Sony Introduces Brand New 99 Cents Flash Sale On The PSN Store [Update]

Sony has started a new sale on the PSN store in which most of the games are being sold for as low as 99 cents.

Most of the games available in the sale are for PS3 version although some are for Vita as well like Urban Trial Freestyle and When Vikings Attack.


Update: Sale is now Live. Check the links below for each game to purchase them in discounted price. The sale will run until Monday 21st April.

Check the list below for the games available for purchase in this Flash Sale.

The sales page can be accessed from here, although it hasn’t really gone up on the official store yet. You can manually search for these games to access these low prices or wait until this sale is officially released.


What do you think about this new flash sale? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Guest

    $0N¥’s oh so desperate “If we can’t be part of the industry, then nobody can” approach is devaluing the industry. GTFO of business $0N¥ and take your pauperfollowing with you off the cliff.

  • Just picked up CTR. Let the nostalgia begin!

  • Ittoryu

    It said page not found

    • Check the individual links for each game. For some unknown reason, Sony hasn’t made the page live on the official web store.

      • Ittoryu

        I did thanks.

  • zeuanimals

    CRASH TEAM RACING!!! I didn’t even know it was on PSN?!?!?!

    Greatest Cart racer I’ve ever played and it goes completely under my radar. Gonna pick that up, as well as… Pretty much everything else, don’t think my 500 GB can take much more though.

  • David Buchanan

    Naturally while I’m broke

  • hesoyamdonMonster

    i guess it only for US account

    • Yes, only for US.

      • RARARA

        I just bought them and i’m canadian…..

        • US and CA, i guess. What i meant to say was that this is not for EU.

        • Disqus_S

          Canada is basically the US. No matter how much you don’t want to admit it.

          • ThatArtGuy

            Tell that to a border guard.

          • DiscoStuJersey

            I agree, US is pretty much Canada. They’re even copying things from Canada’s healthcare system!

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