Sony Releases New Mandatory PS3 Firmware Update 4.55 [Update]

It seems like Sony has just released a new firmware update for the PS3. It is required for online play so update is mandatory. It is unknown whether it is a simple stability update or adds some new features. Although it looks more likely that it is more of a stability update since there is no usual change log shown, as with most firmware updates.

Update: As per the Japanese PlayStation site, this update is for ‘software stability’.

There is no official change log available yet for this new PS3 firmware update on the official site. We will update this story once a change log is made available.

PS4 also received a brand new firmware update earlier this week. This update fixed some stability issues while also adding headset support and the ability to mute microphone of the PlayStation Eye Camera.

Have you updated to this latest firmware? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Arrun

    Just got update what’s it do

  • Alaa Elrifaie

    Now 4.60 has blocked ODEs permenantly on all PS3 systems regardless of the model!

  • sagar

    I have PS3 with E3 ode crack..
    I want to update system software for playing online..plz guys help me..
    I am afraid that if i ll lose my system

  • milothegreat

    MP4 streaming is now terrible. Thanks.

  • Mehaillien Thundercross

    It bricked my system and from what I understand it did the same to a number of other users. My PS3 was in top form, then I HAD to update and since then it’s been a slug and won’t allow on-line play. Great job, Sony. I’m holding out for a SteamBox; PS4 can burn.

  • Joseph

    These updates mess things up, especially when being force to update. I should have stayed with the update 4.5, but i went on to update from 4.5 to 4.53. Now ps3 does not read blu-ray discs? and dont tell me is a hardware problem, that is wrong, it is a software problem. Read forums SONY. Sending ps3’s to be fix for $100 is a waste when not knowing the problem. Grab some of your products and test them all to find the problem.


    the translation roughly says “I have improved the motion” whatever that means maybe update to move

    • a0me

      Nope, 動作 doesn’t mean “motion” but (computer) operation, (program) behavior, etc… hence 動作の安定性 meaning “stability (of the software).”

      • PIRATE or NINJA

        thanks, i just used google translate lol

  • PatcherStation

    Hope it now lets me play The Wolverine 3D (Blu-ray), as it won’t play on a PS3. Tried it on the first and second model.

    • Hater

      It’s not worth watching anyway

      • Reppy07

        Why? Because Stan Lee finally allowed an adult version of his favorite X-Men character instead of the kiddy versions prior to that?

        • furray murray

          no because it is slow and boring

          • neel vaidya

            yeah but the blue ray version has the deleted scene where he opens the suitcase and finds the wolverine mask. Still not worth watching though

  • “It is required for online play so update is mandatory”
    I don’t play online and I don’t “have” to, so it isn’t.

  • LoL The hard call

    Pff now i don’t play online …

  • Fag

    Its makes sure homos are allowed to play

  • GTAWWEKID-Check Me on YouTube

    The PS3 4.55 Update added the resources for PlayStation®Now on the PS3 for the lucky beta testers.

    • Alaa Elrifaie

      Also it has disabled ODEs on 2K5, 3K and 4K systems.

      It has been reported that ODEs aren’t functioning after the update on ODE manufacturer’s support forums.

      • hesoyamdonMonster

        whats ODE ?

        • Anon

          Optical Disc Emulation. Its a mod that allows the use of backup copies on a ps3. Some even allow you to play online with out updating to the most recent patch for the particular game.

          • ert

            1-games always must need to be up to date
            2- users have reported problems ,with ORIGINAL 2k5/3k/4k system in the sony community forums. for example i cant run resident evil 5 EUR but psx games with scratches like veins works…
            3-ODEs keep working ,dont jerk figuring things out plz

          • Alaa Elrifaie

            The emulation in the meanwhile works perfectly for both ODEs ( Cobra & E3 ) on all systems except the 4k ones.
            I think Super Slims have an updated Bluray Drive that has new sensors or something .. dunno 😀