Sony Gearing Up For A Big VITA Re-Launch, New Games And #JRPGVITA Announcement Expected

Sony has recently teased a mysterious press event for the launch of one of their hardware. This teaser reads: “Following the biggest launch in PlayStation history, join us for an introduction to the slimmest.”

At this point, it might not be a surprise to think that they are hinting at an announcement of either PS VITA Slim or PS VITA TV, which were released in Japan last year. While the PS VITA Slim managed to find success in Japan, PS VITA TV wasn’t so fortunate. It also seems like a device that is well suited for the Western market so it won’t be surprising to see Sony announcing it for North America/Europe.

But surely, there can’t be any launch event without announcement of any games, right? It seems like Sony is finally going to drop the curtain on what they are cooking for the VITA, especially the #JRPGVITA twitter campaign, which started last year.

In an interview to Kotaku last year, SCE’s Adam Boyes said the following: “I would say in the next year’s time, if you’re a fan of Japanese games, if you’re a fan of Vita, then hopefully we’ll have a little treat for you.”

SCE’s Shahid Kamal Ahmad also dropped a couple of teases on his twitter account.

Shahid Kamal Ahmad was on the forefront with the #JRPGVITA campaign so it is not surprising to see him teasing something related to them.


If you are still not convinced, Boss of Double Eleven, Lee Hutchinson talked about porting an exclusive PS3 game to the VITA/PS4. When asked by a user on when they will be reveal this game, Hutchinson said: “I dont think we’re long off announcing.”

This is not the only game they are currently porting to the VITA, they are also working on Frozen Synpase Tactics port for the VITA. When a user asked when to expect an announcement for FST, Hutchinson replied: “within 10 days.”

It won’t be surprising to see Sony announcing a new hardware and new games to accompany with it at this press event, in an effort to revitalize the interest in the PS VITA.

What do you think of this press event by Sony? Are you excited for it? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Dash

    Given the today’s news, “Big” is hardly the word I’d choose…

  • Roberto

    Dude Great news! I love my vita! PS Vita should sale very well! Great handheld console!

  • Aidan Murphy

    It’s gotta be Ni No Kuni, Double eleven are known for ports of games and the most recent JRPG PS3 exclusive I know of is that game. It’s gotta be that.

  • yojimbo

    Bring me Monster Hunter! Bring me Final fantasy tactics 2 or Front mission Vita! Bring on Skyrim, bring on something that gives me 100s of hours gameplay where I can lounge on my sofa. Where’s Grand theft auto? Where’s Dragon Quest? Where’s The Sims? Where’s the simcity sequel or the next Gran Turismo? Come on developers, we Vita fans are starved and want to spend!!!! Heck even Dragons Dogma or Dark souls would be cool on it! Where’s the collectible creature or card type game? Where’s the puzzle dragon or just causes?!!!!

  • PatcherStation

    I’m not sure how well the Vita is selling. The UK price has dropped to about £130. But the range of games is a bit piss poor. Take away the multi format games and the fact that new releases have dried up, it proves my point. Same happened with the PSP, but the priced dropped painfully slow, resulting in 4 models. Most devs/publishers couldn’t care less about the Vita, otherwise it’d be bombarded with games. Sony are obsessed with PS3 and PS4 cross play, that’s enough to sell the Vita (it doesn’t need loads of new games). But those Vita memory card prices will choke you. By now, the Vita should have its own Turismo and The Last of Us. Maybe a Little Big Planet Kart that’s playable. The list goes on with games that should be on the Vita. Multi format games are no good.

    • Rodolfo Ferreira

      All true. And don’t forget to add the fact that even before Vita was born, Android was just around the corner and started attracting former PSP gamers because of greedy decisions on Sony’s part. NOTHING justifies Vita’s memory card’s price. Specially when you take into account that a 128GB Class-10/UHS microSD card has the same price compared to a 32GB Vita’s card, but the microSD one outperforms Vita’s and put it to SHAME. The same SHAME Sony’s executive should have before labeling these cards so pricey.

