Sony Implementing Two Factor Authentication For PSN Soon According To Support

PlayStation Network users can be happy to know that Sony is planning to implement two factor authentication soon. This was confirmed through an official support representative to a user on reddit.

While there is no official confirmation aside from the message from support, we do know that they have planned to implement this two factor authentication for a while now.


According to the details shared by the user, this support is being planned for both PS4 and ‘Legacy Devices’, which probably means PS Vita and PS3. The 2 factor authentication method will be different for both of them.

It will work as a SMS service where you will have to input a mobile number on your account and every new login from a PS4 or PC will send a SMS message with a verification code. This (from what we’ve been told) will not be largely publicised but will be an additional option under the Security section of your account on PS4 or PC.

Legacy consoles – AKA anything less than a PS4 – will use what’s known as “Device Codes” which will basically be additional passwords you can have for the console. You’ll be able to set a few if you’re worried about forgetting them, from what we can understand.

This new security measure will be rolled out across New Zealand and Australia tomorrow while there is no information regarding its availability in EU and NA so far. It is possible that Sony makes an official announcement for this at Gamescom this week, but so far, you can treat this one as a rumor.

  • sasusaku canon

    This can somehow affect who have an used ps4 ?

    • kalyan

      may be…

      • sasusaku canon

        how ? can you explain how this can affect who have an used ps4 ?

  • Cody Crawford

    No thank u good way for hackers to take phone numbers such a bad idea. I can already see it happening other ways to stop ppl from hacking into psn.

  • About time.