But hey, we can’t all be geniuses like yo right?

          • 111AlaN111

            The banned man can sue Sony, and they know it, that’s why they game the man a free game and $300. The man could have taken more than $1000, even a million, I think.

            The man should have sued Sony

    • Jason Mounce

      The bad writer who hates himself strikes again.

      • Hates bad writers.

        Nailed it, I hate myself. Though I’m mystified as to how you figured it out. Was it me being smarter than you, and the entire N4G populous? Probably that. Keep being delusional, it’s really funny for me to read.

        • Jason Mounce

          You’re mystified as to how I figured it out? Well, see here. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that you admitted it yourself, you reaffirmed it for me. 🙂

          “Nailed it, I hate myself.”

          Also, people who tend to get upset under allegations means their mind perceives it as a truth that upsets them. So your reaction of defensiveness also proves that you’re insecure and hate yourself :)))) It’s great being smarter than a random nobody on the internet, but by all means, any and all hate towards you is likely warranted.

          Try not to be upset.

          • 111AlaN111

            The man who doesn’t know what sarcasm is…

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