Sony Has Fixed DualShock 4 Trigger Issues By Improving Build Quality

If you own an old DualShock 4 controller, you might remember an issue with the triggers which could become squeaky over time. This issue was caused by the build quality of the DualShock 4 controller, just like it happened with the launch model analog stick, whose rubber used to wear off rather quickly after use.

This issue might have been fixed by Sony as the newer build of controllers use a different mechanism for the triggers compared to the old controllers. Here is an explanation given by reddit user B_Boss on this matter.

A small explanation. The newer method Sony has seemed to use to totally eliminate broken triggers and even squeaky triggers is to simply place the spring (1) onto a hinge totally separate from the pivot (2). In launch models and somewhat later, the spring was always placed onto the pivot (2) which caused squeaking and ultimately, a broken pivot since the stress and wear of having that spring constantly moving onto it caused it to break easily. Now this problem is potentially eliminated on both fronts due to no stress caused by the spring on the pivot. Awesome job Sony!

You can see the new DualShock 4 triggers in the image below.


To check out your controller triggers, you will have to see the model number on the back of the controller to determine if it contains the new triggers or the old one, as detailed by user cameronks.

There is a way to tell if you have a newer controller:

Look on the back at either the model number or the FCC ID. If it ends in an “A” that is the latest stealth revision. These have been in circulation since about late summer/fall of last year.

While it took a while for Sony to fix this issue, it is nice to know that they have improved the build quality of the newer controllers, just like they did with the analog stick for the launch model controllers.

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  • Captain_America

    Both of my almost brand new DualShock PS4 controllers in GTA 5 no longer work at all so no cars can wither back up or stop with brakes. Utterly dreadful. Seems like Sony did nothing but make a claim of fixing their stuff.

  • John Morgan

    I love the PS4, but Sony can’t make a controller worth a damn. They need to let some other companies have a try as well, because it’s always been the PSX platform’s letdown, those uncomfortable, poorly-made controllers.

  • Deo Singgih

    i have a camo ds4 with 3rd generation board that being said its rubber analog and weak trigger has fixed..

  • Joseph Dietze

    Where can I buy the new springs separately? I list one out of my black ops 3 controller and can’t find replacements anywhere that aren’t the old springs

  • Chris F.

    My biggest gripe about PS4 controllers is that they just don’t last. I go through three new PS4 controllers a year. Poor quality build with the right trigger button and left analog stick are the typical breakdowns. Standard Xbox One controllers far outlast PS4 controllers. In fact I’ve never had a problem with Xbox One controllers. The Elite Xbox One controller is creme de la creme. It’s too bad Playstation doesn’t invest the time and real effort constructing their own Elite PS4 controller rather than intentionally irritate PS4 users with their shoddy built controllers.

  • Ana Helušić

    PS4 WINS.

  • Ana Helušić


  • KashIsKlay

    I’m more concerned with the rubber rubbing off the thumbsticks after a few months.

  • Ana Helušić

    PS4 WINS

    • Anahelusicisawhore

      Only if they are as PS POOR as you, dumb Sony paupertwat.

      • Ana Helušić

        Ps4 Winss

        • AnaHelusicisaretard

          You can’t afford anything better than a PS POOR, You’re a retarded PAUPER! PS4 is the winner of the losers at real life, like you. Enjoy your povertybox.

          • Ana Helušić

            ps4 WINSSS.

          • AnaHelusicisaretard

            Retarded paupers like you fail at real life, DELICIOUS $0N¥ PAUPERTEARS!

          • Ana Helušić

            PS4 WINSSS

          • Ryan

            Great job!

      • Sal Canete

        Are you some retarded PC fan?

      • PaulM

        dude, u are such a loser. hahaha

  • Daniel Okada

    I had a sticky trigger problem with the pack in controller that came with my initial run PS4 right out of the box. Ended up buying a second controller within the first couple months. Apparently it wasn’t a fluke.

    It’s taken over two years for the analog stick rubber to start wearing off on the replacement, but nothing like the disintegration I’d seen online on the initial run of DS4s.

    The trigger issue was an design/engineering problem. The analog stick issue was a materials/QC issue. The battery issue may well just be a lower spec issue, but it’s good to see that the first two issues have been addressed.

  • spideynut71

    It’s still garbage compared to the X1 controller. Then again, I can’t even make myself use an OG X1 controller ever since I got my Elite controller at launch. I now have one for the X1 and one for my PC, with custom setups for each. The build quality on these things is so superior to pack-in controllers that they’ll last as long as you have your console, making them more than worth the $$.

    • Anahelusicisawhore

      LOLing at the “Awesome job Sony!” comment.
      Nothing is as POOR as a PS4 and now that Sony is coming out with the Neo, the consumers are finally starting to notice that their console is nothing more than a PauperStation.

  • omarcominyo

    Had the same 2 controllers since PS4 came out day 1 with no issues after daily use(bought a few sets of thumb grips to be safe though) I’d love to see how people actually handle and care for their controllers to go through so many!

  • LordCancer Kain

    xbox 360 was more reliable than dualshock 4, my 4th just went to joystick drift.

    • tbb033

      At least DS4 has a D-pad that works properly, even the “fixed” transforming 360 controller D-pad, while better than the old ones, is still not great.

      • LordCancer Kain

        i do not think either d-pad is particularly great. while the ds4 may have a marginally better d-pad than xbox and only because of they way it is affixed to the controller they are essentially the same imprecise disk and can change your firing rate while trying to use an accessory in battlefield. evils evil d-pad is the only solution i liked last gen and there doesn’t appear to be a decent solution yet for current gen consoles.


    A lot of days late and a whole lot of dollars as well…. So damn sorry…..

    I am completed done with supporting a lost cause…….consoles in general. More expensive games for a gimped experience (consoles) not to mention the plethora of issues plaguing most games at launch. I’ll take my chances with my PC games/hardware I should have stuck with from the beginning.

    • AnaHelusicisaretard

      Right you are, these consoles are so poor, it’s not even funny. Even Sony agrees because they’re going to F over their current player base with the Neo. Better stick to PC instead of the PauperStation.

  • Patricko

    I think the worst part is this rubber under the trigger that’s is braking under the pressure.
    It looks like this… They still didn’t fix it and I think they won’t in this generation…

  • jacksjus

    Good to see this happening. I am on my 5th DS4 sonce launch due to broken right triggers. Everyone says “It must be me” but I never had this issue with any controller in the past. This white comouflage version has lasted the longest so far. Since I have the insurance plan I may trade up for the UC4 version shown here in this article.

    • Bryan Singleton

      I have went through 3 of these all for different reasons.

    • DLConspiracy//

      I believe you man. I went through 2 DS4s with broken right triggers too. I bought the camo one. For whatever reason it hasn’t broken yet. The camo ones must be best. So this business about “squeaky triggers” is funny. They didn’t even mention the broken triggers at all. Obviously I’m not the only one after reading this.

    • Matt Adams

      This is #3 for me smh

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