Sony Are Planning To Make It Easier For Devs To Implement AF In PS4 Games – Report

AF (Anisotropic Filtering) is a texture filtering technique used in most games to enhance the image quality of textures rendered at an oblique viewing angles in the game. It is usually not that costly on the hardware and as such, it is used in almost majority of the games.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the PS4, there have been games that are clearly missing AF settings despite having them on Xbox One. This is a rather strange case as PS4 has a much better hardware than the Xbox One, and if the Xbox One has AF applied in its games, the same should hold true for the PS4.

This issue mostly seems to affect Unreal Engine 3 games on the PS4, as seen in games like Thief, Dying Light, Strider and the recently released Devil May Cry Definitive Edition. Needless to say, AF is something that curiously seems to be missing from PS4 in some of the multiplatform releases on the PS4 and and Xbox One. One such example is below.


Ninja Theory has acknowledged this issue on their Devil May Cry Definitive Edition and confirmed that they are looking into it.

Now it seems like Sony is working on making it easier for developers to implement AF in games, as confirmed by comments shared by one of the developers on NeoGAF. While he was under an NDA, he did reveal that they plan to make it easier for the devs, even if it isn’t that ‘difficult’ now.

FYI Sony released a tech note related with AF.

Well basically (I don’t want to enter in any specifics) it reminds devs how to make it properly and a future update to make it “easier” (it is not that it is “difficult” now at all).

No, it is not that complicated.

I really don’t know where the issue comes from to be honest (since you can use AF) but I think Sony knows about the “problem” and maybe they reacted to show devs how to “fix it” or to clarify if it is some misunderstanding about the process.

Hopefully this means that future PS4 games can no longer lag behind in term of AF in multiplatform games.

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    To the author, you should state how the AF issue in Dying Light was fixed in patch/update 1.05 and is now the same as the X1, and it also improves the LOD (level of detail) and adds in missing lighting that was in the PC.

  • Cerny’s Super Slim Cunty Cock

    Sony: “hey just release the game sans AF so it can run smoother”

    Dev: “umm..but these fkng gamers would notice the missing AF”

    Sony: “shut the f up! Just release the fckng game already, we dont want the game’s fps to drop far below 30fps..our ponies wont give a damn about fckng AF!”

    • The irony (and stupidity) of your comment (apart from the fact you used the word “ponies” which along with “xbots”, anyone who uses it should be slapped on the face for) is that AF isn’t that heavy on the CPU/GPU side of things and is relatively a low demanding feature to use on games which is why the lack of AF on PS4 comes as a surprise due to the irony of the situation in that the PS4 in theory (and proven with games which use it) should be able to hand such a relatively low costly feature on the hardware.

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      Hey douchebag, why don’t you shut the f’ck up and stop being such a trolling fanboy. You’re the guy who is constantly making new accounts to just troll Sony articles. You are obsessed man, and its pathetic how bad you are and you’re probably a grown man too, which is just sad. And why isn’t this guy banned with an obvious troll name like his? Disqus needs to get its act together and not allow such blatant trolling, along with site mods.

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      Those are some nice assumptions there, fanboy. Any proof to back that up?