Sony Confirms Partnership With Yu Suzuki For Shenmue 3

In case you missed the news recently, Shenmue is finally getting the sequel it deserves after years of wait over a ending that teased for more.

Shemnue 3 was presented on Kickstarter with an initial funding goal of 2 million and since it was given a stage presence at Sony’s E3 2015 conference, this resulted in confusion over the production of the game. The game managed to successfully get its initial 2 million funding goal within 12 hours.

Sony’s Gio Corsi confirmed in a PlayStation LiveCast (around 57:10) that they are indeed partnering with Yu Suzuki for Shenmue 3. He also revealed that it was one of the most requested game for their #BuildingTheList segment.

Let us know what you think about this news in the comments below.

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  • Zatorys Tidus

    Sony is the best !

  • マリオ

    No way was 2mil going to be enough to fund a sequel worthy enough to be called Shenmue III. The kickstarter was launched to gauge interest. Without those backers none of use would be getting a new Shenmue. It’s not like those backers don’t get anything for backing the game.

    Shemmue isn’t the only game funded via kickstarter that has a big publisher partnered with it. How are some you of you talking trash when Sony does something 3rd party publishers have been doing for years?

    I want to thank all of the people who helped Shenmue reach it’s kickstarter goal.

  • LuisLimox

    Props por Yu Suzuki and Sony for making this happen, but still, don’t get delusional. The game will end up on Xbox One. Companies like these wouldn’t miss an oportunity like this to shove on our face if they could that the game would be “PS4 Exclusive”, yet nothing was mentioned. Hell, even the FAQ says they don’t rule out and Xbox/Wii U/Linux/Mac version:

    “Will there be an Xbox/Wii U/Linux/Mac version for Shenmue 3?

    Currently we are planning development only for PC (Windows) and PS4. Other platforms have not been decided yet.”

    • bigevilworldwide1 .

      Ummm PARTNERSHIP, the game likely wont end up on Xbox…Its not going to get made for 2 million dollars, which means Sony is footing the rest of the bill…So now that Sony has gotten involved kiss that Xbox version goodbye, not that there was ever going to be one because as the kickstarter stated it they were only looking at PS4 and PC

  • Mats Leven

    good job SONY

  • shameonyou

    So why the hell do they go on to kickstarter at the first place? To “test” the popularity of the sequel?
    Honestly it’s a low blow to all the indie projects that actually need funding.

    • How? Nobody’s cutting off funding for anyone else. If people want to donate to others, they can.

  • You Are Flat Out Wrong

    So basically Sony is paying money for an inferior 720P version in 2017 when the company will be bankrupt and they will be trying to push their always online cloud streaming in

    PC Gaming wins again

  • ObsessedGeorge

    So, is this PS4 exclusive or is it play first on PS4?

    • PS4/PC so far.

    • XanderZane41

      No. It’s end up on PC and XB1 within a year after it’s released on the PS4. It’s a Kickstarter game. What is Sony paying for it? I’ll have to go back and replay the Dreamcast and XBox games first before getting this sequel.

      • Rokell

        I don’t believe this game shows up on Xbox if Sony is helping to fund it. Not a chance…

      • ObsessedGeorge

        I got confused. If it’s on kickstarter, why is Sony involved?

        • Ghost250

          Kickstarter is a way to gauge interest in the game. When it comes to something as niche as shemue you really have to be careful about funding the game. They don’t want to invest in a game like shenmue iii is the demand really isn’t there. Obviously the demand was there and now sony will be funding the major chunk of the game.

          • You Are Flat Out Wrong

            Sony is that desperate for money it seems

            Star Citizen gets $70 million and delivers. Sony tricks their own fanbase into paying extra for a game they were already going to make.

            Console peasantry.

          • Sean Holt

            the kickstarter was a test to see if there was demand for it

          • Ghost250

            Sorry, but when the PC fanbase supports trash like Steam Greenlight you really have no room to talk LOL. Have a seat son…

      • zeuanimals

        Kickstarter page doesn’t say anything about Xbox.

      • kevin

        This article left out that Sony is funding marketing and DEVELOPMENT so it’s only ever going to be on ps4 console wise and pc which the Kickstarter already stated

        • You Are Flat Out Wrong

          So basically Sony made a scamstarter to try get extra money from their delusional fanbase.

          Sure, they can fund the 720P version on the POS4. PC Gamers will still get the better version. Heh, Sony cuckolds.

          • bigevilworldwide1 .

            What are you like 5 grow up kid.

      • datdude

        You must be a real ignoramus if you think this game will only cost two million dollars to make…the last one cost 50 mil to make….and that was a long time ago. The kickstarter was only to gauge fan interest, with Sony kicking in the funding as long as the goal was met. So no, no xbone for Shenmue, sorry.

    • Ghost250

      It’s PS4 and PC only. Same deal like Street Fighter V.

    • kevin

      It’s ps4 and pc only

  • And this is why I stick to Sony. No other company made so many great games happen. Be it through their money, through their own studios or through creating hardware that was appealing for more third party developers than any other competitive platform (PS1, PS2, PS4)

    They always have the most games, the biggest variation of game genres in their line ups and usually a good hand at picking developers.

    Hope that more classic games might return through Sony and Kickstarter. #WipeOut #LegendofDragoon #FinalFantasyTactics

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Well Sony is a bankrupt company, Have to figure out other ways of funding.

      No wait, PC Gaming completely obliterated them this year. They even lost No Man’s Sky as exclusive. Guess there won’t be a PS4 around when Shenmue 3 Launches. lol

      • Funny

        You sound like a 10 year old.

      • Sean Holt

        sony is losing money but there gaming division is actually making money for them. and sony actually made a profit last year. sony is losing a ton of money on mobile but the rest of the divison are making money.

      • Larry Wright

        Your names applies 100% to that stupid shit you just spewed out.

        • You Are Flat Out Wrong

          Stay mad, console peasant. PC won E3 :^)

          • Larry Wright

            Why would I be mad? Cuz some slacker called me a peasent. I don’t argue with fucktards like you. Your original post reeks of weeks old garbage. Hell, even your stupid insult, console peasant, is so f’n stupid it don’t make any sense. It’s the only thing all you slack jawed computer geeks can come up with. I can see you right now browsing vgchartz for all the latest sell thru numbers, worried about how well ps4 is selling. Get a f’n life you virgin and realize everybody who plays games are part of the gaming community.

    • SpetsnazAIRBORNE

      Finally a fellow Final Fantasy Tactis fan! I loved FF Tactics on ps1 and all the mobile versions! It’s been so long

  • Nonscpo

    And this surprises who again? Of course there had to have been a partnership, there’s no way they were going to make a game with less than 2 million; don’t forget Kickstarter still needs to get their 5% cut 😉

  • Lara Croft

    So Sony are funding the project.

    • MrAfrika

      You can download it though, whats the big deal about downloading it.

      • Lara Croft

        You wouldn’t understand.

        • MrAfrika

          Thats why im asking, whats the big deal about downloading.

  • Mynameislol

    Based Sony, Based Suzuki.

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