  • NeoMahi

    I’m actually of the opinion that Sony Computer Entertainment will unveil –in much more detail, knowing that consumers will be watching what’s going on, alongside media critics- two devices from Sony Computer Entertainment and PlayStation brand. While Sony will announce the PS Vita 2.0 for the US and other Western countries, I think their unveiling of the slimmest PS3 will be further elaborated on in conjunction with a PS Vita TV announcement for the US as well. With Sony finally laying out their plans for PlayStation Now and the reveal of their newest iteration of the PS3 to support PlayStation Now, I think that will be further shown and explained as first unveiled at CES in Vegas this year.

    Here’s to hoping that maybe– if it makes enough sense– to having a card slot in the PS3 Slimmest that doubles the device as a PS Vita TV and box that will allow streaming services of Netflix, Hulu, VUDU, YouTube, etc that could rival AppleTV and even Roku more than the PS3 has. Let’s face it, Roku has a lot more channels than PS3 does. If Roku has it, PlayStation should be able to get it too.

  • jordanlund

    Shahid is only involved in indie games which is why “One of our top product planners practically crying tears of joy at FEZ
    on Vita at the moment.”

    Fez is almost a 2 year old game already available for 6 other platforms.

    • Rodolfo Ferreira

      In other words, a Sony’s employee is generating too much buzz about a Vita port. That does not surprise me. What would surprise me is if Sony showed how serious they are regarding a TRUE Vita re-launch. Stepping up and making new alliances with developers from the WEST and announcing new Vita exclusive games, THAT would make me proud of owning a Vita. But Sony does not even care about making an Ad to promote it. The question that remains is, why does Sony even bother making a press event about a handheld people believe they’ve given up on?

  • fatdog21

    Do i smell demon soul vita?!?!

    • jakdripr

      Gosh I hope not, last thing the vita needs is more ports. The 3DS was successful because of so many unique titles, not because of tons and tons of ports. I hope sony have finally realized this and give the vita a much needed injection of new and unique titles.

      • Earthjolly

        Do I smell Demon souls 2 vita?

      • Rodolfo Ferreira

        I don’t want to disappoint you , but you really need a treatment of reality. If you put the words Vita and NEW in the same sentence, the word COST will come up inevitably. In other words, Sony does not have the cash for new games on the Vita. They think we’re better off with ports rather than nothing… IF the Vita gets to see a new game. Either that or very very old PSOne games on the PSN.That’s how we’re treated here.

  • lordsofskulls

    <3 OH HELL YES!.. o.o. BRING ON JRPGS. Especially since I am planning picking up a PS VITA in with next paychecks.

  • mad games

    when that event will happen and if the event has live stream web or channel can you give us …thanks

  • ZeroXraven

    Finally, I LOVE my two Vitas. One of the best game systems ever, and I already have more than enough games to last awhile.


    • Rodolfo Ferreira

      Yeah but what about also bringing on a HUGE, PERMANENT DISCOUNT on memory cards?

  • ffsfsf

    yeah lets all go and buy a 260$ vita to play inferior games when 300$ consoles just launched

    • Brian

      Yeah can’t wait to play such hits as Killzone and Knack!

    • lol

      Where is it 260 dollars? Its 200 dollars btw.

      • KeeseToast

        The PSVita+Megapack is 150$

    • Earthjolly

      AHAHAHHAHA you mean the WiiU, ahahhahahahh you poor tool

  • Chinky D

    Hell yeah. I’m already happy with the current lineup of titles. This is just gravy, especially with the potential for more JRPG’s.

  • Safeer Humayoon


  • X1ultimateGamer

    I doubt it

    • You are flat out wrong

      Poor Demetre, your console sucks and your games are non-existent. Wouldn’t it be funny if the Vita outsold the Xbone?

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