Sony Gives Free PS4 Games At The Sony Center Launch Event In Berlin To Avoid A Rampage

The PlayStation 4 hype in Berlin was insane, where thousands of people queued up in a huge line to get their PlayStation 4 from Sony Center in Berlin. Unfortunately, the stock was limited and hence not everyone got a PlayStation 4. To avoid a rampage, Sony gave away free PS4 games to the people, who were waiting in a queue for the PlayStation 4.

According to a reddit user, who witnessed this launch event at Berlin, he had to wait about 8 hours in line but still couldn’t get the PlayStation 4. Sony did try spreading a rumor around that the stock is limited, which resulted in a lot of people leaving the queue disappointingly but not everyone left. Those, who were left in the queue ended up with no PlayStation 4, but to avoid a Rampage, Sony promised everyone that they will get a coupon and a selected free PS4 game.

Users could pick from FIFA 14, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Knack, Need for Speed: Rivals and Killzone: Shadow Fall. The coupon will allow them to secure a PlayStation 4 at a much earlier date.

So what do you think of this move by Sony? Do you think they did a good job with this? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • spideynut71

    “Here….take these discs and go home until we figure out how to get you a PS4 in which to play them. Greatness Awaits! We promise…… No really, we swear… It’s gonna be awesome! Eventually.”

    • Marcus Roue

      Better than getting stuck with a piece of sh!t XBone. I’ll rather be patient for the PS4 since Greatness Awaits.

      • spideynut71

        I guess if you’re too poor and have to make that choice, then by all means enjoy awaiting greatness. I’m playing all the newest games NOW on PC and X1, and will get a PS4 when/if it finally has a new LBP and Uncharted. Until that happens, I’m not sitting around begging for handouts and begging to suck Kaz and Yoshi’s peens.

        • Marcus Roue

          Unlike you I can afford to have both consoles but I don’t want to own a POS XBone. I don’t want to look at the XBone every time and be reminded that I put money into a box that screams failure.

          • dafuzz

            Mate, dont even bother listening to such a troll.Judging from all the shortage the ps4 is in a very good space saleswise. And as the X1 isnt suffering such a major shortage, clearly there is less demand for it.

          • Marcus Roue

            Agreed, kids like spideynut71 are just angry their favorite gaming platform is coming up short this time around. No worries here as I get to laugh at them time and time again.