Sony Confirms New Info and Video for The Order: 1886 on Feb 19th; Leaked Screens Were From Latest Teaser

Sony has officially confirmed the announcement of new videos and info for The Order: 1886. Ready at Dawn also seems to be “freaked out by the INSANE level of hype” surrounding the game. We have also come to know that the leaked screenshots were indeed from the latest teaser trailer.

PlayStation Germany’s official twitter account confirmed the release date for the new videos, thus officially confirming the a new teaser trailer on 19th February.

On popular gaming forums NeoGAF, DemonNite, who is a Sony insider, confirmed that the leaked screens were indeed from a latest teaser. The leaker–who posted these screens–removed them shortly afterwards. It did cause quite a stir and excitement since the game has yet to receive a proper reveal or gameplay footage. Heck, we haven’t even gotten any proper official screenshots yet. The ones that were uploaded recently on Sony Santa Monica’s new website were apparently from quite an old build of the game.

Founder of Ready at Dawn, Andrea Pessino was quite surprised and was getting ‘freaked out’ over the hype of the game, he shared his views on twitter.

So what do you think of The Order: 1886? Are you looking forward to seeing it soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Hip2Bsquare

    Really hoping this will be good, but all the hoopla is making me think otherwise, hope I’m wrong as this is the reason I picked ps4

    • LarZen

      You pick a console based on a CGI clip?

      • XSpike

        You actually thought that was CGI? It was all rendered in real time, an older build then from the leaked screens – which I’m impressed by the lighting on the dude & seems hes better detailed but we’ll wait for the actual footage & better shots

        • LarZen

          I stand corrected, I googled it now and it is indeed rendered in real time. And that is impressive on a hardware view of things. But it is basically the same. It do not show or represent any gameplay or anything regarding how the game will be when you actually play it. So I stand with my comment 🙂 (when did this get so serious) 😀

  • tdog

    Can not wait to see this game!

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